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Indonesia: H5N1 in poultry January 1- 7, 2010

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    Re: Indonesia: H5N1 in poultry January 1, 2010 +


    Virus Flu Burung Meluas
    Kamis, 07 Januari 2010 - 06:47 WIB

    Google translation:

    Bird Flu Virus Spreads (in South Lampung)
    Thursday, 07 Januari 2010 - 06:47 pm

    KALIANDA - Outbreaks of bird flu virus spread in South Lampung. Local farming office again to find cases of bird flu or avian influenza (AI) in the Village II, Village Tajimalela, District Kalianda, yesterday (6 / 1).

    Previously, this work unit to find a similar case in the Village II, Village Building, District Palas, on Saturday (2 / 1) and. Poultry disease caused by H5N1 virus in the village was declared positive Tajimalela and kill at least 44 chickens owned by the five heads of households (families), local.
    Chickens died suddenly it's known as many as 15 tails Bunyamin, Bahri (20), Amina (1), Jahidin (2), and Riduan (6). This bird flu is known as local residents reported the findings Bunyamin to Animal Husbandry Department (Disnak) Lamsel yesterday.

    Kadisnak Lamsel drh. Accompanied Kabid Khandri Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health drh. Great Kusmartuti admitted after getting information of chicken died suddenly, it took the quick movement by inspecting chickens died with a rapid test.

    ''The chickens that died suddenly positively infected by avian influenza virus. Currently, we have done spraying disinfectants and provide livestock extension so that the public understands the problem of bird flu and how to prevent it, "said Agung.

    Based on the record Disnak Lamsel, bird flu cases found in the same village, Tajimalela, in February 2008. A year ago''bird flu cases found in the village also Tajimalela. We have found another similar case,
    "he said.
    In fact, recent Disnak routinely spraying and counseling as well as providing vaccines against avian disinfectant owned by the community to address bird flu cases in Lamsel.

    ''This bird flu virus can be transmitted from outside the area by air. Moreover, the Village is Tajimalela Sumatra highway crossing (jalinsum) a lot out of the chicken from outside the area suspected of carrying the virus, "explained the Great who said the village Tajimalela no big chicken.
    Satker who handles the farm sector can expect people actively cope with the virus by team officials immediately contacted the rapid movement of bird flu that has been formed Disnak Lamsel if any signs of bird flu. ''With a report as soon as possible, we can take immediate measures countermeasures, "Agung said.

    Meanwhile, Bunyamin admitted surprised to learn his chickens died unnaturally. Chicken''I have 15 fish died suddenly. The chickens before death looked glum and eventually died on the spot. Not only that my chickens died suddenly, my neighbor is also a lot of chickens died suddenly, "said the claim was immediately reported the incident to Disnak Lamsel. (*)


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      Re: Indonesia: H5N1 in poultry January 1, 2010 +

      Tanah Bumbu, Satui Bird Flu Alert
      By: Gusti Wahyu Hidayat | 07-Jan-2010, 17:36:05 pm

      KabarIndonesia - Tanah Bumbu regency of South Kalimantan province, now need to be alert to the spread of the H5N1 virus or bird flu (avian influenza) especially in the area Satui district.

      This was confirmed by Endang asyudi, S.Pt. Kabid keswan, Kesmavet and agribusiness in the Department of Food Crops and Livestock Tanah Bumbu regency in contact via telephone.

      Tetanggal''5 January 2010, there were two poultry or livestock chickens found dead in the village of Lake River jl.Citra Wati, and the village of Mulia Makmur Jl. Printis, and has been in direct tests prove positive one bird flu, and this is the first case in the Land of Spices'', he said. We have already occurred''bird flu virus attacks in the city of nearly lethal Banjarbaru approximately two hundred pieces of chicken'', he added.

      Ditempat''discovery sempel events, approximately 100 meters there are domestic poultry abattoir, which pointed out the chicken stock in place of these cuts came from Banjarbaru, so that the virus was brought to''clear Satui Endang.

      As an initial action and the Office for Food Crops direct farm issued an appeal to residents and an inhaler memelalui village government to be shared and disseminated disseminated, to be alert to poultry animals and birds, because the districts, especially rural Satui River Lakes there are a lot of swallow's nests are in residential citizens.


