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Dengue fever in Indonesia; July 2007 - Feb 25, 2009+

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  • Dengue fever in Indonesia; July 2007 - Feb 25, 2009+

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top width="100%">Last Updated 24/07/2007, 21:36:42
    </TD><TD vAlign=top noWrap></TD><TD vAlign=top noWrap>
    </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>Dengue fever death toll hits 1,101 in Indonesia<!-- noindex -->

    <!-- endnoindex -->Authorities in Indonesida say dengue fever has claimed 1,101 lives this year, only just short of the total for all of last year.

    The Health Ministry's spokeswoman says dengue continues to kill people because there is a lack of knowledge about the potentially fatal virus.

    The spokeswoman says decentralisation of Indonesia's political system has also contributed to the spike in deaths, which has occurred in spite of programmes to fight the mosquito-borne virus.

    Figures from the ministry showed that by Monday, 1,101 of more than 102-thousand dengue victims had died.

    The health ministry recorded 1,196 dengue deaths for all of 2006.

    Authorities say fumigation programmes in affected areas is continuing, but weak coordination with the regional administrations who oversee them since decentralisation has made it difficult to control the disease.<!-- PRINT_CONTENT_END -->

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    Re: Dengue fever death toll hits 1,101 in Indonesia

    Previous thread here: Dengue in Indonesia
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      Re: Dengue fever death toll hits 1,101 in Indonesia

      Dengue Fever Cases in Indonesia Soaring

      By The Associated Press

      July 26, 2007

      Indonesia is o*n course for some 200,000 dengue fever infections this year, twice last year's total, a top health official said Thursday, adding the jump may be in part due to global warming.

      The country has so far this year logged over 100,000 cases of the mosquito-borne disease—1,100 of them fatal, said a senior Health Ministry official, Nyoman Kandun. Last year, there were 114,000 recorded cases, with 1,100 fatalities, he said.

      Dengue, which is endemic in Southeast Asia, causes joint pain, high fevers, nausea and rashes. In severe cases, it results in internal bleeding and death.

      Kandun said rising temperatures due to global warming had allowed mosquitoes to thrive in high altitude areas previously too cold for them. He said this may have accounted for increased cases of dengue in elevated areas in west Java.

      "But this global warming correlation needs to be proven through scientific research," he said.

      Health officials say the best way to halt the spread of the disease is to stop mosquitoes from breeding by clearing up junk from neighborhoods. The insects can breed in tiny pools of water found in flower pots, discarded bottles or cans, or old tires.

      The World Health Organization has warned that Southeast Asia may be heading for a major dengue outbreak, as the disease has arrived earlier than usual and already caused hundreds of deaths in the region.

      Dengue is now endemic in at least 100 countries. About 40 percent of the world's population, or about 2.5 billion people, are at risk throughout the tropics and subtropics, the World Health Organization said.

      Although intense efforts are under way to develop a vaccine, there currently is no vaccine to prevent dengue nor are there any effective antiviral drugs to treat the disease.
      “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
      Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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        Re: Dengue fever death toll hits 1,101 in Indonesia

        [I guess this is where all future DBD articles will go?]

        of 56 kelurahan in endemis depok dbd

        depok, 22 agustus 2007 11 : 16
        Of 56 from 63 kelurahan (88 persen) in the city berstatus depok-blooded fever endemis dengue (dbd), illness karena that ditularkan mosquitoes " aegypti aedes " the attack the territory for three years berturut-turut.

        The field of deterrent head, pemberantasan disease and penyehatan lingkungan kesehatan dinas (dinkes) depok city, noerzamanti lies karmawati, rabu say, endemis province this year's dbd in city province more current depok compared to last year's.

        " last year only 49 kelurahan, this seconds became 56 kelurahan, " he said.

        It say, province criterion dbd endemis, cover three factors yakni three years berturut-turut there are the case, jentik free figures-blooded fever less from 20 persen, and ditemukan adult mosquitoes.

        According to him, dinkes data depok city, in last a month there is 95 dbd case and a people who diantaranya died world.

        It also spoke of this year total dbd case also rose compared year 2006.


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          Re: Dengue fever death toll hits 1,101 in Indonesia

          hat-tip bgw in MT:
          Lhokseumawe is in Ache.

