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Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

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    Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

    Sikri viral outbreak
    Sep 21, 11:11 pm

    Fatehpur Sikri: The villages of infectious diseases due to waterlogging and dirt are for quiet. Viral fevers house to house ex Cots. While malaria, coughs and colds scrum of patients can be seen. Despite Timardaron alleged that hospital medicine pharmaceutical market are written.
    Fatehpur Sikri Village Srsa from viral fever in the death of three innocent disturbances of concern among health team is constantly monitoring sick children. More than a hundred people are still in the grip of fever. Registration is sick. The Community Health Center in Fatehpur Sikri continue the registration of approximately 250 patients per day. These viral cough, cold look at the slides are created in addition to malaria. Last week a 'vivax' virus has been found.
    Fatehpur Sikri charge at CHC Medical Officer Dr. Dharmesh Srivastava, besides Dr. Piyush Agarwal II, while Dr. Gunender Kaur, Dr ML Verma and Dr Rahul contract posted. Team of five doctors and patients crowd while still persists. Patients and Timardaron alleges that despite appropriate drug for women CHC market are written on. The normal patients Piklin syrup, etc. Liproflokshsn is written to buy drugs from the market. According to local sources, as well as medicine women have been told to get good commission.
    Forward in the endeavor to secure the supply of drugs Kambineshn providers.

    A death from fever in Mdhula
    Sep 22, 12:00 am

    Reporter, Gbana: field Mdhula fever outbreak in the village is not taking seems to end. On Friday, a fever, and she swallowed. Doctors are calling his death to attack. Twenty-nine days in the village and Gbana fever death toll has reached 24 in number.
    Mdhula village postman postal Shashi 18 Virendra Singh's daughter died Friday morning. Massive outbreaks of fever in the village as well as getting the villagers fear is death. On the news of the death of a young woman in the village, a team of doctors examining patients who distributed drugs.
    MLA visited the village
    Regional MLA and former minister Dalveer Singh, a village in the afternoon, with a team of doctors sent to the district hospital visits. Former Minister of disease victims' families of the victims go home console. He Gbana getting in deaths from infectious diseases in the governance issue slap-dash is raised. The Principal Secretary Health, DG Health and provide better health services to hospitals and physicians and staff to provide adequate demand.

    His determination to reduce infant mortality
    Sep 21, 09:56 pm

    Saharanpur: whining will not be silenced. To protect the lives of little ones come forth with a thousand hands. Infant mortality rate of 54 per 1,000 children in the district on Friday on concerns a collective and historical figures resolved. The mortality rate in a year to get up to thirty percent target was ambitious. The resolution from the district administration, partner, religious, social organizations, politicians - even with the masses.
    Chance awakening initiative and in collaboration with UNICEF infant mortality goal of overcoming the brainstorm. Delhi Road at Oysis held responsible for all the people of the district were present in the program. To erase the stigma on the forehead of the district administrative officials, religious leaders, politicians and social organizations - their way to resolution. District Magistrate Ajay Kumar Singh in the second session of the program to overcome this problem, it drew a line. He is not going to benefit from head-banging on things past. The CMO in the program Jeda Ansari & District Programme Officer Dr Anupama Shandilya instructed. The action plan for the addition of these two which would require the cooperation of any government department or officer, he will take the initiative themselves. To achieve this ambitious goal, the various sections of society also sought support parallel. The floor will not shake hands without a hand.
    Commissioner Sudhir Kumar Srivastava said earlier this awareness campaign will move into the district. Assured of full support from the administrative level. He also has emotional appeal. That - in desperate need of policy intentions. Initiative and UNICEF chief guest MP Jagdish Rana, the awareness campaign to free the sacred vocal admired and pledged to cooperate. Town MLA Raghav Lakhanpal Sharma said the awareness on the mortality of newborn infants have shown sensitivity rather ambitious campaign in collaboration with UNICEF, the lap of the mother is not barren. He assured full cooperation. The first session of the Lamp Lighting MP Jagdish Rana, Commissioner Sudhir Srivastava, awareness initiatives as part of the National Head Madhava, Vishnu Tripathi, associate editor, editorial charge Manoj Jha, UNICEF Health Specialist Dr. Sanjay Pandey, CMO Jeda Ansari, IMA President Dr. Kaleem Ahmed, District Program Officer Anupama Shandilya initiated. Framework Programme presented by Anandmadhav. Bipul Chatterjee GM will conduct awareness initiatives.
    This is to save babies 'project'
    1. Deepio agenda will be chaired by the CMO.
    2. From Anganwadi project will include up hope.
    3. Pregnant women will be trained to give birth to children.
    4. 108 ambulances will use her reach the hospital before delivery.
    5. Pregnant women Khan - Pan will be taking care.