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        Re: Indonesia: H5N1 in poultry January 1, 2010 +

        Beyond pointing Central Kalimantan South Kalimantan
        Thursday, January 7, 2010 | 17:25

        BANJARMASIN, THURSDAY - Vice Governor Kalteng allegations, Ahmad Diran related circulation bird flu virus occurred in the area because of chicken supplied from Kalimantan, animal husbandry department denied (Disnak) South Kalimantan.

        Even the livestock department chief Kalsel Maskamian Anjam Kalteng just pointed behind Blu birds because the virus that occurred in South Kalimantan because infected chickens from the Kapuas Central Kalimantan in December 2009 and mid.

        "It was December 18 last, there is a chicken from the Kapuas into positive bird flu here. At that time our area has not happened, but after the discovery of new happened in Pelaihari burning mass," explained Maskamian with high tone.

        After that discovery, the institute held directly to the farm operation breeder in South Kalimantan. From some quick tests done his part, there are birds that tested positive for bird flu.

        "Around 7 thousand of our chickens are mass burn. Because some have tested positive for the virus," he explained.


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          Re: Indonesia: H5N1 in poultry January 1, 2010 +

          I can't recall this ever being a problem tamiflu.

          From Post #11:
          In another part, until recently, health centers do not have Basarang Kapuas medical supplies to handle bird flu symptoms (Tami flu) infect humans, although local districts designated as H5N1 positive region the past two weeks.

          `` If there are symptoms of bird flu in patients given the drug yes paracetamol and vitamins, to reduce fever,''I am the Head of Puskesmas Basarang, Tilda Hj Nanjan through his deputy, Yusmiati, Tuesday (5 / 1) yesterday.

          Are there medicines droping Tami flu from the relevant office? He called, until now there has been no. Alternatively, if there are symptoms of severe H5N1 directly referred to hospitals in the Kapuas, for further treatment.
          I think this article addresses that concern....


          Toggletext translation:

          Dr. Ani: Tamiflu Sudah Lama in Distribute

          Kuala Kapuas Community Health Centre - the Dinas Kesehatan Side of the Kapuas Regency, claimed has old mendistribuskan Tamiflu medicine all through the community health centre that was spread in the Kapuas Regency. This acknowledgment in order to skims the existence peryataan if this Tamiflu has not still been distributed when the bird flu virus haunted this area.

          "For a long time has been distributed by us to the community health centre. The USA. Moreover since the middle of last 2009. The possibility of the person that mentioned if the Tamiflu medicine was not yet divided by the reason because he did not know the Tamiflu medicine like what," said Kadis Kesehatan Kapuas, Dr Ani Handaningroem was met diruang his work, on Wednesday (6/10/2010). 0).

          Said by Ani his close greeting, his side was not yet received the report from the community health centre if vurus bird flu attacked humankind. As far as this is concerned, the deadly virus that came from the poultry animal only attacked to the chicken.

          "It did not yet have the report if attacked kemanusia. He. Available only only rumours how come. If persedian flu medicine tami dipuskesmas was finished, then this medicine will be distributed by us came back, he said. Yes. "

          Like in learned, thousands of chickens died in several subdistricts in the Kapuas Regency, it was confirmed because of being infected by the bird flu virus (H5N1). This after sample the chicken organ died this was done by investigation and the testing to the laboratory vateriner Regional V.

          Sample orgam this chicken was taken from the chicken died in several subdistricts, like the Pulau Subdistrict of the Piece, Selat, Kapuas Timur, and Basarang. As for the number specimen that was taken was as many as 82 sample.

          The number of deaths of the nonpedigreed chicken suddenly from early December 2009 to January 3 2010 will be based on the report on the official of the field for the Basarang Subdistrict 3,909 tails, the Strait 560 tails, the Island of the Piece, 953 tails, Kapuas Hilir, 422 tails, Kapuas Timur 255 tails, Kapuas Murung 500 tails, and the Subdistrict Kapuas Kuala numbering totalling 16 tails. So the total of all the chickens died to 7 numbering subdistricts totalling 6,615 tails, explained Kadis Peternakan Kapuas, Ir Yansi Rani, yesterday. Marin.