          DBD Continues (to) Threaten Residents of the City

          LHOKSEUMAWE - the Illness of dengue fever (DBD) was reported continued to threaten the life of the inhabitants Lhokseumawe. The proof is, up until yesterday dozens of residents were stated positive and could be treated in various hospitals. The official of the local health was accused of being slow handled him.

          Section Head Kesehatan Lhokseumawe went through Kasubdin Penyehatan Lingkungan and the Prevention of the Rosmaniar Illness to the Veranda on Monday (8/10) denied his side not all that the response to deal with this illness. According to him, since the beginning now continued to be carried out by various prevention efforts. Even, from January to last Monday was recorded by 154 cases that took part in being handled by him. From the number, three including dying.

          “Till yesterday belasan {numbers from 11 to 19 similar to the "teens" in English})the person was undergoing the maintenance in various private hospitals and puskesmas,” Rosmaniar words. According to Rosmaniar, approximately 90 personnel of the health of the official of the service continued to orbit various subdistricts and pustu for checked pasian DBD. Laporan on the entry pasian (patient) just DBD continued to be reported, like last Monday, there were three patients just entered rumah (space, public building, in this case hospital) was sick, two were treated in RS PMI as well as his one again in the Jasmine
          Rosmaniar denied the existence of charges that Kadis Kesehatan did not care about the case of DBD. Yesterday, he said, descended two teams did fogging to villages that were regarded as serious. “At the discretion of his assessor, who was important Allah saw and knew the sincerity (of) officials,,” Rosmaniar words.

          While information in the Bunga Melati Hospital, Keude Aceh Lhokseumawe, in two days later received four patients. The four casualties DBD that was undergoing the maintenance in RS Bunga Melati Keude Aceh, respectively Muliana (27), the Tambon Tunong Village, Kecamatan Dewantara, Abdul Malik (11) the Blang Pulo Kecamatan Muara Satu Village, and Agustiar (19) villagers Keude Krueng Geukueh Kecamatan Dewantara. Whereas other M. Yusuf (40) villagers Cot Trieng, he experienced the illness of the malarial fever that also was treated for the last two days.

          A nurse in RS Bunga Melati to the Veranda, on Monday (8/10) confirmed, in two months later belasan pasian dengue fever and malaria were treated in this hospital. Each patient who entered the hospital, in general was treated 3-7. Three among them that still in the maintenance was seen limp above ranjang. (ib)


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            Re: Dengue fever death toll hits 1,101 in Indonesia

            DBD Again threatened the Resident DKI
            on Thursday, 11/10/2007

            Jakarta PUSAT (SINDO) – Dinas Kesehatan Special Capital District OF Jakarta reminded the resident would the brightness of the Danguage Dengue Fever illness (DBD) followed the height of the rainfall this October.

            At first, the proliferation of mosquitoes aedes aigepty this was estimated happened after lebaran.DBD was infectious diseases that tended to increase every year in the Special Capital District of Jakarta.
            He suggested, to anticipate the occurrence of the increase in the case before the spread, his side monitored the case tightly through the system surveilans active the hospital, the co-ordination with all the hospital to penatalaksanaan the DBD case, increased efforts penggerakkan the community to carry out the PSN DBD activity by means of 3 M. (drained, closed, and buried).

            Moreover, continued Sukijat, his side also opened the information service and the health support 24 hours, through the telephone set (021) 348 35118 and the community health centre service 24 hours.

            The Dinas Kesehatan data showed the DBD case the period of the year 2003-2007 will experience the increase in the case in Oktober.Bulan beforehand the increase in the DBD case happened so as to result in the fall of fatalities.
            The number of DBD sufferers last April achieved 5113 cases.
            Gradually experienced the decline until achieving 945 cases.
            “Sejak this October 1-10 just had 159 cases, where ratarata reached 906 kasus,” said Sukijat at length.
            Anticipated the increase in this DBD case, Sukijat said will carry out fumigation (fogging) when minimal had two people that suffered hot high and feverish, as well as was found often pinched mosquitoes aedes aegypti in his environment.
            Not only that, in the program 100 work days of Special Capital District of Jakarta Governor, Pemprov will distribute the free card pinched and DBD for all the community Jakarta.Kartu this will be installed disetiap the house to supervise the existence of the area that was indicated by the spreading danger of mosquitoes aedes aegepty this.
            Dinkes, continued he, also did abatesasi every time three months very much where the cadres Jumantik (juru the observer pinched) that distributed to the resident.

