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Hundreds of Birds In Cilacap Died Suddenly

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  • Hundreds of Birds In Cilacap Died Suddenly
    Google translation:
    BIRD FLU: Hundreds of Dead Birds In Cilacap Sudden

    By Donald Banjarnahor on Tuesday, 29 January 2013

    CILACAP - Hundreds of poultry breeds of chickens and ducks in the village Mulyadadi, District Majenang, Cilacap, Central Java, reportedly died suddenly since Friday (25/01/2013) last week.

    "Sudden death in poultry occurred in the hamlet Purwodadi. We have reported this incident to the Department of Agriculture and Livestock (Dinpertanak) Cilacap, "said the chief Mulyadadi Sangidun as quoted from Reuters on Tuesday (01/29/2013).

    According to him, Dinpertanak Cilacap has deployed a team to assess the number of birds that died suddenly and disinvektan spraying the cage in order to anticipate the possibility of bird flu (avian influenza-AI).

    Meanwhile, Chairman of Farmers Group "Mukti Tani" Village Mulyadadi, Marijan said the number of birds that died suddenly in this village is in the range of 500 fish.

    "Dead birds looked healthy in the morning but the afternoon off, so does that look healthy on the afternoon of the next day off. There are no signs that the bird will die. In fact, sometimes being fed birds, sudden death, "he said.

    According to him, cases of sudden death in birds breeds of chickens and ducks for the first time this happened in Hamlet Purwodadi.

    "Usually only occurs in chickens and most often affected Newcastle. This time not only sudden death in chickens, but also ducks, "he said.

    Head of the Technical Unit Dinpertanak Majenang Region Darta Mulyana said Dinpertanak Cilacap has sought to anticipate the possibility of the spread of bird flu virus.

    "Do not let happen transmission of the virus from birds to humans, even from human to human," he said.

    Therefore, he urged people to burn the carcasses of poultry that died suddenly before it was buried in a hole with a depth of 1 meter.

    "Arson is an effort to destroy the virus because the virus is exposed to heat up to 100 degrees Celsius will die. Once burned, dead birds were buried in a hole with a depth of 1 meter, "he said. (Antara / dba)
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