    Baby's death from fever, sister hospitalized
    Sep 21, 09:43 pm

    Gulavti, Bulandshahr: In malaria, typhoid is knocked out. Dulana town on the road to a family living in a heavily fever is gripping. Meerut a child had died in a hospital in the city with a fever, her own sister has been admitted to a private hospital.
    The town occupies Dulana road waiting Ahmed family members die of fever in the last few days have been. Ahmed wages are waiting for family living. His daughter Tnanjum (16) since one month was suffering from fever, which was being treated in a private hospital. The family Sarfraz, Shahnawaj, Tabassum, etc. also surrounded by fever. His condition worsened on Wednesday, which was taken for treatment Hapur. It has been referred to Meerut. Tabassum in the brain due to a fever last night she died in a hospital in Meerut.
    Tnnjum see her delicate condition of the deceased's older sister has been admitted to a local private hospital. Family Sarfraz, Shahnawaj etc. inquired into the blood, where typhoid and malaria have been reported.
    CHC Superintendent Dr. Rakesh Chandra says that the fever is not aware of their child's death case. He OPD these days, malaria, typhoid patients is loaded.

    6 of the same family sick with diarrhea
    Sep 21, 07:44 pm

    Jaswantnagar, Apr: Blri area of ​​the village Nagla Khandia Bauth vomiting diarrhea and fever due to house to house Cots have been covered. Diarrhea, vomiting, diarrhea 6 members of the same family since the town has been admitted to two private hospitals.
    Bihdi village nestled along the Yamuna in these three days, more than a dozen people have suffered from diarrhea. Balwant Singh Lodhi Rajput family Sonkli wife Ramvir Singh began an outbreak of diarrhea. Blri health center moved before them.
    Sheela Devi, wife of the family of God Singh Lodhi Somwati daughter Balwant Singh, Manisha wife Shanti Devi Lal, Girija Devi, wife and 3 year old Puran Singh, son Ishwari Prasad Raju Singh Lodhi, vomiting, diarrhea, also admitted to private hospitals providing treatment to begin Jaswantnagar happening. Sonkli physicians Cdhayin several bottles of glucose. Then went to his condition improved. Khandia rugged and dirt from the atmosphere of the village. The villagers said that the rising waters of the Yamuna and the accumulation of rain water in the village is spread infectious disease.
    Community health center in charge of Jaswantnagar Dr. Rakesh Kumar reported having diarrhea after Khandia village medical team has been dispatched.