            In the meantime, the Hospital of Fatmawati Southern Jakarta will admit to not yet receiving information concerning the estimate of the increase in the case this coming October.
            Till at this time RS Fatmawati was still treating 14 patients DBD. Jumlah Tersebut it was thought really descended compared with the week beforehand that reached 20 patients perhari.Staf RS Fatmawati Ina public relations said this decline will possibly continue to happen through to post-Lebaran later.
            “Sejauh this we did not yet receive information about the increase in the DBD case, but we were still continuing to be on the alert by activating the alert team kami,” clear Ina this morning struck 09,00 WIB. Not Only that, RS Fatmawati also prepared blood trombosit in order to anticipates the jump of the patient DBD tersebut.Program abatesasi also was carried out in the hospital environment to anticipate the spread of mosquitoes aedes aegepty in this RS.
            Faced the Idul Fitri holiday this year, RS Fatmawati also alerted his medical team for 24 hours was full anticipated the incident was not expected.


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              Re: Dengue fever death toll hits 1,101 in Indonesia

              Dinkes Imbau Perkantoran Di-fogging
              on Tuesday, 16/10/2007
              Section Head Kesehatan (Dinkes) Special Capital District of Jakarta Wibowo Sukijat appealed to the building manager so that did fogging before the activity of the office complex took place.
              Not only that, the Jakarta resident was also asked to carry out the movement 3 M., that is drained, closed, and accumulated for this Lebaran holiday.
              Jakarta PUSAT (SINDO) –Anjuran that, according to Wibowo, related anticipation of the increase in the case of dengue fever dangue (DBD) this month.
              To be able to detect this DBD case, Dinkes Special Capital District OF Jakarta mobilised the official of the observer pinched (jumantik) in each district.
              ’’Seusai the holiday later, we at once met the resident in order to controls the implementation of the eradication of the nest nyamuk,” he said to SINDO struck 08,30 WIB, this morning.
              In the meantime, in the Public Hospital (RSU) Fatmawati, Southern Jakarta, the sufferer DBD still under the standard.
              Through to last night, the number of DBD patients in Fatmawati totalling 17 people.
              The head of Duty Manager RS Fatmawati Suparmi stated, Southern Jakarta was still being safe from the DBD attack.



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                Re: Dengue fever hits Indonesia

                Hospital braces for dengue outbreak

                JAKARTA: As Jakarta enters the rainy season, Fatmawati Hospital in South Jakarta is bracing for an influx of dengue fever patients, the hospital's spokesman said Saturday.

                The hospital has treated an increased number of dengue patients during the past two weeks, Atom Kadam said, adding that 15 people were currently being treated for the virus at the hospital.

                Dengue fever is caused by Aedes Agepty mosquito bites.

                Atom said 150 extra beds had been prepared at the hospital in anticipation of a new dengue outbreak.

                "We will also increase the number of doctors and paramedics on hand if more dengue patients start coming in," he said.

                After massive floods hit the capital in February, Fatmawati Hospital treated at least 180 patients for dengue fever. --JP

                “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
                Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                  Re: Dengue fever death toll hits 1,101 in Indonesia

                  - snip -

                  2007, the DBD Case in Tulungagung increased 100%

                  okezone - 2007-10-30


                  The Number Of cases of dengue fever dengue fever (DBD) late 2007 in the Tulungagung Regency apparently was not controlled again.

                  Was based on the Tulungagung data of the health service the increase in the case figure of 100 percent compared to 2006 happened.

                  “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
                  Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                    Re: Dengue fever death toll hits 1,101 in Indonesia

                    As the rain starts to fall, dengue outbreak expected

                    The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

                    With the arrival of the rainy season, hospitals are preparing for a fresh outbreak of dengue fever in the capital.

                    Hospitals across the city expect the number of dengue patients to rise gradually throughout the month.

