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Indonesia: H5N1 suspected in death of Wonogiri, C. Java toddler- CONFIRMED- KLB declared

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  • Indonesia: H5N1 suspected in death of Wonogiri, C. Java toddler- CONFIRMED- KLB declared


    Balita Meninggal, Diduga Suspect Flu Burung
    25 April 2014 | 18:34
    Tarmuji -

    Google translation:

    Toddler Dies , Suspected Bird Flu
    25 April 2014 | 18:34
    Tarmuji -

    Wonogiri - Toddler named Ridho ( 2 ) Hamlet Kopen RT 1 RW 3 Pule Village Subdistrict Jatisrono died on Sunday ( 20/4 ) . Allegedly the toddler 's death due to the H5N1 virus or bird flu .

    Based on information obtained , Ridho died after undergoing treatment in dr Moewardi Solo . Initially , Ridho treated at Charity Hospital Healthy Slogohimo , Saturday ( 12/4 ) for two days .
    Wonogiri then referred to the hospital on Monday ( 14/4 ) for two days . Subsequently referred to the department Moewardi Solo on Wednesday ( 16/4 ) .

    Head of Disease Control and Environmental Health (Head P2PL ) Winton Health Service , Supriyo Heryanto confirmed the presence Jatisrono residents who died in Solo , and there is thought to have contracted the virus of Avian Influenza ( AI ) .

    " Not dare to ascertain whether contracting AI , because we are still conducting an investigation into the truth . Is it true that because of the bird flu or not . And also in Jakarta laboratory test results have not been completed , it is of the assumptions of the symptoms suffered by the results of the doctor's examination leads to the AI virus , "said Supriyo .
    The results of investigations in the field is planned to be juxtaposed with the results of laboratory tests of Jakarta .

    Separately , Head of Division (Head ) Animal Health Surip Surono said it fielded a joint investigation team of DKK team to the location in the Village District of Jatisrono Pule .
    " There we do not find a sample or a chicken carcass for rapid test , but it is no info before the victim died he had no poultry that died suddenly but not reported , " said Surip .

    Editor : Abednego Afriadi

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    Re: Indonesia: H5N1 suspected in death of C. Java toddler


    Bocah Balita Meninggal Diduga Suspect AI
    Sabtu, 26 April 2014 08:32 WIB | Bony Eko W/JIBI/Solopos |

    Google translation:

    Toddler boy Suspect Allegedly Died of AI
    Saturday, April 26, 2014 8:32 pm | Bony Eko W / JIBI / Solopos |
    | , WONOGIRI - A child under five years old ( toddlers ) named Rido , 2 , resident 001/RW RT 003 , hamlet Kopen , Pule Village , District Jatisrono died allegedly suspected of contracting the H5N1 virus or bird flu . Toddler was hospitalized for eight days in the hospital .

    Information compiled , Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) Rido said to suffer a high fever on Saturday (12 /4) . Then his parents took Rido to the Village Health Clinic ( PKD ) Jatisrono . Rido is hospitalized for three days . Furthermore , Rido was referred to the Charity Hospital Healthy , District Slogohimo to menjalami continued hospitalization .

    Not long after , she was referred back to the dr Moewardi , Solo to undergo intensive medical treatment . Finally , Rido last breath on Sunday (20 /4) .
    Rido suspected H5N1 virus earlier because there were cases of bird flu around her neighborhood . Some birds died suddenly . However , the bird flu case was reported by local residents to the relevant agencies .

    Head of Fisheries and Marine Resources ( Nakperla ) Winton , Rully Pramod Retno said that there were birds died suddenly suspected of contracting bird flu was reported to the relevant agencies . So that it did not know of the findings of birds died suddenly .

    " A month ago there was a case of bird flu around the house Rido but not reported to animal health officials in the district . Suddenly, now there are reports of infants who died of suspected suspect bird flu , " he told reporters .
    It directly coordinate with the District Health Office ( DKK ) to Winton menginventigasi Rido cause of death . The combined team directly to the location of the house and immediately Rido initial investigation .
    Furthermore , Rully explained that they could not determine if Rido actually contracted the bird flu or not . " There are certainly still work as a joint team to investigate . We are still awaiting the results of the investigation , "he said .