          As for the action that was carried out by his side, said Yansi Rani, continued to carry out spraying disinfektan to several chicken coops. Whereas, the chicken that died was buried. Moreover, his side also more increased the supervision of the movement in and out of the poultry animal to this area. The supervision was also increased by us again, he said. Asked. (kzone/cbn)


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            Re: Indonesia: H5N1 in poultry January 1, 2010 +

            Also see Post #16

            Flu Burung Serang Unggas di Lampung Selatan
            Kamis, 7 Januari 2010 | 17:31 WIB

            Google translation:

            Bird Flu Birds Attack in South Lampung

            Thursday, January 7, 2010 | 17:31 pm

            KALIANDA - disease of bird flu in poultry attack Kalianda and Palas Subdistrict of South Lampung Regency in early 2010. As a result, dozens of birds in the two districts had died suddenly H5N1 virus.

            Thus explained Head of Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health Animal Husbandry Department of South Lampung Regency, Grand Kusmartuti, in Kalianda, Thursday (7 / 1).

            Dozens of dead birds in the village suddenly Kalianda Kalianda District and Village Buildings Sub Palas, positive contracted bird flu after tests conducted in the field, he said. "Accordingly, we have done spraying disinfectant and is currently in the process monotoring to anticipate the spread to other locations," he said.

            He mentioned the two districts that are livestock traffic areas so that once an attack is possible. "Cases of bird flu occurred in the same area in February 2009," he said.

            According to him, the socialization of bird flu prevention is already done many times, but residents still lack awareness. He again stated that at the beginning of 2010 have been two cases of bird flu in two different locations for a total of birds die mendatak reach 44 tail.

            "If there are birds suddenly died, we hope that citizens immediately report to be intensively treated before it spreads to other areas," he said. Based on data from the Department of Animal Husbandry of South Lampung Regency, during the years 2009 cases of bird flu reached the 23 cases resulted in 500 birds died suddenly. South Lampung regency is endemic areas of bird flu in the province of Lampung. (ant)


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              Re: Indonesia: H5N1 in poultry January 1, 2010 +


              Flu Burung, Puluhan Ayam Dimusnahkan
              7 Januari 2010

              Google translation:

              Bird Flu, Chicken Tens destroyed (Riau)
              January 7, 2010
              25 clicks Tell a Friend

              LUBUKDALAM (RP) - After the discovery of poultry owned by the Village District of New beehive Lubuk In the dead and tested positive for bird flu virus (H5N1), officers from the Department of Agriculture and Livestock (Distannakan) Lubuk In directly with local governments to take action to destroy dozens of cattle poultry in the vicinity of tersbut.

              Culling poultry conducted on Wednesday (6 / 1), located at RT 09 RW 2, Village 1 Village of New beehive (Desa Sialang Baru.)

              Known infected chickens positive for bird flu after tests conducted using rapid tests, and from the tool chicken samples showed the H5N1 virus.

              Previously, chickens belonging to one of the local residents Sudarno, for three consecutive days was found dead. Seeing strange death of chickens suddenly in three consecutive days as many as five tails, Sudarno immediately reported the incident to the Lubuk In Distannak. Getting the report, Distannakan right down to the field and

              check directly the cause of the incident. ''To ascertain whether the dead birds infected chicken bird flu, we conduct tests using a rapid test and found positive results of bird flu,''explained Chief UPTD Distannakan Lubuk In SSos Badari, Wednesday (6 / 1). (Wik)


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                Re: Indonesia: H5N1 in poultry January 1, 2010 +

                H5N1 bird flu spreads into seven districts : Central Investigation and Testing Veterinary

                Bahasa Indonesia original text below

                That H5N1 Virus Spreader Central Kalimantan to South Kalimantan

                Friday, January 8, 2010 | 08:04 WITADibaca

                Chickens infected with H5N1 virus should be isolated.

                BANJARMASIN, FRIDAY - There are accusations spread of bird flu in Central Kalimantan (Central Kalimantan) is derived from the supply of chicken from South Kalimantan (Kalimantan). Head of South Kalimantan Livestock, Maskamian Andjam spoke.