    The expanded into infectious diseases in flood-hit areas
    Sep 21, 11:15 pm

    Faizabad vulnerable to flooding many villages have been spreading the infectious diseases. Khurpaka and strangle disease outbreaks in cattle has increased. Health department teams were active, but are vulnerable to diseases of cattle Pursa Most do not. Administration began to distribute to flood victims have kerosene and Palithin bag.
    Mouth disease in many cattle have already died. Although not officially confirmed the death of any person is or cattle. Farm workers' union says local leader Hrikesh Chauhan affected villages do not have families lentil vegetable. Rotten onions, salt water was victim. For food grains is expiring. Feed is not getting anywhere. Infectious diseases that are breaking become havoc. When it was raining heavily, the polythene bag and Kerasin desperately needed. Bread and salt is no longer needed or vegetable. Due to the outbreak of the disease has been less cow and buffalo milk.
    Diseases like diarrhea and jaundice due to polluted water spread rapidly. ADM Finance & Revenue JP Tewari claimed Friday that the 22 sick people have been tested. So far 468 people have been treated Badhpeedit areas. Tehsil area affected villages Ruduli doctor and medical team with ambulance Health Department's variance. Dasaratha memorial Tehsil Sadar area is subjected to the medical team camp. Areas are being distributed chlorine tablets.
    Village of Tehsil area under Ruduli Mrai Hrura diarrhea already spread in the village.

    11 people vomiting - diarrhea contracted
    Sep 21, 10:42 pm

    Balrampur: 11 people in the village Brhapara Singhpora and vomiting - are suffering from diarrhea. Six in critical condition were admitted to the community health center. The team reached the village health workers.
    Thursday evening in the village Brhapara Singhpora and vomiting - diarrhea disease has spread. Singhpora Mayawati (20), Snjila (35), Mjila (40), Nibre (40), Gudre (38), Budi (43), swollen (38), Brka (43), Budi (60) and Bhusali (10 ) is suffering from diarrhea. Mayawati, flatulent, Budi, the village head Ram Manohar Bhusali Brka and Community Health Center moved from its tractor trolley. Other people are treated by private physicians.
    Brhapara resident Jamil's son Hasrat Ullah (five) has also been admitted to CHC. Both villages extends horrific mess. Is Jljmav drains. Villages is full of mosquitoes. Dr. Arun Kumar said CHC Medical Officer in charge of Shivpura village of wells have been made sterile. Chlorine tablets and ORS packets were distributed. Diarrhea hospitalized victims out of danger. He Bvniapur village health team are blood samples. Samples will be known only after a report of how people in the village are suffering from the disease.

    After the death of the patient in nursing home rampage
    Sep 21, 11:17 pm

    Gorakhpur: Garg at Metropolitan Hospital rotunda injection after being angered by the death of 14-year-old family Alpana ruckus on Friday. The police later arrived the situation was under control.
    Kent Police Nandanagr Drghia the resident villain Paswan Alpana his daughter complained of breathlessness and cough cardiologist Dr. Navneet Jaipuria showed on Thursday. After the doctor examined the patient and injecting drug injection erecting said in written and nursing homes. Mr Paswan on Friday morning at ten o'clock arrived injection planting Garg Hospital. According to the advice of a doctor in a hospital assistant Peneedor injection. The girl's family fittingly was.
    Angry relatives after the death in hospital commotion started. See deteriorating situation of the hospital administration had called the police. Police arrived at the scene to be quiet case.
    Alpana In this case, the owner of the Baba Vijay Kumar Garg Hospital and physician Three Tahrir against the Kent police station and charged with death by negligence in treatment.
    Garg Hospital Rajiv Agarwal about the owner of the family of the patient Jaypuriar Dr. showed on Thursday. The doctor examined the patient. The families were told that the patient's condition is serious. Peneedor injected with drugs and erecting said. Alpana for planting kin injection on Friday brought to the hospital. Reaction injection from the patient's death. The hospital staff is fully trained and there was no fault on the part of the hospital.

    Death of a family of three girls panic
    Sep 21, 11:06 pm

    Kptanganj: Ward of the local town. Mestr group of 11 girls, killing a family of three unknown illness within 10 days from the ward to panic. Department of Health continues to be silent about it. According to information of the hamlet scavenger Nnku Thursday evening prayer of the 2-year-old daughter died of an unknown illness. While it is 8 years and 10 days prior to its big sister doll dream died 4 years and is a serious condition.

