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Jambi: Bird flu in poultry in Sungai Penuh

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  • Jambi: Bird flu in poultry in Sungai Penuh


    Kota Sungai Penuh
    Ada Flu Burung di Sungai Penuh
    Kamis, 2 September 2010 | 10:00 WIB

    Google translation:

    There is bird flu in Sungai Fully (Sungai Penuh)
    Thursday, September 2, 2010 | 10:00 pm
    Tribune correspondent reports Jambi, Edi Januar

    * 23 Tails has been destroyed

    SUNGAI PENUH Tribune - Lebaran Towards Fully River City residents asked to be alert of bird flu-affected chickens. This is because the Kerinci District Animal Husbandry Department has found 23 chickens infected with avian influenza virus positive.

    Chickens exposed to bird flu is known to belong to citizens of Dusun Sungai Akar Village Pelayang Kingdom, Full River City. To anticipate the discovery of widespread cases of bird flu, Kerinci District Animal Husbandry Department of chicken carcasses destroyed by burning, Wednesday (1 / 9).

    The discovery of positive chickens in bird flu Fully River City this be a warning to the public. It is feared there are also chickens that have been exposed to avian flu and was out of control and observation of officers then sold by other people into the market for consumption.

    "Dimusnahkannya 23 chickens, because the bird flu virus confirmed. Of the five chickens that died suddenly, two of which were taken into the study sample. The result was positive bird flu," said Animal Husbandry Department Coordinator PSDR Kerinci regency, Alfian, told the Tribune, Wednesday (1 / 9) yesterday.

    According to the Alfian, the case was first known after the residents who reported their chickens died suddenly. After receiving the report, four officers went down to check on the field.

    After the checks carried out on the field, direct staff to do the destruction, by fire and buried into the ground. After that, immediately followed by spraying, so the virus does not spread to other places, "he said.

    In addition Sumarni Tintin's chicken, there's still another chicken's residents who join the bird flu virus. Until now, we are still awaiting the development of the local people. If the chickens they also died suddenly, it will soon be mass destruction, "he explained.

    Cases of bird flu, is also recognized by the Head of Livestock Fisheries funds, Department of Forestry, Agriculture and Livestock, Full River City, Armadi. According to him, the location of the bird flu outbreak, has been sterilized with a liquid glutamol officers and destan.

    It was first known case Tuesday, after the residents who reported their chickens died suddenly. Until now, officials are still awaiting the results of the study sample to the Bukit Tinggi, "he asserted.

    Previously, residents in the village of River East Warm Water District Tutung also find hundreds of chickens that died suddenly. Then the chickens are thrown into the trash at a local village. But the party failed to Animal Husbandry Department PSDR ascertain whether the chickens are chickens die of bird flu samples with the reason no longer exists.