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WEDNESDAY, 28 SEPTEMBER 2010 | 1677 Hits

In Parepare, Vaccine Out of Stock
In Parepare, the community also need to be aware of the outbreak of bird flu cases as happened in Sidrap, Pinrang, Wajo, Soppeng, and some other areas. The problem of bird flu vaccine stocks in Pare Pare is up since a week ago.
According to the Head of the Department of Agriculture Livestock Forestry Fisheries and Maritime Affairs (PKPK) Parepare, Ir Mustamin said the vaccine stocks that have been used up. "We're monitoring routine to the breeder once a week. Neither the routine vaccination done," he said, yesterday. But for the surveillance equipment was conducted in a number of traditional markets, farm centers, border areas, and other critical points. In Parepare so far, no reports about cases of bird flu. Poultry such as chicken pieces rarely entered in Pare Pare, Pare Pare precisely that many sell out. "Even if bird flu will have on Parepare ascertained only from the outside. But hopefully it does not happen," he said. Around 2005, cases of bird flu has also spread in Pare Pare, along with mengganasnya similar cases in neighboring regions such as Sidrap and Pinrang. Hundreds of birds died suddenly at that time in a number of centers of animal husbandry. But quickly resolved, and not to cause casualties. Though there are some people who are suspected. (Fat)