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Britain bans RT

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  • Britain bans RT
    Britain bans RT
    Laura Tiernan

    a day ago

    Britain’s Office of Communications (Ofcom) stripped Russian state news channel RT of its license to broadcast last Friday. Ofcom ruled that RT was not “fit and proper” to broadcast in the UK and that failure to revoke its license risked “undermining audiences’ trust in regulated broadcast news”.
    RT has been off-air in the UK since March 2, after European Union (EU) sanctions against RT and Sputnik cut its feed from satellite companies in France and Luxembourg to Britain’s Sky, Freesat and Freeview. The EU’s sanctions also cancelled RT from social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok and Google’s YouTube and Google News search.

    RT is a state-funded media outlet promoting the views and aims of Russia’s capitalist oligarchic government. The WSWS holds no brief for the Putin regime and opposes its invasion of Ukraine that divides the Russian and Ukrainian working class and plays into the hands of NATO. But RT’s closure by Britain, the US and EU is a reactionary measure stoking anti-Russia sentiment, demonising the Russian people and laying the ground for war...


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    I am against all this banning. Of course the Russia state news organization is going to be full of propaganda - but at the same time there is a lot of valuable information to be gleaned from official media reports - if you read between the lines.

    I am sure no "regular" person in the UK believes any Russian media on its face value. Lately from what I am reading in the Russia media about 80% makes no common sense. People see this. We are not as stupid as the elite think we are.