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Indonesia: Bird flu in Poultry in Majalengka W. Java

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  • Indonesia: Bird flu in Poultry in Majalengka W. Java


    Google translation:
    Bird Flu Plague in Majalengka
    Editors: Rosyidi | Saturday, March 26, 2016 | 11:00 WIB

    Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture Veterinary Institute, checks on the chickens belonging to a resident of Block Sukajaya, Village Cijati, district / district. Majalengka that died of bird flu virus, Friday (25/3)., MAJALENGKA- bird flu virus or avian influenza (AI), back in full force in Majalengka. In the past three months, there have been cases of bird flu that resulted in the death of a number of animals poultry owned by residents. Poultry deaths were caused by the AI ​​virus, spread across a number of areas, including in the southern region of Majalengka.

    Head of Animal Health Department of Forestry Plantation and Livestock (Dishutbunak) Majalengka, Siti Nurini said of the rapid test results (tests for medical purposes are easy to do and provides fast results) deaths of poultry in Block Sukajaya, Village Cijati, District Majalengka, positive due AI aka bird flu virus.

    According Nurini, in the block hundreds of animals belonging to residents of the poultry, chicken and wild duck sequentially died suddenly.

    "And from the results that we intervenes by means of rapid tests, animals that died was caused by the bird flu virus," said Nurini, on the sidelines of a field inspection of the livestock that AI virus, Friday (25/3).

    According to him, the death of chicken and wild duck owned by residents in Block Sukajaya due to bird flu, is not the first case occurred in this year. Previously, similar cases also appeared in six other areas in Majalengka.

    "This is the seventh case during the period from January to March this year," he said.

    In January, according to him, there were two cases of bird flu, the village Sinarjati, District Dawuan and in the District of the Duchy. Case was found in the following month in the village of Karya Mukti, District Rajagaluh, Village Cicurug, District Majalengka and Pilangsari Village, District Jatitujuh.

    "While this March, the first case occurred in the village of Mekarmulya, District Lemahsugih and the second occurred in the Village Cijati, District Majalengka," he explained.

    In anticipation of the spread of the bird flu virus, it has taken the steps pengcegahan cooperate with relevant agencies.

    "Including the Health Department and officials from the health center Majalengka Majalengka has distributed masks to citizens," he added.

    Meanwhile, officials from the Ministry of Agriculture's Veterinary Center West Java, Banten and Jakarta, Narto to go straight to Block Sukajaya, said something similar.

    When looking at the characteristics that exist in chickens or dead wild duck citizen and examination results rapit positive test, then most likely cause is that the bird flu virus. Yet it could not determine the type of virus.

    "We still have to conduct laboratory tests first, to be able to know exactly what the virus that causes the death of poultry citizens, whether this includes the AI ​​virus malignant or not," he said. *