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Indonesia: Bird flu in Poultry in Sukabumi, W. Java

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  • Indonesia: Bird flu in Poultry in Sukabumi, W. Java


    Poultry Bird Flu Strikes in Sukabumi
    Friday, March 25, 2016 - 17:14 pm -

    SUKABUMI (Pos Kota) - A number of livestock have died from bird flu in Kampung Cigelong, Village / District Cikidang, Sukabumi, West Java. Certainty of bird flu, according to information Central Veterinary Research (Balivet) Bogor after a sample test animals that died suddenly.
    Chief District Veterinary Office Sukabumi, Iwan Karmawan, Friday (03/25/2016), said that based on the results of tests on 10 samples of cattle were brought to Balivet were positive for bird flu. Although the information is merely verbal, he immediately perform a variety of ways of prevention. Steps to anticipate the bird flu virus does not spread to other regions.
    "The new written report next week we received. Now we will do a vaccination against a number of cattle in the district of Sukabumi. It was done so that the spread of bird flu has not spread to some areas in Sukabumi. Especially in the rainy season like now, the weather factor that affects the animals, "he said.
    According to Iwan, pet vulnerable to disease. Including a number of animals tested positive for bird flu. If the company's domestic poultry, minimal disease. For poultry vaccination and routine cleaning of the cage.
    Head of Animal Health and Veterinary Health District Veterinary Office Sukabumi, Winda Sri Rahayu urged people to impound livestock so that the spread of bird flu from spreading. In addition, if there are findings reported animal died suddenly. Moreover, how the maintenance is done very risky society transmissible to humans. For Winda said, the location of the enclosure with houses that are very close together. Besides livestock kept just like that, without proper maintenance and intensive.
    "The public not to consume poultry that was sick and burying cattle that died suddenly. And is recommended not to take the dead animal with open arms, "he said.
    Chief Medical Officer of Sukabumi Didi Supardi ensure so far no human bird flu virus. Didi urged people to report when exposed to the disease that leads to bird flu.
    "Moreover, if in the vicinity of many animals died suddenly. If you feel sick, see a doctor immediately so that the handling and identification of the disease process can be fast, "he said. (Sule / yp)

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    Google translation:

    Saturday, March 26, 2016 - 14:56 pm
    Bird Flu Spreads in Sukabumi
    Fajar Sidik Supriadi

    SUKABUMI - Cases of bird flu in Sukabumi District continues to expand. Even until now has occurred in four districts, namely District Tegalbuleud, Sagaranten, Kabandungan and Cikidang the number of poultry found positive for bird flu.

    Head of Animal Health and Veterinary Health District Veterinary Office Sukabumi, Winda Sri Rahayu said the case of bird flu is common in the rainy season as it is today. Because the condition of weak animals in the season.

    "In wet like the current pattern of diseases such as bird flu is frequent and is usually found in poultry," he told Okezone, Saturday (26/03/2016).

    Winda said, the incidence of bird flu in Sukabumi not because of the spread of livestock traffic, but the weather factor. For between one district to other districts it is more than 40 km.

    "The distribution is not from one place because it is very far apart from one region to another. This bird flu pure weather factors," he said.

    Winda said, until now the new bird flu in poultry such as chickens and ducks. As for the humans affected by bird flu, he has yet to know for sure.

    "Perhaps the Health Department knows more related to the spread to humans. But until now we know it's new in chickens and ducks," he said

    Winda said, delays in notification of the public to make the process of handling a bit late. Because the new residents informed no incident of chickens died suddenly after several weeks of events.

    "People still consider that chickens died suddenly because of Newcastle disease (ND) so rarely report to us. Supposedly, if found chickens died suddenly, immediately reported to get further treatment of the Animal Husbandry Department," he said.

    Supposedly Winda said, in months as it is today, people are more intensive in cleaning cages and giving vitamins to poultry. It was that farm animals can be healthy and strong from the disease.

    "At the current step to do the citizens are not releasing the chicken from its cage and cage cleaning routine. This is to minimize the spread of bird flu in Sukabumi," he concluded.


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      Thousands of Dead Birds Simultaneously
      By: Achmad Rayadi
      March 29, 2016 - 18:18

      SUKABUMI, (PR) .- The head of Department of Agriculture, Sukabumi, Iwan Kartiawan ensure thousands of birds masti sporadically occurred in four districts. From the laboratory test results or Balivet Veterinary Research Agency Bogor and Cikole, revealed positive poultry bird flu deaths.

      Dead birds strongly suspected bird flu, said Iwan scattered in the District Kabandungan, Cikidang, Tegal Buleud and District Sagaranten. Poultry deaths estimated to have reached more than 2,000. Not only through the diseased animals indicated the bird flu virus. But it can be exposed as a result of the cage is not neglected. "Advised that livestock owners bury their pets," he said, Monday, March 29, 2016.

      In Cikidang other than chickens, ducks, ducks, and other poultry was killed simultaneously.

      Iwan said to anticipate the transmission has taken in coordination with relevant agencies. Even Health Office (DHO) has memerintakan exposed so that all districts on alert. The medics and nurses do with monitoring and supervision of the sick people.

      "Residents are encouraged not need to panic, because the officers on guard at each clinic. They may soon be dating medication and report to village officials, district and health workers, "he said. ***