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Indonesia: Bird flu suspected in quail deaths in Lamongan, E. Java

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  • Indonesia: Bird flu suspected in quail deaths in Lamongan, E. Java


    Google translation:
    Monday, February 1, 2016, 11:46 pm
    Hundreds Quail Sudden Death Suspected Bird Flu
    Eko Sudjarwo - detikNews

    Lamongan - The bird flu virus suspected of threatening Lamongan. This time, hundreds of quail belongs to the village residents Jatinawong, District Tripe, died suddenly. In fact, before the death of hundreds of birds were healthy masiht.

    One breeder quail, Wiyono said he did not know the cause of death of tens. However, he suspected flu virus that attacks livestock burunglah pet. Unfortunately, he could not ascertain the total number of dead quail populations.

    "Previously, I look healthy, but later died of up to hundreds," said Wiyono told reporters at the site Monday (01/02/2016).

    According Wiyono, besides livestock quail, poultry belonging to other residents also suffered a similar fate. After learning puyuhnya hundreds of birds died, said Wiyono, he and others suffered the same fate burn thousands of birds.

    In fact, Wiyono and residents also spraying disinfectant to the entire poultry. The move was made in anticipation of a wider spread of the virus.

    While the Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health (Disnakkeswan) states, detection of this condition is very difficult.

    "The attack of bird flu is unfortunate that in the category of major force that hit farmers," said Secretary Disnakkeswan, Bruno.

    Bruno appealed, residents always keep the animal cages during the rainy season. It needs to be done to anticipate the spread of AI virus.

    Data from Disnakkeswan Lamongan, Lamongan outbreak began in the second week of January this but for sure the data, Bruno claimed not to know for sure. He said he had given a vaccine in anticipation of the outbreak of bird flu affecting poultry.

    "Vaccination of poultry is given directly to the location breeder officers spread across 27 districts as Lamongan," he concluded.
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    Google translation:
    Lamongan regency accused Overcome Slow Bird Flu
    Friday, March 18, 2016 18:00 WIB

    LAMONGAN, - Thousands of laying hens and pieces belonging to residents in the village Sembung, District Sukorame, Lamongan suddenly died of bird flu.

    "Before dying, one thousand chickens are the same eyes swollen blue head," says a chicken farmer petelor, Ninik Murti Ning, Friday (18/3).

    It is said Ninik, 1000 death of his chickens was positive for bird flu. It was after, officers from the Veterinary Public Health Service (animal health) East Java Province perform rapid testing rapid test in his cage. "The results were positive for bird flu," he explained. Now his empty cage laying hens uninhabited.

    Ninik claimed to suffer losses of up to hundreds of millions of rupiah from the business of laying hens that have been dibangunnnya since three years ago this. He now confused as to how to re-build his business back. "Thought-thought mas, still confused, looking for a loan also confused," he concluded.

    In addition to laying hens belonging Ninik attack, bird flu also struck nine other breeders. Not quite up there, this deadly disease also resulted in thousands of broilers suffered a similar fate.

    Related cases this sudden death of chickens, laying hens breeder community in the Village of setting response Sembung Regency (Regency) Lamongan, in this case an Animal Health Department of Animal Husbandry (Disnakeswan) were slow and did not even behave.

    "We are disappointed that the government did not anticipate," grumbled Purwanto, one among the community members laying hens.

    Purwanto rate, the Disnkeswan and Lamongan regency, do not give serious attention to the attacks of bird flu affecting farm residents. "They come just to check only, no concrete measures to tackle bird flu," he said irritably.

    This condition, mengakibatnya farmers suffered losses of up to hundreds of millions of rupiah. Purwanto was concerned that if there is no concrete action, bird flu could spread to other areas. "I am concerned at all, all the farmers stressed his business failed," he concluded. (Qom / rev)


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      Bird flu Attack Banyuwangi and Lamongan

      Surabaya two regencies in East Java, i.e. Banyuwangi and Lamongan attacked outbreaks of bird flu virus (H5N1). As a result, thousands of tails of poultry in the area died suddenly. More specifically, in Banyuwangi, the virus (H5N1) attack the ducks as well as chickens and Lamongan more specific attack chickens ras petelor. ' In Banyuwangi and Lamongan is already a lot of poultry that died. There are approximately 1600 tail who died and was buried in accordance the standard operational procedures (SOP, red) the handling of H5N1, 'said the head of the Office of East Java Ranch, Maskur, Thursday (24/3). He explained, the number of poultry in East Java reaching 250 million tail. With the demise of 1600 the tail, it has fielded a team of URC (rapid reaction unit) in order to localize the impact the epidemic spread of the virus since 2004 in order to not extend. Over the incident, he banned sales of chickens and ducks from the affected area. 'Not to be sold and breeders also have started voluntary conduct culling if there is an indication of the start got a virus. If kenaH5N1 day is dead. Starting from cock swirling her eyes white and die suddenly, 'he said.


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        Google translation:
        Monday, April 11, 2016, 15:15 pm
        Hundreds of ducks in Lamongan Sudden Death Suspected Bird Flu
        Eko Sudjarwo - detikNews

        Lamongan - Thousands of chickens in Lamongan bird flu virus or Avian Influenza (AI). This time hundreds of ducks died suddenly suspected of being infected with bird flu. Hundreds of dead ducks that died belonged to residents of the village displays, District Sukodadi. The dead ducks from 25 to 30 birds per day.

        A breeder duck Village Displays, Herman said, a total of over 200 ducks dead pet. The characteristics of the dead kept poultry including ducks eyes turned white and then die. Actually, Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health (Disnak and Keswan) Lamongan is already doing prevention.

        "As a result of hundreds of duck died of bird flu, I have suffered the loss of not a few to millions of rupiah," he told reporters at the site Monday (11/04/2016).

        Meanwhile, Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health has not set Lamongan as Extraordinary Events (KLB). Disnak head and Keswan Lamongan, Sukriyah said it has not set a region Lamongan as bird flu outbreaks due to the death of birds is very small. KLB status has not been established because the population is dead there is no increase of 2 times compared to last year's death of poultry. "Because the population of animals in Lamongan 50 million," he explained.

        Sukriyah recognize hundreds of ducks in the village displays, District Sukodadi, sudden death from bird flu. "We've done the vaccination and cleaning the cage, until spraying disinfectant," he admitted.

        Before the bird flu attack the ducks in the village displays, this bird flu virus attacked 700 laying hens and broilers in the village Sembung, District Sukorame some time ago.
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