    Outbreak of diarrhea in Soura, a death
    Sep 21, 07:05 pm

    More than half a century, ill 0
    Mahoba, Office representative: Panwari block the Soura village is vulnerable to diarrhea these days. Consequently Kuldip died on Friday. More than fifty people are facing this village. Case of death from diarrhea is to deny it.
    Mahobkant region vulnerable to diarrhea in Soura village coming 5 year old son Kallu Kuldip died on Friday. Are told that he was ill several days. Many times after treatment could not be right. The 22-year-old village Matadin, Brjendra, Harishchandra (11), Rtiram (50), 7-year-old lamp, Munna Raja, Dhuram Sriwas, Mahendra, 22-year-old Indian, bubbly (14), India, Manoj, including more than half a century People in the grip of diarrhea. It has embarrassed the country. When the team of doctors that treated people arrive at the scene. Chief Medical Officer Dr. DK Mahur two days of receipt of that information is being sent to the village from the medical team. Is to deny the fact of death from diarrhea. Points out that poor hand pumps in the village. Filling water from village wells, whose water is contaminated and people are getting sick. They claim that doctors have been found to control the situation.

    Death of girl with fever, many sick
    Sep 21, 06:36 pm

    Ajitml / babarpur, Anpr: Simar Nagla village Panchayat rugged Jagnpur are spreading the disease. Half a century, people are sick with fever and mumps. The three-year-old girl died of mumps. Health Team has arrived in the village. The drug has been distributed to 70 families.
    In the past year Jagnpur quaint village about 11 children died due to illness. Not even a year ago, that once the disease has made its way into the village. Mumps three year old daughter of the big red romance died. Chaos after the death of a child in the village. Posted in village Hrdevi ANM immediately inform the health department said Yadav. Village health team led by Dr. PB Singh reached. Kapil village (4), Sarah (5), Ricky (16), Shivani (5), Sarah (3), fiction (10), Preeti (25), tonality (11), Anju (13) including a half-cent people ill, there are about 20 children. Health team has been camping. Health Education Officer Rajiv Tripathi, Dr. Sudhanshu Dixit, Dr PV Singh patients have checkup. Medicines are being distributed.
    Empire of Dirt in the village: The village has a population of 1300 is full of ****. If drains are swarming in front of the houses have been reduced to rubble. For drinking water problem. Quench the thirst of the people are living a hand pump. Handpump water is contaminated. 55-year-old said here Brijrani medicines are available in the village, neither the hospital nor the doctor, only applies ANM vaccines. Last year, his 10 year old grandson Abhishek bizarre disease went into the mouth of the period. Rural Bteshwar Dayal, Vinay Kumar, Shivvir Singh says that the cleaning staff, etc., do not clean the dirt in the village extends. Once again raising the possibility of repeating last year's story.
    Precaution measures: physician Dr. Sudhanshu Dikshit said that the way to avoid illness not Lie dew, and stale food, do not use bed nets.

    Fever and vomiting - diarrhea killed two
    Sep 21, 07:38 pm

    Hswa, Anpr: block area, dozens of people in the villages fever, upset with Ultidst. Hswa still two more people died in the village. The death of four people so far have been from fever and vomiting diarrhea.
    The 60-year-old village of Brsra Ultidst Sitawati died in hospital from a late night. The 12-year-old girl Priya Gupta Hswa village also died last night due to fever. AK Gupta said the sage deceased granddaughter fever was 6 days, which was being treated at a nearby State Ayurvedic hospital. When the situation was fragile even private hospital, where doctors told anemic. Whole body was pale from blood loss and died in hospital late at night. The older sister, 16-year-old Kim's condition is serious fever. In addition, 16-year lunar cycle of 15 days in the hamlet of Pasin is suffering from fever. It's a baby girl died from malaria. Also bearing Hswa year-old son in a Kausar, Trisha son of JA Mohalla Chaudharana fever. Dozens of patients still do not find relief from fever. Chetram village, Kamlesh pollen, Halim, Salim, Raju, KHELAWAN, Fulchandra said the district health department team again after dosing Most patients did not know CMO Dr. KL Verma said on Saturday Re: Team sent. Bindki fever in the village due to the Drbesabad brown line four-year-old daughter, died late Friday evening when carrying CHC. Fever, it was the last four-five days. The three-year-old Llti Asodhar Kandia village goddess had fever for three days. He died on Friday.