    On the other hand , the Head of Disease Control and Environmental Health ( P2PL ) DKK Winton , Supriyo Heriyanto explains now that he had sent a medical lab results Rido to the Health Ministry . Laboratory results will be examined by the Ministry of Health .

    He said he called for if the birds died suddenly discovered immediately reported to the relevant agencies . " The results of the medical laboratory has been sent to the Ministry of Health . Now still waiting for the results , " he added .


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      Re: Indonesia: H5N1 suspected in death of C. Java toddler


      27 April 2014
      Kemenkes Turunkan Tim
      Balita Meninggal Diduga Terserang Flu Burung

      Google translation:

      27 April 2014
      Lower MoH Team
      Toddler Dies Suspected Bird Flu

      WONOGIRI - Ministry of Health ( MoH ) center on Saturday ( 26/4 ) , lowering the team to investigate the death of a toddler who allegedly attacked by bird flu .

      The victim is Ridho Nur ardiansyah ( 2 ) , Hamlet Kopen RT 1/RW 3 , Pule Village , District Jatisrono , Wonogiri . MoH team led by Agus Sugiarto . The team also involves personnel of the Health Development Research Centre leader Master John Saragih , Health Office ( PHO ) of Central Java province , and the District Health Office ( DKK ) Winton .

      '' We will be on site for three days , '' said Agus Sugiarto . According to Agus Sugiarto , Ridho certainty the cause of death is still under investigation and awaiting the results of laboratory tests .

      Research on the victim's blood sample performed in the laboratory of Ministry of Health , Jakarta. '' If true attacked avian influenza ( AI ) , he became all 164 deaths in Indonesia , '' said Agus Sugiarto .

      As from bird flu attack in 2005 until now , in Indonesia there are 195 people died who was twice attacked by the AI ​​. However, from the results of laboratory studies , positive bird flu 163 people . The bird flu virus has spread to poultry in 33 of 34 provinces . '' Only one province in Indonesia that is free of bird flu , which is just North Maluku province only , '' he said .


      Before heading to the site , ask first team to dr conformation Moewardi Surakarta , where victims were treated until death . The team will also confirm to the Children's Hospital Astrini , Solo, Sunday ( 27/4 ) , related to the history of the victim who had also been treated at the hospital .

      Head DKK Winton Dr. Widodo through the Head of Environmental Health Disease Control ( P2PL ) Supriyo , who accompanied the team Heriyanto MoH said the victim died in dr Moewardi Solo and never taken to hospitals Wonogiri . '' We know there are people who died and suspected of bird flu Moewardi Solo dr , '' said Supriyo .

      Head of Puskesmas Jatisrono II Sumarsono said the team led by Head of Puskesmas P2PL Darman , with the team Wonogiri DKK and Animal Husbandry Department has conducted epidemiological investigation ( PE ) to the victim's home and surrounding residents . The team noted , in addition to a child Ridho fever .

      They are Revelation ( 6 ) and Aska ( 0.5 ) . '' But both are cured , '' explained Sumarsono . Heading to the previous blessing diobatkan Village Clinic ( PKD ) . However, because it is not cured , the lapse of three days later diobatkan to Charity Health Clinic in District leader dr Rosyid Slogohimo , Wonogiri .

      Stepping on the fourth day after treatment dr Rosyid , by his parents diobatkan pediatrician , Suryanto in the City of Wonogiri . Suryanto refer Ridho hospitalized at Children's Hospital Astrini hers . Mole- five days in the hospital Astrini , Ridho condition never goes away . Because of this , the victim was referred to dr Moewardi Surakarta . But two days of hospitalization , the victim was rescued .

      Dr Party Moewardi inform , bird flu is suspected as the cause of death Ridho . If the victim died due to bird flu , it becomes a tragedy the death of a third child in Winton . Head P2PL DKK Supriyo said Wonogiri , the first death from bird flu in Wonogiri Eromoko afflicts children in the district in 2007 . Later Manyaran second death in the district in 2008 . ( P27 - 61 )


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        Re: Indonesia: H5N1 suspected in death of C. Java toddler- CONFIRMED


        FLU BURUNG Keluarga Korban Dipantau 7 Hari
        Posted on 30 April 2014 By uploader Utama

        Google translation:

        BIRD FLU Family Victims Watched 7 Days
        Posted on 30 April 2014 By Main uploader

        WONOGIRI - bird flu victim's family Ridho NA , 2 , resident 001/RW RT 003 , hamlet Kopen , Pule Village , District Jatisrono , Wonogiri , monitored by the medical team of the District Health Office ( DKK ) Wonogiri for seven days .

