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Thousands of Quail in Karanganyar Die Suddenly

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  • Thousands of Quail in Karanganyar Die Suddenly

    Oops! Thousands of Quail in Karanganyar Die Suddenly
    Ronald Seger Prabowo
    Monday, 18 January 2021 | 17:53 - Farmers in Colomadu, Karanganyar were shocked by the thousands of quails that died suddenly in the last few days. Quail breeders from Gajahan RT 001 / RW 001, Colomadu, Heru, as reported by - the network said the sudden death of thousands of his livestock began on Thursday (14/1/2021). Previously this phenomenon occurred in his place, the same was experienced by two other quail breeders in Colomadu, Karanganyar. "First, one row of cages died all. There are 100 heads, I can still estimate that they can survive and I treat them. But the next day they die," he explained to, Monday (18/1/2021).

    Since the beginning of this incident, a total of 1,500 Heru livestock died. According to him, the average dead quail was about six months old. The same thing had happened in Colomadu before. "I have forgotten what year it was, but it has happened like this. Now the cage is empty, there are no quails. It has been cleaned and sprayed. The loss due to this I estimate is around Rp10 million," he explained. Until now, the Karanganyar Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Service (Dispertan PP) has not yet known the cause of the mass death of these livestock.

    Supervisor and Animal Control Dispertan PP Karanganyar, Sutiyarmo, said that his party did not know the cause of the mass death of poultry belonging to several Colomadu residents. To ascertain the cause, his party will check the location on Tuesday (19/1/2021). Until now, reports of poultry deaths in Karanganyar have only been received from Colomadu.
    "We first confirm the cause. There are several possibilities such as avian influenza [bird flu], it could also be tetelo. Tomorrow we first check the location according to the report," he said.

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    Fear grips Plateau farmers as bird flu strikes again
    On February 12, 20219:51 am
    In Arewa Voice

    The resurfacing of the avian influenza virus otherwise known as bird flu in Plateau State has left poultry farmers counting their losses as the virus spreads across poultry farms in the state.

    The poultry disease, which had in the past ruined many poultry businesses had abated as the state did not record any outbreak since 2019 but the resurgence of the virus, is now causing panic among poultry farmers.

    Arewa Voice counted five farms in the state which have been hit by the outbreak, with owners claiming they have lost thousands of birds in the process. Battling with high the cost of maintaining their farms amidst the economic downturn occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic, poultry farmers said they are being threatened with the presence of the highly virulent strain of the disease...

    Read more at:
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    Horrified! 150 Quail in Kalanganyar Lebak Die Suddenly
    Published 1 day ago
    on 11/02/2021
    By Fariz Abdullah

    The surveillance team was examining the cause of the sudden death of 150 quails in Kalanganyar District. (Doc. Disnakeswan)

    Lebak - As many as 150 quails in Kalanganyar Subdistrict, Lebak Regency suddenly died on Tuesday, February 9, 2021. Hundreds of these birds turned out to be owned by Pepi, a farmer.

    "The surveillance team (systematic observation) has been to the location to respond to reports of quail livestock deaths," said the Head of the Livestock and Animal Health Service (Disnakeswan) Kab. Lebak, Rahmat to BantenHits, Thursday, February 11, 2021.

    "Based on the observation at the location, the death of the quail reached 150 in 2 days from the total population of 5,000 quails owned by Mr. Pepi," he added.

    Furthermore, said Rahmat, the quail carcasses that were still in the cage location were subjected to a rapid test for Avian Influenza or bird flu.

    "And the results are positive for Al (Avian Influenza). In these conditions, several technical measures were taken to prevent the spread of the bird flu virus, "he said.

    For efforts to prevent the spread, Rahmat admitted to having made prevention efforts.

    "Efforts have been made to prevent the spread as well," he said.

    Editor: Darussalam Jagad Syahdana