    Growing outbreak of viral fever
    Sep 22, 12:48 am

    Rampur. Viral fever outbreak in the rural sector, which is growing at government hospitals and private practitioners, patients crowd. Tanda two children, have died of fever in the rural panicky. The Department of Health's efforts are proving Nkafi.
    Tanda: city, including an outbreak of viral fever in the month. Community Health Center fever is increasing the number of victims. Occasionally until the condition has become such that no place left foot in CHC. Two children have died of fever in the parish and the parish Tandola Shad Mohammad Yousuf resident is resident Mohammad Shakib. Medical Superintendent Dr. Ramji Lal says that the weather changes in the number of patients with fever has dropped significantly. Each probe is provided fever sufferers. Now the situation is under control. The patient also come with private practitioners.
    Swar: Infectious diseases are flourishing in rural areas due to the shortage of physicians in rural CHCs are taking refuge in jholachap.
    Began to rain and changing weather patterns continues to infectious diseases. CHC patients are coming in superior numbers in the hundreds, many of them children and women's groups. CHC charge indukaant Verma said that two days there is a new patient. Smodia area, Rustmnagr, Cprra, Shivpuri, Kempur, Nrptnagr, Rjanagr, Mukrmpur, Lakhimpur, Imrtpur etc. Jolachhapon the village here is a gathering of the patients. Most are suffering from fever.

    Two deaths from diarrhea, many sick
    Sep 22, 01:01 am
    Snwadsutr, Tnbur: local area under the grip of diarrhea in Khanpur village, killing two teenagers. While many people are sick of it. The Department of Health has not yet spot on the team. Police Sndna area resident Ramu's 14-year-old daughter artisan village Brbn introduced last day was with his uncle Skrn resident Khanpur police station. He started vomiting, diarrhea relative to the previous day when the artist died while being taken to the hospital for treatment. The 13-year-old daughter Rinke Mahesh same village also died last night after vomiting diarrhea. The queen of the village, Saturn, Joginder, Atul, Renu, Ramdulare, Ram Lakhan, Ranjana, Chetram, Fine, Sonu, Anil, Brku, Shivani, Bindeshwar, Shivam, Poonam, Satish etc. are sick.

    Infectious disease death of a child, many sick
    Sep 21, 05:49 pm

    Snwadsutr Godacha, Rampur Mathura: Community Health Center Rampur Mathura last night in a 4-year-old boy died in the trauma center. Dozens of villages in the area, many children are sick. Wyler fever outbreak reported on Friday Nrayn and physician Dr KS Lakshmi Rai visited sick children reach the team distributed medicines. Last three days Bahadur Ganj, Abnapur, Goda Devariya Wyler's outbreak of fever. The four-year-old son Sameer Bahadur Ganj resident Gulams worse health Prijno her relatives in Lucknow Trauma Center where he was admitted last night he died. A team of two doctors on Friday arrived in the villages and distributed medicines. Advised to buy some drugs from outside. Bahadur Ganj JA 3 years, Mohammad Amir and a half years, Ayaj 3 months, Abbushad 7 years, father Ujefa 4 years, Mntsa 8 years, lived 5 years, including three dozen children Abnapur a dozen, remount Devariya three dozen children, fever, suffering from is.

