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Indonesia: Bird flu in Poultry in Cilandak, South Jarkarta

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  • Indonesia: Bird flu in Poultry in Cilandak, South Jarkarta


    Avian Flu Virus Makes 20 Tailed Poultry in Cilandak Sudden Death
    By Dita -
    19 March 2016

    Jakarta - A total of 20 birds that consisted of chicken and wild duck in RT 14 RW 04, Cilandak Barat Urban Village suddenly died. Head of the Department of Marine, Agriculture and Food Security (KPKP) South Jakarta, Kristrisasi Helenandari, said that all the dead birds tested positive for the bird flu virus (Avian Influenza).

    Poultries died suddenly immediately annihilated by focal culling and disinfection carried biosecurity measures. Flocks of birds in Cilandak was discovered dead the first time in (15/3). The next day, officers received a report taking samples for examination. On (17/3), determined that the birds died of bird flu virus. Mass extermination was undertaken to prevent the virus from contaminating the birds and other creatures.

    Heny Fachrudin, Head of South Jakarta Sub Department of Health, said that although there are birds that tested positive for the bird flu virus, no citizen contaminated. Nevertheless, the health office continue to monitor the continued development of this case.

    "This week we clench monitoring to the owner, the surrounding population, and neighbors if there are any symptoms of flu or not," said Heny, Tempo reported.

    Citizen monitoring period is extended to two weeks ahead to make sure there are no people infected with the AI ​​virus. If there are people who show flu-like symptoms, such as fever, Heny asked residents to immediately went to a local clinic.

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    City on alert for bird
    flu after fowl deaths
    Indra Budiari, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Headlines | Mon, March 21 2016, 8:09 AM

    Health authorities in Jakarta conducted a mass culling of poultry in Cilandak, South Jakarta over the last few days after finding that some of the birds tested positive for avian flu.

    Officials from the Marine, Agriculture and Food Security Agency, who carried out the culling, warned that the city was not yet safe from the deadly virus.

    Kristrisasi Helenandri, head of the South Jakarta Marine, Agriculture and Food Security Agency, said on Sunday that officials from the agency took action after locals reported that at least 20 birds were found dead on Tuesday in nearby makeshift homes erected by scavengers in the neighborhood...