        This was done because Ridho , who died on Sunday ( 20/4 ) , confirmed positive to the virus of Avian Influenza ( AI ) . Certainty is obtained after laboratory test results in the Ministry of Health 's Health Research Development Agency received DKK Wonogiri .

        " Laboratory test results have been received on 25 April. Ridho positive bird flu , " said Head of Disease Control and Environmental Health ( P2PL ) DKK Wonogiri , Suprio Heryanto , representing the head of DKK Wonogiri , Widodo , Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .

        Because the results are positive for bird flu , said Suprio , the medical team immediately opened a post village health clinic in the village of Pule , District Jatisrono , Wonogiri . " DKK step is to prevent the virus spreading from human to human . Three victims and their family members of people who had contact with the victim's health was monitored for up to 5 May, " he explained .

        Suprio explained that besides the local villagers , the medical team also monitor other residents in the clinic dr . Rosyid , Astrini Slogohimo and Children's Hospital , who treated Ridho Selogiri . " There are about 35 people who monitored his health , " said Suprio .

        Head of Division (Head ) Animal Health ( Keswan ) , Surip Surono , representing the Chief Disnakperla Wonogiri , Rully Pramod Retno , said Winton DKK directly hold socialization in Jatisrono and deliver test results Ridho . Top of the news, it was felt necessary to give a stark warning to residents to be vigilant . Warning specifically delivered to residents who keep poultry .

        According Surip , transmission of avian influenza virus in poultry can occur due to many factors . Among these , livestock traffic and environmental conditions around the cattle pens are bad . As reported previously , Ridho died last week on suspicion of contracting the AI virus . The allegation arises because a few days earlier , there are a number of birds died suddenly in the region .

        Meanwhile , cases of sudden death of poultry or chicken belonging to several dozens of villagers Tempursari , District Sambi , Boyolali , immediately followed officers of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries ( Disnakkan ) Boyolali , through UPTD Ranch Banyudono . They check the condition of the cages of chickens in the local village . Unfortunately , the officer can not take a blood sample to perform a quick test or rapid test , because the carcasses of chickens had already been buried by their owners .

        " We urge residents to follow-up in case of death of poultry , immediately report to the UPTD order to direct examination , " said the officer UPTD Ranch Banyudono , Hanif , when met reporters on Tuesday .

        To anticipate the subsequent death of poultry , it requested that residents impound their poultry . The phenomenon of the spread of the AI ​​virus in Wonogiri and Boyolali Solo City Government responded swiftly . Department of Agriculture ( Dispertan ) Solo will tighten poultry traffic from both regions to anticipate a similar virus in the city of Solo .

        Dispertan head , Weni Ekayanti , when contacted newspaper O on Tuesday , said the circulation of poultry from AI suspect disadvantaged areas will be tightened in Clover Chicken Market Market and Depok . That's because the majority of poultry being traded in the market is the supply of districts around Solo .

        In another part , the Department of Agriculture Klaten also closely monitoring the endemic areas to anticipate the spread of the AI ​​virus . One of them in the District Gantiwarno that became endemic locations . Head of Animal Health Department of Agriculture Klaten , Awik Purwanti , said that until now there has been no report finding dead birds suddenly in Klaten . However , he is still monitoring all areas , especially the bird flu is endemic . ( Tika Sekar Arum / Septhia Ryanthie / Ayu Abriyani / Chrisna Chanis Method ) ( Trianto Hery Suryono )


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          Re: Indonesia: H5N1 suspected in death of Wonogiri, C. Java toddler- CONFIRMED- KLB declared


          01 Mei 2014 | 08:28 wib | Suara Kedu & DIY
          Wonogiri Daerah KLB Flu Burung

          Google translation:

          May 1, 2014 | 8:28 PM | Vote Kedu & DIY
          Winton Regional Avian Influenza Outbreak

          WONOGIRI , - Nur ardiansyah Ridho Deaths ( 2 ) , Hamlet Kopen , Pule Village , District Jatisrono , Wonogiri , tested positive for the virus of Avian Influenza ( AI ) . Related to this , now Wonogiri expressed as the area with the status of Extraordinary Events ( KLB ) bird flu .

