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  • Emergency Preparedness For Religious Group Resource

    Emergency Preparedness For Churches - Yahoo Discussion Group

    "The purpose of the "Church Emergency Preparedness" email discussion group is primarily to foster creative thinking on the part of pastors and church leaders in terms preparing a cohesive and workable church response to an upcoming influenza pandemic."


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    Re: Emergency Preparedness For Religious Group Resource

    Anyone may post information here about the beneficial role of religious groups in a potential pandemic.


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      Re: Emergency Preparedness For Religious Group Resource

      Do they have a working plan yet? Or are they just starting out? I am a bit pressed for time at the moment and don't have time to check myself. There are a couple of suggestions I would like to make though in case someone else does have the time to take on this task.

      Prepare the Host in advance with priests blessing both water/wine. Hand out wafers prior to local cases.
      Hold all services outdoors, in sunlight, with several feet between church members. This will necessitate a mic set up in advance. It will also mean church-goers will have to bring their own chairs from home.
      Pass on the coffee hour, and hand-shaking.
      Set up a phone tree based on how close families are to one another. If one family does not answer the phone a close neighbor can check up on them. This should be done from a safe distance in case someone is sick.
      A pantry needs to be set up immediately. Ask only for items that can be stored. Urge all members to have at least a three month food supply on hand. Give guidance as to what should be stored. Remember that many will have to use only the cheapest of foods in order to comply.
      Have the womans auxiliary start a program teaching basic cooking skills, and using stored foods. Contact your local Mormon church for help with the fundamentals.
      All members should have a basic course in first aid and a minimum knowledge in how to care for the sick.
      If your denomination requires last rights, then either the priest needs to have several sets of personal protective clothing. Also lots of masks and gloves. Or, a formal service which does not require the priest to be physically present.
      The most important ways a church or faith-based group can be of immense value is to help members know they will not be going alone through this valley of death. Teamwork, vigilance, compassion, and guidance prior to the outbreak, will go a long way in alleviating suffering and death.
      Please do not ask me for medical advice, I am not a medical doctor.

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      Thank you,
      Shannon Bennett


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        Re: Emergency Preparedness For Religious Group Resource

        My first 'work on the ground' in 2003 was to talk about the possibility of a pandemic and the welcome structure of each religions for orphans of their community.

        I have been around with these leaders of all faiths quite a few time in the past, they have already have a welcome plan for orphans, they are aware of the pending crisis, some churches, in fact many have done food reserve, somme have PPE others meds.

        The response is spontanuous and a big Yes.

        They are responsable and ready to do what has to be done.

        I have witness that in 8 different faith representing about 95% of religions.


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          Re: Emergency Preparedness For Religious Group Resource

          Link provided by wdcare (FT member) in another thread

          United Methodist Church (Commitee on Relief)

          snippet from the site...

          How Churches Can Prepare
          Churches are in a special position to be a positive force in response to a bird flu pandemic. Many congregations address the needs of their communities and people still turn to the church in times of crisis, seeking meaning, peace and healing. However, being gathering places, churches are at risk for the devastating effects of a pandemic and need to prepare their facilities and adapt ministries in order to make their best contribution and avoid spreading the virus.
          • Start preparing without creating panic. The official Monitors of bird flu will let the public know when to move into isolation or social distancing phases and essential services will be prepared.
          • Checklists for church-based organizations The government web site has checklists for churches to adapt and follow, as well as excellent practical practical information and a section for Frequently Asked Questions.
          more information provided on the website
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