                In addition to denying, under Maskamian also blamed as a disseminator Kalteng H5NI virus (bird flu) in Banua. "Instead of spreading the Central Kalimantan to South Kalimantan virus. Because, positive chicken bird flu first time we have found comes from the Kapuas," he said in Banjarmasin, Thursday (7/1/2010).

                Chicken was found in Pelaihari, Tanahlaut on December 18, 2009. In response to that, the service commissioned officers and farm vet who had received training about the bird flu virus in International to handle the case.

                With rapid test equipment (test at once) for USD 150 thousand and change reaction pollinary worth USD 800 thousand, officers conducting searches directly into the chicken coop, chicken coop. "Based on tests conducted and officers combing, there is a positive and negative," he said.

                Chickens tested positive for bird flu found in five farms. To anticipate the spread, as many as 7 thousand chickens were burned. "A few days later, the Sungaijelai, Tanahlaut also found in chickens which died suddenly and tested positive for bird flu," said Maskamian.

                He also considered allegations were unfounded because the chicken from the South Kalimantan which it is supplied to Kateng have an average weight of 1.7 kilograms per cow. "This means that only healthy chickens that are able to have such weight," he said.

                Finally, continued Maskamian, found 11 chickens stricken with the virus was positive in the North and Guntungpayung Banjarbaru, Banjarbaru. Chicken is also directly burned. "We also continue to conduct surveillance of all poultry farms," he said.

                While South Kalimantan Governor Rudy Ariffin said there should not blame each other attitude in handling bird flu cases in South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan. "We do not know if the chicken in Central Kalimantan, was also hit by the virus had been sold to new South Kalimantan. Because of the distance and fast trading system is, so do not fit if only to blame," he said.

                Test Laboratory

                Contrary statements made Kabid Animal Husbandry Department of Health Hewam Kapuas, Central Kalimantan, Rudjito. He emphasized that H5NI virus in Central Kalimantan - the first time found in the Kapuas - comes from Pelaihari.

                "This is based on laboratory test results on samples of dead chickens by the Central Investigation and Testing Veterinary (BPPV) Banjarbaru. Based on information from the owner, the chicken came from Pelaihari," he said.

                When asked where the ranch owner to buy the chickens, said Rudjito not sure. "We'll explore, in which area," he said while expressing the spread of the H5N1 virus penetrated into the seven districts.

                Based monitoring BPost, the price of chicken in the Kapuas still normal. A chicken trader in the region Koyang Bridge, Jalan Mawar Kualakapuas, H Hamsani disclose the price of chicken meat was Rp 16 thousand per kilogram.

                (coi / ami)

                --- Original -> Bahasa Indonesia

                Justru Kalteng Penyebar Virus H5N1 ke Kalsel
                Jumat, 8 Januari 2010 | 08:04 WITADibaca 43

                Ayam terjangkit virus H5N1 harus diisolasi.

                BANJARMASIN, JUMAT - Ada tudingan penyebaran flu burung di Kalimantan Tengah (Kalteng) berasal dari pasokan ayam dari Kalimantan Selatan (Kalsel). Kepala Dinas Peternakan Kalsel, Maskamian Andjam angkat bicara.

                Selain menyangkal, Maskamian juga balik menuding Kalteng sebagai penyebar virus H5NI (flu burung) di Banua. "Justru Kalteng yang menyebarkan virus itu ke Kalsel. Karena, ayam positif flu burung yang kali pertama kami temukan berasal dari Kapuas," ucapnya di Banjarmasin, Kamis (7/1/2010).

                Ayam itu ditemukan di Pelaihari, Tanahlaut pada 18 Desember 2009. Menyikapi itu, dinas peternakan menugaskan petugas dan dokter hewan yang sudah mendapatkan pelatihan tentang virus flu burung secara Internasional menangani kasus itu.

                Dengan peralatan rapid tes (tes seketika) seharga Rp 150 ribu dan pollinary change reaction seharga Rp 800 ribu, petugas langsung melakukan penyisiran ke kandang ayam-kandang ayam. "Berdasar tes dan penyisiran yang dilakukan petugas, ada yang positif dan negatif," katanya.

