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Influenza A viruses mutate genes

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  • Influenza A viruses mutate genes

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010 15:46 AM |Pontianak (ANTARA News) - Influenza viruses type A as A5N1 and A1N1 predicted genes have been mutated so that it can grow in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, the temperature around 30 degrees celcius.

    Pontiac City Health Office Head, Multi Juto Bhatarendro, said Tuesday in Pontianak, Pontianak temperature like that any virus should be dead.
    If one can survive the possibility during the rainy season.

    "So the bird flu virus, swine flu, or SARS could emerge during the rainy season in December until April and usually in temperate countries," he said.

    Padjadjaran University alumnus was doubted if the city of Pontianak, the regions through which the Equator line with enough sunlight into the influenza A virus was developed.

    "It's a bit odd, there is a gene mutation or high mobilization of where the origins of these viruses," said Multi.

    Not only that, because growth is also closely associated with viral vectors would have also hooked up with neighborhood problems.

    "For example, if you got the flu and did not want to wear masks and not far away from the inhalation of course healthy people in healthy people will be infected," he said.

    For that purpose, Multi suggest to people to always cultivate healthy and clean life behavior.

    Since the discovery of cases of chickens died suddenly three weeks ago, there were six residents who stated suspect bird flu. However, the results of last inspection states, four were negative and two more bird flu tested positive for swine flu.

    Pontianak City Health Office, said the two patients who tested positive for swine flu is now recovered and is back home.