    Fever of unknown mother - daughter, including three deaths
    Sep 22, 01:20 am

    Slkn / Ptvd (Sonebhadra): Rabrtsganj Sadar Block unknown fever in many villages has also caused mayhem. Gram Panchayat Belc eight people have died in seven days. Position that morning mother daughter during the evening crept in cheek. More than 12 people in the village are still serious. Despite deaths a week getting in villages of the district health department has been completely oblivious. However, the village doctor arrived on Friday in the city's private hospitals and treatment are to handle the task. Disease outbreaks and deaths due to it getting overtime people are migrating from the village.
    Gram Panchayat Belc havoc in the last few days of fever continues unknown. The villagers were treated in its own way. The morning of September 13, the wife of the village Rakesh Fulwatian (25) was killed. Careful not to death earlier that evening the family's three-year-old daughter also died Fulwatian. Mother - daughter after falling into the cheek of time series of death was unknown fever. Sunita, daughter of the flute player of Belc September 14 (14) were killed. Sunita's Fulmtian Sobnath the same day (75) also died. Tecomma Dnptian of September 15 (40) and Ctaini village resident Ram Kumar (50) died. Tecomma resident Santa alias Kanta (42), who died on September 16.
    The three-day series of deaths stood. Thursday morning Belc village resident Ramashis (28) died. After the death of eight people Belc, not Ctaini Tecomma and chaos in the region. Snicri of Tecomma with them (75), Atwria (65), Fulwa (50), two brothers from the same village Shivpugn (28) and Shivmurt (23), Sonny (32) and Big Red (30) are serious.
    So it is surprising that despite health departments to inform the team arrived at the scene. A private hospital in the city at about 11 am Friday Rabrtsganj Belc health team arrived.
    Sitting away from the village team
    Ram Lakhan said head Belc the disease, and the health team extends Tecomma and Ctaini Ruduli camp is sitting in the Gram Panchayat. Ruduli affected about three km away from the village. Due to the distance many patients could not participate in the health team.
    Go on to fever patient in coma
    Hospitals are led team arrived in the village, according to Dr. Girimonj Most patients suffer from fever. Those who died before she died in a coma after being broken. In such a situation, which is beyond the understanding of the fever. Will be known only after the investigation.
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      Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

      At least 102 apparent infectious disease deaths have been reported in this thread in the past week. This is in addition to the 32, mostly children, who died of encephalitis since last Sunday. ( ).

      Death of the young man with fever, CHC ransacked
      Sep 22, 09:11 pm

      The family members of the deceased pharmacist was charged with extortion and wrong that her condition deteriorated after injection.
      Village resident Hanuman Shyam Singh Yadav's son was a tractor driver. High fever on Thursday came, the family arrived at mid night with her Bitrganv CHC. Arun pharmacist allegedly found drunk Schan demanded five hundred bucks. Friday morning around 9am injection to let the urine to turn black and his condition began to deteriorate. Her family took her to a private hospital in the city, where the relief denied admitted to a private hospital in Lucknow. Where at least 10 died in the morning.
      Bitrganv bodies arrived at 3 p.m. close relatives and doctors and health workers in CHC Demolition started rushed kill. Saved by health workers fled inroads into shelters. Later Upjiladikari KP Singh, Medical Superintendent Dr. Ajay Maurya and extinguished convince people jammed the ouster inspector in charge. Upjiladikari said the body was sent to the autopsy. Stilted death lawsuit against the registered pharmacist accused will be found. Pharmacists would recommend action against the accused.

      Two deaths from fever
      Sep 22, 07:12 pm

      Mainpuri: Infectious diseases continue havoc. Two people died on Saturday with a fever. The Fever 90 victims have been admitted to the district hospital.
      Mekpur village police station area resident Bicwan Lokmanya Matadin son was suffering from fever for four days. His village was being treated by a doctor. Were brought to the district hospital where the benefits Matadin she died during treatment.
      Bhoganv news - according to the locality of the city last night Misrana resident innocent son Umacrn Sharma sudden acute fever and vomiting - diarrhea was reported. Family took him to the doctor and see the sight of innocent died.

