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Overview of H5N1 2.3.2 situation 1/27/2013

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  • Overview of H5N1 2.3.2 situation 1/27/2013
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    The H5N1 virus remains so Threats
    January 27, 2013 16:31:45 | Editorial | Author: Endang volunteer
    Although Health Minister Mafsiah Mboi sure if until now there has been no humans infected with a new variant of the bird flu virus, but people are asked to remain vigilant because the H5N1 virus and its derivatives still remains a threat to humans.

    In recent weeks, the H5N1 virus was no longer attack the chicken, but duck into new target, even at least have 11 regions that became centers of ducks in waves Itiknya have lost thousands of livestock due to sudden death alleged to have attacked a new variant of the bird flu virus.

    However, the Minister urged people not to panic, although it must remain vigilant because it is not known whether the virus has mutated to a human being or not.

    Whether or not the bird flu virus mutates into a human body remains a threat, let alone the many birds that died suddenly together in recent weeks. In addition to the destruction of duck and bird flu vaccine, budgeting funds from the state budget through the emergency response mechanism regulated through legislation remains important.

    Budget response does not only apply to natural disasters, but it is also important to prevent the spread of disease, not to mention that the plague can occur at any time, such as the flu ducks had also attacked chickens.

    The dynamics of the virus in the natural life of humans and animals that live together continues. Inevitably experts Indonesia must continue to complete a phylogenetic analysis of different variants of viruses that continue to circulate.

    Therefore, an urgent need for the government with sufficient funds to carry out ongoing surveillance results broadly informed through bilateral organizations or for the benefit of international management to better control the spread of the virus and also evolution.

    The H5N1 bird flu virus was very virulent variant 2.3.2 for ducks. Eleven provinces have reportedly been infected within six months after the mass deaths of ducks in Brebes, Central Java, September 2012.

    Biomolecular experts from Airlangga University Dr. drh CA Nidom MS told AFP in Surabaya (26/12) confirmed that Bird Flu Research Team University of Airlangga (Airlangga University), Surabaya find AI virus vaccines for animals, including ducks, chickens, and other birds.

    "The government should not underestimate the ducks, because of the high level of keberbahayaan ducks due to the spread of avian influenza virus through the medium of water," said Chairman of the Avian Research Center Unair.

    Now, the question we all, whether the outbreak this time is just a continuation of the episode before the bird flu crisis, or a new episode of the new virus, which requires all parties, especially from central authorities to be more responsive to regional and sipag in addressing and overcoming flu birds.

    The bird flu virus with the 2.3.2 variants found in Indonesia could be due to gene rearrangement of both intra-and inter virus variants or introduced from outside Indonesia via imports of live poultry or wild bird migration.

    To inhibit the spread of bird flu virus currently threatening the duck population, the number of the affected areas have done a variety of anticipation, one of which injects the H5N1 vaccine into ducks.

    In fact, in Malang droping H5N1 vaccine at the centers of breeding ducks, such as the District of Pakis, Singosari Pakisaji and Overlapping was 100 thousand more.

    Only, is it enough ducks penganggulangan flu vaccines only to inject without any further action and concrete from the government so that the virus did not spread widely and mutate into a human body? Certainly not enough.

    Continued efforts and synergy with various parties, not least the farmers would have to do, besides there should memnag special budget treatment of diseases, including bird flu had disappeared and reappeared over ducks now.

    Ask Congress to Investigate COVID Origins and Government Response to Pandemic.

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