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China loses last semi- "free press" in sale of SCMP media assets including the South China Morning Post to Mainland Corporation

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  • China loses last semi- "free press" in sale of SCMP media assets including the South China Morning Post to Mainland Corporation

    George Chen@george_chen 3m3 minutes ago
    BREAKING: Alibaba inked final agreement to acquire all @SCMP_News media assets including South China Morning Post

    Alibaba Group Corporate Campus

    Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd:

    969 West Wen Yi Road
    Yu Hang District
    Hangzhou 311121


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    Alibaba Buying South China Morning Post, Aiming to Influence Media

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    By DAVID BARBOZADEC. 11, 2015

    The Alibaba Group, the Chinese Internet giant, is making an ambitious play to reshape media coverage of its home country, taking aim at what company executives call the “negative” portrayal of China in the Western media.

    As the backbone of this effort, Alibaba agreed on Friday to buy the media assets of the SCMP Group, including one of Hong Kong’s most influential English language daily newspapers, The South China Morning Post. The company is acquiring an award-winning newspaper that for decades has reported aggressively on subjects that China’s state-run media outlets are forbidden to cover, like political scandals and human-rights cases.

    Alibaba said the deal was fueled by a desire to improve China’s image and offer an alternative to the biased lens of Western news media outlets. While Alibaba said the Chinese government had no role in its deal to buy the Hong Kong newspaper, the company’s position aligns closely with that of the Communist Party, which has grown increasingly critical of the way Western news organizations cover China.

    Such biases, the company said, influence how investors and others outside China regard Alibaba. The company said its shares, which are listed in New York, were being affected by all the negative reports about China.
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