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Kalimantan: bird flu drill in Samarinda

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  • Kalimantan: bird flu drill in Samarinda


    Two crew KM Quen Soya "Suspect" Bird Flu

    Kaltim Tribune - Tuesday, September 25, 2012

    SAMARINDA, - Two Queen Soya crew who had been due to depart from the Port of Samarinda towards Pare-pare flui suspected infected birds were found on Tuesday (25/9). That day the ship will depart and have begun to increase passenger and freight activities. But 3 hours prior to departure suddenly get a report from the agency posts that get a report from the Master Vessel that two crew of the boat are sick.

    Following the post got the information from agents, officers Port Health Office (KKP), which is in the post immediately contacted the captain to seek infomasi about the symptoms of the two people who are sick crew. Because the disease is similar to ABK pandemic disease, then the Dublin Port Office stating KM ship Queen Soya temporarily not allowed to get out of the Samarinda, and must remain in place to wait for the examination and investigation of the officer CTF.

    Suddenly the atmosphere is inviting noise from passenger which will set out on the edge of the dock. They asked the ticket is refundable if the ship did not depart. Chief Administrator Office of the harbor (Ka Adpel) as a responsible authority in the port of Samarinda immediately ordered the Rapid Response Team command post for immediate action. Ports in the region immediately tighten vigilance. Tim Verification ensures that two crew was suspected.

    After that, the officer Immigration, Customs and Quarantine farm further examination on board the ship, using the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) exhaustive. The medical team declared that suspects need to be reconciled in hospitals AWS. The medical team in the tent to report to the command post to contact AWS for the preparation of a referral hospital. Meanwhile, due to ship in quarantine it can not do the activities of people and goods up and down a passenger who had entered the ship became restless and afraid of contracting an infectious disease influenza type new, they demanded to be lowered from the ship, the ship demo, passenger anxiety began to subside after the CTF team and security team of Unity Port Security Administrator (KP3) and the Marine and Coastal Unity Babysitting (KPLP) gives verbal comprehension.

    Karantinanya With the fret board community particularly the Passenger Vessel will rise, and ojeg Street vendors who have worked in the port area, because they are forced to enter the restless harbor area.

    The situation can be controlled after the team provide a thorough understanding of the circumstances that happen to people. scenes Simulations That's part of public health emergency response is troubling the world (PHIEC) in the port of Samarinda.

    Tribun Kaltim
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