                    Zuraidah, the spokeswoman for Central Jakarta's Tarakan Hospital, said Monday additional portable beds, infusion poles and medicines had been prepared in anticipation for the potential outbreak.

                    "If the measures we have taken are not enough, we will ask for more supplies from the Health Agency, who will also help us find more doctors if we need them," Zuraidah said.

                    Zuraidah said Tarakan Hospital usually had the capacity to treat 200 dengue fever patients at any one time, but with the additional beds it had prepared it would be able to treat more than 400 people at a time.

                    Some 14 patients were being treated for dengue fever at the hospital on Monday.

                    Fatmawati Hospital in South Jakarta has also made preparations in anticipation of another dengue fever outbreak in the city.

                    Hospital spokesman Atom Kadam told The Jakarta Post his team had recently hired more health-care professionals and prepared additional rooms and portable beds.

                    "We will be able to accommodate up to 150 dengue fever patients per day," said Atom, adding that 20 patients were being treated at Fatmawati Hospital for dengue fever on Monday.

                    Both hospitals reported a decline in the number of dengue fever patients they treated in October compared to previous months, but expect the number of cases to steadily rise over the coming months.

                    It is expected the highest number of cases will be reported between January and May next year.

                    Head of the health promotion division at the city's Health Agency, Feurah Dihan, said dengue fever cases were minimal in October due to the fact the rainy season was yet to start.

                    According to data from the Health Agency, dengue fever cases traditionally increase in number at the beginning of the rainy season each year.

                    The number of cases increase as the rainy season progresses, the agency said, with the number of cases starting to decline in May as the dry season commences.

                    "The same pattern will occur every year if people ignore the preventive measures we've instructed them to take," Feurah said.

                    Among other preventative measures, she was referring to a government campaign advising the city's residents to minimize places where mosquitoes can breed.

                    Dengue fever is spread by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. As mosquitoes breed in water, Feurah said Jakartans should ensure not too much water is lying around their homes.

                    The highest number of dengue fever cases reported in the capital this year was in April, with 5,133 cases recorded.

                    Between January and October this year, the city recorded 29,772 cases of dengue fever, with 81 deaths. (wda)

                    “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
                    Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                      Re: Dengue fever death toll hits 1,101 in Indonesia

                      Note: Dinkes = Health Service; DBD = Dengue Fever

                      The Rain season - Dinkes: guard against DBD and Bird Flu

                      Banda Lampung (Lampost): the Health Service of the Lampung Province ask for to the area of the regency and the city as well as the community to anticipate spread him the plague of dengue fever (DBD) and bird flu entered this rainy season.

                      Kasubdin Pemberantasan of the Prevention of the Illness and Lingkungan Sanitation (P3PL), the Kesehatan Service of the Lampung Province, Diah Iskraeni, on Wednesday (14-11) two plagues of this illness must be anticipated by the community because his spreading will increase in the rain season.

                      It was for that purpose, we have made the circular to the regency side and the city as well as the community carry out the step in anticipation faced the rain season that will come as is now the case, said Diah.

                      For the dengue fever illness, according to him, indeed from May to November the very significant decline happened.

                      Moreover since May this, the condition for the extraordinary incident (KLB) that happened in Banda Lampung and Metro has been pulled out because of the occurrence of the decline in the figure of the number of sufferers.

                      Was based on the available note in the Kesehatan Service, the number of dengue fever sufferers in the Lampung Province in January achieved the figure 1125 people with seven died.

                      In February increased to 1479 patients with two people died, in March 575 patients and five people died, in April totalling 332 patients and four people died, and in May totalling 194 patients and not there are those that died.

                      According to Diah, the figure of the dengue fever sufferer continued to descend that is in June totalling 162 patients, in July totalling 93 people, in August totalling 72 patients and one died, in September totalling 62 patients.

                      Afterwards was increased in October totalling 23 patients, three among them died and during this November just was gotten by four patients.
                      For the number of most sufferers was in Banda Lampung totalling 1970 with 15 to die.

                      Lampung was Utara (246 and one died), Lampung Tengah (524 and 2 died), Lampung Selatan (298 and two died), Lampung Barat (20), Tulang Bawang (118 sufferers), Tanggamus (309 sufferers), Metro (474 and two died), Lampung Timur (119 sufferers) and Way Kanan (43 sufferers and one died).

