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Indonesia Toddler with flu symptoms dies

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  • Indonesia Toddler with flu symptoms dies

    Are supplies running low already?


    Toddler with flu symptoms dies
    JAKARTA: A five-year old boy from Pengasinan, East Bekasi, West Java, who had been treated at Sulianti Saroso Hospital, North Jakarta, since Wednesday for suspected bird flu, diedon Sunday from acute pneumonia.

    "The boy died at 10 p.m. from a respiratory problem. We are still waiting for the results of a laboratory test of his blood," Sulianti Saroso's deputy director Sardikin Giriputro told The Jakarta Post.

    Bird flu symptoms are similar to ordinary flu. Doctors at the hospital had suspected the boy had been infected with bird flu.

    The boy's family claims that on Sunday morning a nurse told them that the hospital was delaying the proper treatment of the boy because they lacked enough oxygen.

    Sardikin denied the family's allegations.


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    Re: Indonesia Toddler with flu symptoms dies

    It makes you wonder what preparedness means if people in countries like Indonesia can not get the help they need. I know in our case no help was even offered, it never even became an issue of them running out of the needed resources. Countries like the USA, UK, etc..could have actively worked toward making sure that all countries would not be damaged economically by this pandemic threat by grouping together on this. If the world does not start to work together at some point our history/future means nothing.You may say that is idealistic -i would say to you this...>look into the face of the family of the toddler and tell them that.

    The world needs alot of work but if we don't take one step at a time , trying to make it better , tell me why are we all here?