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Indonesia, Bird flu hits Karanganyar (Solopos, November 30 2013): H7 or H5, unclear media report

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  • Indonesia, Bird flu hits Karanganyar (Solopos, November 30 2013): H7 or H5, unclear media report

    [Source: Solopos, full page in Bahasan: (LINK). Automatic translation.]

    Indonesia, Bird flu hits Karanganyar

    29 November 2013 19:15 WIB | Ponco Suseno / JIBI / Solopos, Karanganyar ? A total of four districts indicated H7N9 bird flu virus attacked during the rainy season. Each district, ie Mojogedang, Tasikmadu, KARANGPANDAN, and Jaten.

    Information compiled , ducks belonging to a number of farmers in the four regions have just been struck by bird flu or avian influenza (AI).

    The indication, hundreds of ducks died suddenly. Once checked in the laboratory, ducks in the area indicated Mojogedang and Tasikmadu confirmed bird flu.

    Meanwhile, in Karangpandan ducks tested positive for bird flu. On the other hand, the farm workers also need to be aware of the threat of bird flu in Cork mengganasnya given the number of birds in the area was considered quite a lot.

    "In each of these areas had a lot of people found the farmer and businessman duck. But now there are special handling, such as the provision of free vaccines, disinfectants, and socialization to residents. As a result, all the area is secure, "said veterinarian at the Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Karanganyar, Linda Christina, when met reporters at his office on Friday (29/11/2013).

    Linda explained so far it continues to establish coordination with the Department of Animal Husbandry related to the fulfillment of Central Java provincial, H7N9 vaccine stockpiles on Earth Intanpari. Bird flu vaccine that is given to farmers free of people.

    "After socialization, awareness of citizens to participate in Karanganyar combat avian flu is also high. Among them done by keeping the cage every day. If there's anything, residents also reported the incident to the officer that no further treatment immediately, "he said.

    The same thing is explained Secretary of Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Karanganyar, the Supreme Tjahjo. Anticipation outbreak needs to be addressed seriously in Karanganyar following the arrival of the rainy season in recent weeks. The spread of bird flu virus in the rainy season is considered quite fast.

    "Conditions in cattle sheds belonging to residents usually moist. Hence, the spread of bird flu faster than usual time. In order not happen like that, special measures need to be prepared. Socialization continues breeders we do so that people understand the indications and dangers of bird flu in the future, "he said.

    H9N7 type of bird flu, he added, the H5N1 strain of bird flu. H9N7 bird flu attack to duck. Meanwhile, H5N1 chicken attack. "Keeping in environmental health is quite important. This is the first step to prevent the presence of bird flu. Commitment roll forward related anticipatory socialization bird flu continues. Moreover, in the neighboring areas in Soloraya [Klaten] also attacked by bird flu in recent days, "he said.