                Ayam yang positif terkena flu burung ditemukan di lima peternakan. Untuk mengantisipasi penyebaran, sebanyak 7 ribu ayam dibakar. "Selang beberapa hari kemudian, di Sungaijelai, Tanahlaut juga ditemukan ayam yang mati mendadak dan positif terkena flu burung," ujar Maskamian.

                Dia juga menilai tudingan itu tidak beralasan karena ayam dari Kalsel yang dipasok ke Kateng itu rata-rata memiliki berat 1,7 kilogram per ekor. "Artinya, hanya ayam yang sehat yang mampu memiliki berat seperti itu," tegasnya.

                Terakhir, lanjut Maskamian, ditemukan 11 ayam yang positif terserang virus itu di Banjarbaru Utara dan Guntungpayung, Banjarbaru. Ayam tersebut juga langsung dibakar. "Kami juga terus melakukan pengawasan terhadap semua peternakan ayam," ucapnya.

                Sedangkan Gubernur Kalsel Rudy Ariffin mengatakan sebaiknya tidak ada sikap saling menyalahkan dalam penanganan kasus flu burung di Kalsel dan Kalteng. "Kita kan tidak tahu, kalau ayam di Kalteng itu juga sudah terkena virus dulu baru dijual ke Kalsel. Karena jarak dan sistem perdagangan yang cepat inilah, sehingga tidak pas kalau hanya menyalahkan," katanya.

                Uji Laboratorium

                Pernyataan sebaliknya dilontarkan Kabid Kesehatan Hewam Dinas Peternakan Kapuas, Kalteng, Rudjito. Dia menegaskan virus H5NI yang di Kalteng --kali pertama ditemukan di Kapuas-- berasal dari Pelaihari.

                "Ini berdasarkan hasil uji laboratorium terhadap sampel ayam mati oleh Balai Penyidikan dan Pengujian Veteriner (BPPV) Banjarbaru. Berdasar keterangan dari pemiliknya, ayam itu didatangkan dari Pelaihari," katanya.

                Saat ditanya tempat pemilik peternakan membeli ayam-ayam itu, Rudjito mengatakan belum bisa memastikan. "Nanti kami telusuri, di mana daerahnya," ujarnya sembari mengungkapkan penyebaran virus H5N1 juga merambah di tujuh kecamatan.

                Berdasar pantauan BPost, harga ayam di Kapuas masih normal. Seorang pedagang ayam di di kawasan Jembatan Koyang, Jalan Mawar Kualakapuas, H Hamsani mengungkapkan harga daging ayam masih Rp 16 ribu per kilogram.



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                  Re: Indonesia: H5N1 in poultry January 1, 2010 +

                  Friday, January 8, 2010
                  Residents Reject House Belatuk Walet

                  SAMARINDA. Dozens of residents who live in Jl Belatuk RT 30, 31 and 32, Sub-District Temindung Permai, North Samarinda deny the existence of six houses that swallow them up in the settlements. Residents worried about bird flu and dengue fever, due to dirty environment by swallow bird droppings.

                  "We reject the swiftlet houses because it was built in the middle of the settlement. Especially in our neighborhood school was also there, of the existence of swiftlet houses were very disturbing," said the local residents, Mujiono, told reporters on Thursday (7 / 1).

                  According Mujiono, in the neighborhood now filled with dirt swallow. Residents worry that dirty environment triggered the emergence of various diseases, such as bird flu and dengue fever.

                  He revealed, tons of dirt swallow, especially those on the swiftlet house was never cleaned. In addition to causing an unhealthy environment, swiftlet droppings are also concerned about residents can trigger the development of dengue fever mosquito.

                  "We've sent a letter to the municipal government objected Samarinda not issue permits for swiftlet houses in our neighborhood, but so far there has been no satisfactory response," said Mujiono.

                  Other residents, Datu Hamdhanie Hamid, said the region is Jl Belatuk Elementary School, Junior and Senior High School St. Francis Asissi. The existence of swiftlet houses also interfere with the process of learning and teaching in these schools. Hence, according to Hamdhanie, the school also objected to the presence of swiftlet houses are.

