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Indonesia, Riau: undiagnosed illness

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  • Indonesia, Riau: undiagnosed illness

    Pulau Bulan, Riau ::: People develop illness.

    May 10, 2009

    Pulau Bulan, Riau – Number of people in Pulau Air, Kecamatan Bulang, Batam developed illness. Pulau air is an island nearby Pulau Bulan where a pig farm of PT Indo Tirta Suaka (ITS) is located. People are reported to have sudden illness accompanied with high fever and nausea. Until now the cause of the illness is uncertain. People have gone to local public health to get medical help.

    Head of the neighborhood RT 01 Pulau Air, Amri said his people developed high fever within these days. Amri admitted that he also had fever which he never experienced before. “We worry because many people, especially children are developing fever”, said Amri.

    He mentioned that people often complaining about swine flu issues which had killed hundreds of people in Mexico and other countries. “Besides worrying about possibility of swine flu infection, people also disturbed by the smell of the pig farm in Pulau Bulan”, added Amri.

    The same issue also stated by head of neighborhood RT 02 Pulau Seraya, Kelurahan Batulenggong, Kecamatan Bulan, Ibrahim. He said his people are starting to have high fever. “Until now two-three households reported fever. We have brought them to local public health center”, said Ibrahim.

    Authority of Kecamatan Bulang, Ruslan confirmed that he received several reports from chieftains about the illness developed by people in Kecamatan Bulang.

    Source: Indonesia local newspaper, Sijori Mandiri.

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