                      If being added up till at this time in the Lampung Province has been gotten by 4,121 affected people dengue fever, 22 including dying, said Diah.

                      - snip -

                      “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
                      Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                        Re: Dengue fever death toll hits 1,101 in Indonesia

                        On Sunday, November 18 2007 Waspadai Akhir and Early TahunSUMENEP-Dinas Kesehatan (Dinkes) Sumenep asked the community again was on the alert for the potential for the spreading of the illness of dengue fever dengue fever (DBD).As you know, this year end up to the beginning of next year entered the rain season.Was based on the data of years beforehand, the DBD case increased in December and January-March.Plt Kepala Dinkes Sumenep Dr S. Susianto explained, his side instructed all of his staffs and the community health centre rank in respectively the subdistrict to guard against penyabaran the case of DBD. "Kita did not want to have the extraordinary incident (KLB) DBD again."This also became the warning for all of the community's components, he said yesterday.The active role of the community to mengaktifikan again the movement of the eradication of the mosquitoes nest (PNS), he continued, was the exact solution and the form of early anticipation of the spreading of the DBD. Fogging case "(fumigation) that was ineffective."Because, mosquitoes that died only mature mosquitoes.While the nest and pinched (the child) mosquitoes could not die with only fumigation, obviously him.Susianto said, his side found 764 DBD cases that were spread in 146 villages/the district in 21 subdistricts in this year.The DBD figure highest happened in February to 150 cases.Then, in January with 124 cases and 120 cases in March."During this month just was detected by three cases of DBD. Kita guarding against the end and early" of the "year," he said.(yat)</PRE>



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                          Re: Dengue fever death toll hits 1,101 in Indonesia

                          Report from Mojekerto, Java

                          DBD = Dengue fever

                          129 villages Mojokerto Endemic, 18 Kediri residents DBD casualties

                          on Wednesday, on November 21 2007 Kediri - SURYA

                          Attacked the illness of dengue fever dengue fever (DBD) must be guarded against by the community.

                          Because, as happening in the Kediri Regency, during November had seven patients was treated in Amelia's Hospital; whereas a regency was since early the year recorded by 1,201 sufferers, and 18 people including dying.

                          As for in the Mojokerto Regency, 129 villages were maintained as endemic DBD. According to him, from 18 subdistricts in the Mojokerto Regency, only Trawas that was declared free DBD.

                          The data iperoleh Surya, on Tuesday (20/11), from Kabag Humas Regional Government Kediri Sigit Rahardjo, and Section Head Kesehatan of the Mojokerto Regency Dr Noer Widijantoro that was contacted was separated.

                          Sigit added, the diarrhoea attack must be also guarded against, because of being found by 21,283 cases in 37 community health centres, not yet including cases in private hospitals.

                          Dengue fever and diarrhoea often threatened the spirit if immediately did not receive help. Hopefully 18 died this was what was last in this year, he stressed.

                          The data in RS Amelia Pare, seven patients DBD there were children.
                          In part, Mohamad Roikwan, 5.5, from Gedangsewu, Pare; Eka Amelia, 6, from Mojokerep, Kecamatan Plemahan; Fenrisa, 2.5, from Fake, Kecamatan Puncu.
                          They began to improve, and to be able to come home, obviously Suprayitno, one of the officials of data collection in RS Amelia.

                          In Mojokerto, the team Dr Noer Widijantoro carried out the socialisation intensively about the prevention, the handling, and the eradication of the mosquitoes nest aedes aegypti to endemic villages of DBD. Dia added, for three successive years, many villagers were attacked by DBD.

                          In the Jatirejo impasse had 12 most serious DBD villages, following 11 villages in the Sooko Subdistrict and 10 villages in the Kutorejo Subdistrict.
                          Three subdistricts that needed the handling extra, he explained.


                          Sedangkan the diarrhoea sufferer who was recorded in RS Amelia Pare reached 54 people.

                          From this number this patient, 14 among them still was treated intensive.
                          Children's patients and these pre-schoolers were spread in the child's three spaces RS this private enterprise.

