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Indonesia: H5N1 in ducks in Soreang, Bandung, W. Java

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  • Indonesia: H5N1 in ducks in Soreang, Bandung, W. Java


    Kamis 23 Feb 2017, 18:19 WIB
    300 Bebek di Kabupaten Bandung Mati Mendadak, Positif Flu Burung
    Erna Mardiana - detikNews

    Google translation:
    Thursday, February 23, 2017, 18:19 pm
    300 Duck in Bandung regency Sudden Death, Positive Bird Flu
    Erna Mardiana - detikNews

    Bandung - In the last two weeks, at least 300 ducks in the two districts in Bandung died suddenly. After examination, the ducks tested positive for avian influenza (bird flu virus).

    This was stated by Head of Department of Agriculture, Plantation and Forestry Bandung District Tisna Umaran when contacted by AFP on Thursday (23/02/2017). According to the two districts are the duck died suddenly it was Kutawaringin and Soreang. "That's positive for bird flu in Soreang, but there is also that due to insufficient or Newcastle. But because of that (two districts) of the overlay, yes we are all aware of the bird flu," he said.

    Tisna admitted that he had sent a team since the reported deaths duck simultaneously and suddenly, two weeks ago. From the observations, which died suddenly with a strong suspicion of bird flu just duck, is not exposed to the chicken.

    "This is what we will examine further whether this new variant or anything. Kok kenanya only in ducks, chickens do not. In fact, both of the environment," explained Tisna.

    According to begin tomorrow, the team will be deployed to other endemic areas of bird flu that is to Rancaekek, Banjaran, and Katapang. "We will check whether the same case in other regions," he said.

    Tomorrow is also planned regents and Commission B DPRD Bandung District will plunge into endemic areas for socializing. Animals are still alive and healthy looks to be vaccinated. While the duck that looks already sick will be destroyed. "For tomorrow 600 vaccine is ready," he said.

    Asked about the replacement for the destroyed poultry breeders, Tisna admitted for a while there will be no replacement. However, it will propose to the council to be budgeted in the budget changes later.

    Tisna said it was coordinating with the health department to anticipate the spread to humans. The owner of the duck will have their health checked. "Yesterday there was a duck owners who bring their children to the clinic because of illness, hopefully does not bird flu. Until now there has been no report," he said.

    To prevent the spread of the bird flu virus, he appealed to the farmers pay attention to cleaning the cage. "If the cage is not healthy, it's likely a virus living large," he concluded.

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    Terjangkit Flu Burung, 600 Itik di Bandung Mati Mendadak
    Larawana Intan Sari Widuri Februari 24, 2017 12:35

    Google translation:

    Flu Bird, 600 ducks in Bandung Sudden Death
    Larawana Intan Sari thistle February 24, 2017 12:35

    BANDUNG - The bird flu virus has made 600 ducks died suddenly belonging to three farmers in Kampung Lebakwangi, Sekarwangi Village, District Soreang, West Java.

    Camat Soreang Baijuri Rusli explained, it first got reports of deaths of ducks on February 16, 2017. Initially, only two to three tail was dead.

    Initially farmers assume because changes in temperature and weather, but increasingly to sininya more.
    Breeders then report the findings to local officials and extension workers. Agriculture and Livestock later also went to the field to examine scientifically.

    Based on laboratory results were published of Agriculture and Livestock, poultry was confirmed throughout the bird flu virus.

    "The results were positive so directly localized. This means that the dead ducks were burned and buried, "said Rusli.

    Rusli suspect exposure to ducks by avian influenza viruses occur during the distribution or from the point of sale of poultry. However, these allegations need to be investigated further.

    Given these events, the local government published a recommendation that all birds that are still alive should not be consumed. Citizens are also advised to immediately report if a similar thing happened to village authorities and localize Sekarwangi Village, District Soreang, West Java

    "If there are people who are sick, report it immediately and taken to hospital," said Rusli, reported, Friday (24/02/2017).


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      MoH Kudu Fast Motion Prevent Bird Flu Outbreak
      Health SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2017, 23:35:00 PM | REPORT: UJANG SUNDA

      News of the outbreak of bird flu has been around since the beginning of last month. Over the past month, there have been 2,200 ducks died suddenly in a number of districts in Bandung, West Java. Head of Food Security and Livestock in West Java Doddy Word Nugraha said the results of the rapid-test showed the ducks positive bird flu virus. Laboratory tests with the PCR test also showed positive results of bird flu virus. "This is the first case in 2017," he said.

      According to Irma, these conditions must be addressed seriously. MoH should not be delayed in anticipation, because the highly lethal bird flu virus. In addition, the virus also known as H5N1 that is very transmissible from one person to another.

      "Ministry of Health should investigate first to Bandung, fielded there whether it really was an outbreak of bird flu or not. If it is true that an outbreak of bird flu, then it should be immediately set as exceptional conditions. Therefore, it should immediately be isolated so that the outbreak did not spread to where -Where, "said politician Nasdem this Saturday night (25/2).

      Irma said, the Ministry of Health should also be extra vigilant because there has been news of several people died of bird flu in China. Throughout January 2017, reported 79 people dead bamboo curtain country due to bird flu. "So it should be extra vigilant. Do not let such events in China struck in us too," he added.

      For such anticipation, continued Irma, Ministry of Health can perform steps like when anticipating the anthrax outbreak in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, some time ago. At that time, the government quickly evacuate cattle infected with anthrax and isolating cage-cage. With fast langkang, transmission of anthrax to humans can be prevented.

      "At that time, local Animal Husbandry Department also set as extraordinary conditions, so that outbreaks are not spread out. So, for this bird flu news, the same thing needs to be done," he said.

      Irma also meminka Ministry of Health to coordinate with the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department in each region. The goal, for the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department was to disseminate mature people that the birds are bred to be healthy society.

      During this time, Irma, public awareness of it is still lacking. There are still a lot of poultry cages filthy with sewage carelessly. This condition can grow germs.

      Irma said, people also do not have awareness to put the location of livestock and poultry slaughtering much of the housing. During this time, still very much the location of the cattle in the settlement.

      "For the location of the cutting, and even performed at the location of housing. It's a hazard. It should not be allowed anymore. So that when there is not too fast spreading virus and human contact can diihindari," he explained.

      Although be careful, Irma also asked the public not to worry too much in consuming chicken. If the chicken is consumed is healthy and well-cooked, there will be no disease. "Visrus the bird flu if it is cooked with high temperature will die," he said. [Rus]