          AI attacked certainty , based on the results of laboratory tests Agency for Health Research and Development ( Banglitkes ) Ministry of Health ( MoH ) . The results of tests conducted in the RSCM (Hospital Copyright Mangunkusuma ) Jakarta , has been submitted to the District Health Office ( DKK ) Wonogiri. Positive result '' AI , '' said Head DKK Winton , doctors Widodo .

          Ridho death , became positive for bird flu deaths in Wonogiri third . After previous similar deaths occurred in 2007 experienced Jemangkah boy in Hamlet , Village Ngunggahan , District Eromoko , and a toddler in the Village Bero , District Manyaran in 2008 .

          As has been reported, toddlers Ridho , second son pair Sutarno - Tarni at RT 1/RW 3 Hamlet Kopen , Pule Village , District Jatisrono , Wonogiri , died previously suspected ( suspect bird flu ) .

          Responding to this , the center of the Ministry of Health and from the Department of Public Health (Health ) of Central Java province , sent a team to investigate .

          Ridho victim , died in hospital the doctor Moewardi Surakarta , having previously studied at Children's Hospital Astrini Wonogiri , went to the doctor's office Suryanto , to the doctor's clinic Health Charity Rosyid in Slogohimo , and to Pos Village Clinic ( PKD ) Pule , Jatisrono , Wonogiri .

          '' For the death that triggered the AI ​​, even though it was only one , then declared a bird flu outbreak , '' said Chief DKK Wonogiri , doctors Widodo .

          Relating this , all the people who had contact with the victim , now under intensive supervision of health workers . This oversight , conducted over a two-week incubation period associated with AI for 14 days .

          Head of Disease Transmission Penanunggalan Environmental Health (P2PL ) DKK Wonogiri , Supriyo Heryanto , said the number of people who had contact with the victim and supervision kesehatannyaa now there are as many as 35 deaths . This action is done , because there dikahwatirkan AI transmission from human to human .

          According to the Head of DKK Wonogiri , Widodo , AI including the type of zoonotic diseases that attack poultry . As with any type of animal rabies disease that attacks dogs . However , as an animal disease , AI and rabies can be transmitted to humans .

          Related to this , it is then determined outbreaks and to improve the awareness of the possibility of human -to-human transmission .

          '' We DKK has cooperated with the Department of Animal Husbandry , '' said Head DKK Wonogiri , Widodo .

          DKK human handling , and Department of Animal Husbandry handle poultry . Another important thing that needs to be called to the community , is to improve sanitation and environmental hygiene cattle sheds .

          This can be done by spraying disinfectant , liquid soap or detergent . Even former liquid laundry soap of clothing , can be poured into a cattle pen to kill the AI ​​virus .

          Ridho death triggers detection , commencing late . Because the sudden death of his parents and pets chicken poultry pets in their environment , not been reported . It is then triggered Ridho fever , until she died in a two-week cycle . In the case , the results of investment -led health center II Jatisrono Sumarsono , who performed the post - death Ridho , found there were at least 29 chickens died .

          Properly, said Widodo , if since the beginning of the death of the chickens were reported , there will be an early action against Ridho . Namely by giving the drug Osatamitera popular brand Tamiflu . '' Stock Tamiflu lot , '' firmly Widodo .

          But these drugs are never given , because Ridho considered to suffer from the common cold sore . Case of death of chickens positive bird flu , have also been reported recently in the village of Kasihan , District Ngadirojo .

          Approximately 280 chickens in the RT / RW 1 Kalurahan Pity found dead . Previously , death also occurred in dozens of chickens also died in the village of Sempukerep , District and Village Sidoharjo Pundahsari , District Manyaran .