      Scourge of infectious diseases, more than two dozen vulnerable
      Sep 22, 10:00 pm

      Ttia, Anpr. : The village is spread outbreaks of infectious diseases. Vulnerable to these diseases than three dozen people have arrived in the village. Public hospital doctors are missing, so the area Pubarh jholachap physicians. This is messing with people's lives.
      Pathana police in the village of infectious diseases are spread over several days. Haseena Begum in the village in its grip, little Goddess, Divine Brown, Sabir, Jabbar, Sakir Ali, Mintu goddess, Osman Ali, Zahid Ali Banu sky, moonlight, Hafiz Ali, Jai Singh, Sia Dulari, Mahmoud Ali, Ramadhar, happy , Monu, Moin, Nargis, Jummn, Guddn, Kallu Singh, Kaleem Khan, Nadeem Khan, Skeela Be, horse, Shamim, Aamir Khan, Afreen Banu, Naeem Khan, Ajmeri Banu, fond Khan, Sohil, including love goddess and Shubham people have contracted the disease. Suffer when they reach primary health center doctor to see disappear. Forced them to seek treatment from physicians facing jholachap. It is widespread resentment of villagers. Has increased the risk of spreading diseases. Private health deteriorated people are forced to the expensive treatment.

      Fever death of the aged, who died in shock Smdn
      Sep 22, 09:35 pm

      Kanpur Dehat, Office representative: Saturday Niranjanpur village died aged fever. Information on the village suffered the shock of his Smdn died. After the incident, the family of people crying - crying bad.
      Niranjanpur village Akbarpur police station area resident Lltu (75) had fever for the last two days. Saturday morning with a high fever and his condition worsened. Family members were preparing to go to the hospital, died in the meantime. Shanti Devi Lltu Smdn of event information (70) resident Srketpur Ghatampur police reached the house of his daughter Rose Vanshlal goddess wife. Household members were often unconscious screeching cries too often. Family moved away from her body and placed him, he also died in the meantime shock. Shanti Devi's son Vanshlal said deceased mother was staying at her home last several months. A week ago, the younger daughter went Nnki Krka's house. Relatives without incident to the police cremated the bodies.

      Fever and two deaths from diarrhea, panic
      Sep 22, 07:23 pm

      Sonbhadra: isolated places during 12 hours of the death of two of fever and diarrhea stirred. The woman in the station area Piprakhad Bbni died Saturday morning, and two of his sons was killed last Tuesday. Here Duddhi came for treatment to hospital on Friday district of innocent deaths.
      According to the representative of Asndih Bbni Piprakhad block Indravati Devi died Saturday morning diarrhea. Things are falling apart in the village of Indravati succumbing. Indravati tell that Tuesday's son Amar (4) and Amar Baba's death Hirashah from diarrhea. Indravati Vijay's husband is in critical condition. In the same family since the death of three people in a panic in the village.
      The village resident representative Duddhi Jorukhad Bhim Singh (8) death occurred Friday evening on the way to the district hospital. Bhim Singh went into a coma due to fever. His father was sent to the community health center, but doctors had referred him. Duddhi Inspector has come here in the grip of diarrhea. Ramsubg Inspector Yadav Friday evening to catch cot. The doctor put the police drip. It relieved them.
      Natal death of the victim
      Madhupur (Sonebhadra): Chatra block Panikp village pregnant Urmila (35) died on the way to Varanasi on Saturday. She died on way to Varanasi to Madhupur.
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        Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

        7 die of mystery fever, toll reaches 130
        TNN | Sep 23, 2012, 06.51AM IST

        KANPUR: Seven more died of mystery fever while one dengue death was reported in city here on Saturday. The death toll due to mystery fever crossed the mark of 130 in the past three weeks.Apart from deaths, three new dengue cases were also reported in the city. All the tests were resulted positive by the microbiology department of Ganesh Shanker Vidyarthi memorial medical college.

        Two among the three dengue patients are being treated at Lala Lajpat Rai hospital while one is admitted in Madhuraj nursing home.One swine flu patient was also detected by the GSVM microbiology department on Friday.Kirti (5), Neha (2), Afsha (9), Shivam (10) and Himanshu (11) died at the pediatric department of Lala Lajpat Rai hospital on Saturday. All these kids were showing the signs of viral fever, and symptoms of malaria.

