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    Dinkes Bantah Ada Keluarga Kena Flu Burung
    Thursday, 13 May 2010 21:15 Harian Bhirawa Jawa Timur

    Google translation:

    Taxable Family Denies There Health Bird Flu
    Thursday, 13 May 2010 21:15 Daily Bhirawa East Java

    Malang, Bhirawa
    The news about three people in one family affected by bird flu finally denied by the Chief Medical Officer Dr Hj Malang. Enny Sekar Rengganingati. Eni sekar told reporters, yesterday said the family had the initials of three people have been hospitalized HP (in the swab ed.) After an announcement from the Ministry of Health. However, the results were all negative.
    Earlier there was news that the HP family of three people (45) citizens of Malang, some time ago stated positive terekena A H5N1 or bird flu, after the "swab" and further investigation, but the result is negative. So Enny Sekar confirmed that the concerned is not affected by bird flu.
    It states, after the notification from the Ministry of Health, some time ago, the institute also conducts 'swab' at his family and the neighborhood, but none of the symptoms of family members even the birds fly, HP's current condition and healthy.
    Further, he said, in addition to 'swab' against the HP family, Health also works closely with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock to conduct a follow-up examination on HP's environment including the pet birds.
    But again affirmed Enny from assessments of the poultry and the environment around HP also did not reveal any symptoms that lead to the bird flu. Therefore he believes there is no bird flu in the city of Malang.
    Even so, it continues to pursue optimization of prevention by turning on the program "Sentinel Surveillance of Influenza Like Illness (ILI)" in the entire region of Malang city.
    Health centers scattered throughout the five sub-districts in Malang, there has been his ILI program, so residents who have symptoms of flu and sore throat did not recover within a few days would "diswab".
    Previously, HP's stated further positive Enny A H5N1 was, on February 23, 2010 HP's check into the nearest health clinic suffering from flu and sore throat.
    Because existing ILI program, HP "diswab" by health officials and the sample sent to a laboratory. A few days later the results submitted to the Health Service of Malang and tested positive for H5N1.
    After knowing the result is positive, Malang City Health Office address came to HP, but HP have moved from the address listed in the medical record of clinic. Although he has moved, the examination of the surroundings is still being done.
    Approximately 10 days after the announcement of the MOH, the HP came back to the clinic and check again, but with different complaints and illnesses. At that time, HP and his family "diswab" again and the sample sent to a laboratory in Surabaya and the results were negative, including his family.
    Currently, Enny said sekar HP and his family good health and the environment is also no problem. [Ants]