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Indonesia: Hundreds of Ducks Contracted H5N1 in Mesuji Regency, Lampung, Sumatra

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  • Indonesia: Hundreds of Ducks Contracted H5N1 in Mesuji Regency, Lampung, Sumatra

    @ IRNewscom | Mesuji: HUNDREDS of original duck-tail Java which are farmed in Kampung Tanjung Brabasan Raya Regency Mesuji positively infected with bird flu so that makes the County now is no longer as an area free of bird flu. ' Based on the results of a quick test on the cattle which died suddenly on this afternoon, ducks were positively infected with bird flu. Thus, this is the first case of bird flu in the region, ' said Mesuji Regency Head Office of Maritime, fisheries and animal husbandry Mesuji, Sri Purwati, Mesuji, Tuesday (22/1). With the discovery of bird flu cases at Mesuji all kabupaten/kota

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    Re: Indonesia: Hundreds of Ducks Contracted H5N1 in Mesuji Regency, Lampung, Sumatra

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    Bird Flu Attack Mesuji

    Radar Lampung - Wednesday, January 23, 2013

    Mesuji - Department of Marine, Fisheries and Livestock (DKPP) Mesuji throe. Because the new variant of bird flu cases have attacked dozens of villagers belonging Brabasan ducks, District Tanjungraya, Mesuji. The spread of bird flu cases occur in the first Mesuji district government is a serious concern. In fact, Sekkab Agus Salim went down to ascertain the condition.

    To anticipate the spread of the virus, DKPP was taking swift action with dozens of arson against the ducks that died suddenly.

    '' Cases of bird flu or new variants that attack was the first duck occurred in Mesuji. Therefore, the number of times something like this has not tested positive for bird flu. For prevention, we have dozens of cattle fuels, "said Acting. Head DKPP Mesuji Sri Purwanti accompanied pickpocket Ranch Rosidin yesterday.

    Continuing, the H5N1 virus was confirmed to have attacked the duck after it tested using a rapid test for the birds. From the results of tests that tested positive for the bird flu virus variants.

    '' Because of our direct destroyed by fire. Besides burning dead birds, birds that look sick also immediately destroyed. So the total dead ducks were 63 heads, 25 tails were still sore and the rest of the dead, "he said.

    Forwarded, in addition to burning birds, it also has taken action against 507 other ducks by spraying disinfectant on cages type of drug and its surroundings.

    '' Outbreak of bird flu cases in Mesuji must be our question. Therefore, this case was the first time. For that, we are still learning where it came from. Whether through irrigation or transmitted from other animals, "he said.

    However, when viewed and analyzed, and the possibility exists of this duck seed origin. Because according to the owner of the Jaya that bird seed is originally from Central Java who bought two years ago. But they may be purchased seed does have germs and arise after this despite having two years maintained.

    "It could be that you have purchased these seeds keep disease. Indeed, time has been bought two years ago, but the duck also has a strong immune system so that during the two years it can survive in your body after a long nesting ducks and shows this year, and this reaction can occur due to the weak condition, "he explained.

    To ensure further explained Sri Purwanti, two-tailed duck was sent to the province to be tested sempelnya. Is it really this positive or not remains to be done further tests dilaboraterium. "Results are possible today Friday tomorrow already out, but that obviously still waiting for the results lep made the province," he said.

    While Jaya, Brabasan Villagers, Tanjungraya Mesuji, as confirmed said the death of the ducks have been going on since three days ago even been showing signs of illness. However, the positive results of new bird flu today after tests using tools repites positive results.

    "To this day the dead ducks have reached as many as 63, in which the first day only dead one, or two, but a second day of duck mortality was increased even third on the day is also almost the same, including the sick also reached 25 head, saw it then we immediately contacted the department of Marine, Fisheries and Livestock, and the results are positive, "he added.

    While Sekkab Mesuji, Agus Salim. MIP which fell directly witnessed the destruction of poultry infected with bird flu directly ordered the Department and related agencies to coordinate with each other to prevent the spread of the bird flu outbreak is mainly to humans

    "Public Health in order to check the health of livestock owners and the main artisan duck maintain it early so as not infected with bird flu, and I own a little bit confused with the finding of bird flu because these ducks have long maintained but suddenly stricken bird flu, "Said Agus ordered while around the neighborhood to check his health being infected with bird flu to humans. (Fei/san/rnn/p6/c1/adi)
    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
    -Nelson Mandela