                          RSUD Pare was also flooded by the diarrhoea patient.
                          Last Sunday (18/11), for example, in a day of three pre-school sufferers came simultaneously.

                          They were Umi Nasidah, 10 months, from the Sekoto Village, Pare; Dewangga, 1.6 years, from Baron, Kabupaten Nganjuk, and Mohamad Rizki, 2 years. They were treated the child's space, Nusa Indah Space.

                          The body child I was hot, did not want to eat, and to vomit.
                          I has brought to the community health centre before in this hospital said NY Niswatin, 35, parents Umi, that accompanied the child both of them this in RSUD Pare.

                          “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
                          Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                            Re: Dengue fever in Indonesia; July 2007 +

                            Another report from Java

                            31 residents was attacked by DBD

                            Three of them left his world.

                            Magelang - the Spreading of the illness of dengue fever (DBD) made the resident Karangjati, Desa Wringinputih, of Kecamatan Borobudur, Kabupaten Magelang concerned.

                            During the last two months was recorded by 31 residents it was suspected was attacked by this illness, three including dying, namely Lala, 5, Tusmiharni, 26 and Yuliantoro, 12.

                            Kades Wringinputih Garto named the DBD case that infected some of his residents has worried. However handling efforts that were carried out by the government were not more maximal or kerkesan just sufficient.

                            That could be seen from fogging that was carried out in a manner not comprehensively in this village, he said in the complaint letter that was sent to Magelang Regent on Saturday (24/11).

                            Didanpingi Kadus Karangjati Muh Ahyar, he requested the local government and related sides could be more serious in handling the problem.Do not improve casualties again so as dissturb the activity of the resident.

                            Through this letter, definitely, we represented the resident expected the government to be able to carry out the concrete action so as to not fall casualties again, he said.

                            Mentioned most residents who it was suspected were attacked by DBD have recovered and were brought came home after being treated in the Borobudur Community Health Centre and the good hospital in Magelang and Jogjakarta.
                            Two casualties were still being treated in the hospital.

                            While Yuliantoro, last casualties who died beforehand were treated in the Borobudur Community Health Centre for four days and RSU Tidar Magelang 2 days.

                            Plt Kepala of the Pencegahan Field and the Eradication of infectious diseases (P3M) the Health Service of the Magelang Regency of Budi Suprastowo mentioned although casualties it was reported had the clinical sign like DBD, but still could not confirm because of not yet having the official letter from the hospital that handled the patient.

                            To anticipate the DBD spreading in the Borobudur territory, the local community health centre will open the health command post in the Karangjati Village.

                            Beforehand, also was carried out fogging (fumigation) in the environment around, including the school, the place of studying casualties.

                            According to him, the mutation of mosquitoes genetics as the vector happened penular the cause virus of DBD. Nyamuk did not only spread the virus after menginggit humankind that was infected by BDB. However female mosquitoes mature that laid eggs also was infected by this virus.


                            credits bgw in MT
                            “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
                            Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                              Re: Dengue fever in Indonesia; July 2007 +

                              Health Service Lokalised DBD Illness in Karangjati

                              Borobudur, CyberNews.

                              Section Head Kesehatan of the Magelang Regency, Dr Hendarto MKes, said, the illness of dengue fever dengue fever (DBD) in Karangjati, Wringinputih, Borobudur, has been localised by means of being held fogging (fumigation).

                              The aim fogging to interrupt the spreading of mosquitoes. If the spreading of mosquitoes only in a radius of 100 metre, then fumigation to fortify necessary until the radius 400 metre, he said, on Monday (26/11).

                              He warned fogging only killed mature mosquitoes then. So needed the awareness of the community to carry out the eradication of the mosquitoes nest (PSN) together by means of carrying out the movement 3 M. as well as maintained the cleanliness of the environment.

                              The Dinkes head expected the DBD case in Karangjati as the "import" illness from the other village.

                              Because the mobility of the resident of the village was high enough, so as to be susceptible to the spread of this illness. According to him, the Borobudur Subdistrict not including the endemic area of DBD. Because just very happened in this territory.

                              As for the Bandongan Subdistrict and Mertoyudan was stated as the endemic DBD area in the Magelang Regency.

                              “Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights – that must be our call to arms"
                              Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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