                  "How can kids learn to calm down, if you swallow bird droppings everywhere," said Hamdhanie.

                  Hamdhanie suggested that the authorities give permission and the owner of the swiftlet house obtained permission from the city to live in the area of Jl Belatuk, so they could feel themselves being swiftlet houses that disrupt the life of citizens.

                  Unfortunately the authorities who gave permission and the owner does not live in swiftlet Jl Belatuk, so that they can not feel the presence of interference from swiftlet houses it.

                  "Let them stay with us, they must have no taste, because it was disturbed by the presence of swiftlet houses are," said Hamdhanie.

                  Head of Public Relations and Protocol City Government of Samarinda, M Faisal, admitted municipal government had received a letter of protest from residents Belatuk Jl. The process of mediation between the residents and owners of swiftlet house plans implemented, Monday (11 / 1) or Tuesday (12 / 1) front.

                  According to Faisal, municipal government only issued a Building Permit (IMB) for the three houses on Jl Belatuk swiftlets and decided not issued new IMB.

                  "Even if there swiftlet house more than three, maybe the other is a modified old buildings," he said.

                  Expected from the mediation meeting was the best way out to overcome the residents protested the Belatuk Jl.

                  "The problem is there are people who agree there is a house in the neighborhood Jl swallow Belatuk, but they have a protest.'s Why municipal government issued a BMI over there," said Faisal. (Upi)



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                    Re: Indonesia: H5N1 in poultry January 1, 2010 +


                    What about making a map of Indonesia, plotting in H5N1 outbreaks in poultry ?


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                      Re: Indonesia: H5N1 in poultry January 1, 2010 +

                      Mass chicken deaths confirmed H5N1 positive

                      Kapuas, Central Kalimantan (Provinsi Kalimantan Tengah) ::: Mass chicken deaths confirmed H5N1 positive

                      Kuala Kapuas – Thousands of chickens confirmed to have died of bird flu H5N1 virus in Kabupaten Kapuas. Confirmation test to dead bird specimens, such as organ, serum and swab, was done by Veterinary Investigation and Diagnostic Center (BPPV) Regional V, Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan.

                      Total 82 specimens were collected from dead chickens in several sub-districts (kecamatan), i.e. Kecamatan Pulau Petak, Selat, Kapuas Timur and Basarang.

                      For Desa Batu Nidan, Kecamatan Basarang, 3 backyard chicken samples tested positive bird flu infection.

                      For Kuala Kapuas, 1 of broiler chicken samples tested positive bird flu infection.

                      Sudden deaths in chickens in Kuala Kapuas were started at beginning of December 2009 until 3 January 2010. Total chicken deaths in 7 sub-districts are 6,615 chickens. Numbers in detail according to sub-districts are: Kecamatan Basarang 3,909, Selat 360, Petak 953, Kapuas Hilir 422, Kapuas timur 255, Kapuas Murung 500 and Kapuas Kuala 16 chickens.

                      So far, bird flu H5N1 virus only attack chickens in South Kalimantan. No bird to human virus transmission is reported.

                      Source: Indonesia local newspaper, Kapuas Zone.

             (4 Jan 2010) via (5 Jan 2010)

                      Outbreak is spreading

                      Update, with additional outbreaks as of 6 Jan from Indonesia national newspaper, Koran Tempo via Birflucorner

                      Until now (as of 6 Jan), numbers of dropped dead chickens and confirmed positive bird flu infection have reached 6,298 backyards and 1,353 broilers in Kabupaten Kapuas; 9,756 broilers in Kabupaten Pulang Pisang; and 29 broilers in Palangkaraya city.

                      ALSO posted as separate thread:


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                        Re: Indonesia: H5N1 in poultry January 1, 2010 +

                        Originally posted by Celvin11 View Post

                        What about making a map of Indonesia, plotting in H5N1 outbreaks in poultry ?
                        great idea!


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                          Re: Indonesia: H5N1 in poultry January 1, 2010 +

                          Please make a new thread for each outbreak to provide clarity on the forum.

                          This thread is now closed.

                          Thanks everyone!