          ( Bambang Purnomo / CN19 / SMNetwork )
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            Re: Indonesia: H5N1 suspected in death of Wonogiri, C. Java toddler- CONFIRMED- KLB declared


            KASUS FLU BURUNG
            Waspada, Wonogiri KLB Flu Burung
            Jumat, 2 Mei 2014 19:30 WIB | Bony Eko Wicaksono/JIBI/Solopos |

            Google translation:

            BIRD FLU CASE
            Vigilant , Winton Bird Flu Outbreak
            Friday, May 2, 2014 19:30 pm | Bony Eko Abrams / JIBI / Solopos |

   , Wonogiri WONOGIRI - status areas designated as Extraordinary Events ( KLB ) bird flu pascakematian Ridho NA , 2 , resident 001/RW RT 003 , hamlet Kopen , Pule Village , District Jatisrono since Wednesday ( 04/30/2014 ) ago . The boy tested positive for the H5N1 virus or bird flu .

            Head of District Health Office ( DKK ) Wonogiri , Widodo said based on the results of laboratory tests conducted by the Ministry of Health ( MoH ) , Ridho tested positive for the H5N1 virus
            . It immediately sets the bird flu outbreak in the city of Gaplek . " Case -to-human transmission of the H5N1 virus last occurred in 2008. Hence , we immediately set outbreaks of bird flu have been no similar cases since the last five years , "he told , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) .

            It immediately socialize handling of bird flu transmission to residents in the hamlet Kopen , Pule Village , District Jatisrono on Tuesday ( 4/29/2014 ) ago. The residents were given an understanding of disease transmission associated dangers of bird flu , including animal health officials to report if there are birds died suddenly .

            Furthermore , he explained that they would keep an eye on family members and neighbors home Ridho strictly . Therefore , they had direct contact with Ridho . It is feared , no AI transmission from human to human . " Before Ridho taken to the hospital there must be direct contact either with other family members or neighbors house . Well , this will be monitored on an ongoing basis , "he explained .

            On the other hand , the Head of Division (Head ) Animal Health , Surip Surono also said it has taken nine samples of chicken feathers that died suddenly around the house Ridho . The chicken feather samples tested by the Central Veterinary Laboratory , Wates , Kulon Progo Regency , Yogyakarta Province .

            As a result, nine samples of chicken feathers are an AI subtypes H5 positive samples . " The result is a sudden dead chicken tested positive for bird flu . Laboratory test results were also sent to the central government , "Said he .

            Furthermore , he describes cases of bird flu infection in Wonogiri increased by about 100 percent over last year . The number of bird flu cases since January until the end of April as many as 13 cases .
            While at the same mid- 2013 only about five cases .

            He said he appealed to the public proactive in handling the bird flu disease transmission . If there are birds died suddenly asked to immediately report to animal health officer or the local village . " We can not be missed when residents reported poultry deaths to the relevant agencies . Officers will definitely check into locations when there are reports of poultry deaths , " he added .


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              Re: Indonesia: H5N1 suspected in death of Wonogiri, C. Java toddler- CONFIRMED- KLB declared


              Indonesian tot dies from H5N1

              A 2-year-old boy died of H5N1 avian flu in Indonesia last month, the WHO said in an update posted yesterday.

              The boy, from Central Java, first had symptoms on Apr 10, was hospitalized Apr 13, and died Apr 20, the WHO said in its most recent "Influenza at the Human-Animal Interface" report, dated May 5. "In the weeks before disease onset of the child, some backyard chickens died around the house," the report said.

              The boy's death represents the first case of H5N1 this year in Indonesia, a country that has seen as many as 55 confirmed cases in a year (in 2006), but last year reported only 3.

              In the report, the WHO placed the global number of lab-confirmed H5N1 cases since 2003 at 665, 392 of which have been fatal. That number represents 15 new cases and 6 newly reported deaths since the agency last updated its case count, on Jan 24.

              The 15 cases not included in the WHO's Jan 24 count reflect 9 in Cambodia, 3 in Egypt, and 1 each in Canada, Vietnam, and China, according to previous news reports. In addition, Hong Kong officials on Feb 25 reported an H5 infection in a child in mainland China but did not issue a follow-up report about the specific strain.
              May 5 WHO report
              Jan 24 WHO global case count