        Two other deaths were also reported from mystery fever in the city among which one, Chote died at LLR emergency. Another patient, Rakesh died in a private hospital suffering from the same disease.Apart from the deaths, one more case of Japanese Encephalitis was also reported in the city who is being treated at LLR.
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          Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

          Jttari fever claimed another life
          Sep 24, 12:27 am

          Jttari (Aligarh): new settlement in the neighborhood of the town and took the life of a fever. Rage against the people's health department.
          35 year-old resident of Khan Abdul Jabbar Ismail colony son died of fever. Even before the 3 boys and a girl in town is dead. SP activists visiting the home of the deceased were identified. Praveen Chaudhari, Shahabuddin Khan, Aslam eat, Sadar Pappu, Ravi Kumar, Pppan Verma, Chaudhary Chaman, Sheru Verma, Deepak Kumar and SP activists were present at the health department.

          The death of two patients suffering diarrhea
          Sep 23, 09:43 pm

          News reporter, Allahabad: climate change and polluted drinking water to the people have become murderous. Several street jaundice, diarrhea, fever with diarrhea thin in the number of patients is rising. An increasing number of patients in the hospital, there are already admitted his condition remains critical. Saran hospital on Sunday suffering from diarrhea Sulemsrany Allapur the humor and charm of the killing.
          The number of victims is higher in those localities where the rain water is low. The infectious disease is spreading rapidly. Swruprani Nehru was treated at the hospital suffering from diarrhea, Sonam, Vinod, Vijay, Girish severe conditions. These are Miraptty. While pediatric hospitalization Betu Sarojini Naidu, Ayub, Raju, lotus are suffering from viral fever.

          Two girls killed, including fever
          Sep 23, 09:33 pm

          Ahurngabad (Bulandshahr). Outbreak of the deadly fever has not subsided name. Saturday night fever Pvsra Aguta area of ​​the village and killed an elderly are vulnerable. Earlier on Friday Jahangirabad area abhaipur village girl died of fever.
          Pvsra Sukpal resident was suffering from fever from Monday. The treatment was private practitioners in Bulandshahr. Died on Saturday. According to villagers suffering from more than a dozen people are running a fever. Primary health center in the village during the last six months has not posted any doctor. CMO has been complained several times, but has not yet deployed the villagers rage.
          The resident property abhaipur Jahangirabad Block area of ​​the village a week for four months Urvashi daughter was suffering from fever. Bulandshahr local doctor's family moved away, but she died on Friday evening. CHC Jahangirabad charge Jagdish Singh denied being aware of the girl's death.

          Labor colony spread bizarre fever, a death
          Sep 22, 06:53 pm

          Urai, July Rep: Rahia labor colony in the village near the industrial area of ​​bizarre fever spread. The same family has deteriorated to the people that they were unable to stand. Head of the family died in the absence of treatment. Someone reported to the police control room. Police officers arrived at the scene sick people rushed to the district hospital. So do not take the form of a strange fever epidemic health department team has started the distribution of the drug by the camp. The disease spread in colonies inhabited by the poor working class. They do not have enough money to make the city come and treat disease.
          Hamirpur district grams Prchha resident Jentr Singh remained with his family near Victory Steel Factory Workers wages kids sail Colony was staying in a room. Around the colony due to the outbreak of severe dirt and mosquitoes, the whole family was suffering from fever. All the conditions are not so bad that they were standing up. Saturday morning Jentr Singh died in the room. Wife and children because of illness was lying unconscious in the room. Stir colony living in the moment when it was discovered the other workers. After the cases were reported to the police control room. Lalan Singh, Additional Superintendent of Police arrived at the scene. Jentr Geeta Singh's wife, children Lvkush, Rukmini and Manmohan was taken to the district hospital. The Colony Kamala Devi and Shanti Devi was suffering from fever, he was admitted to the district hospital. The Department of Health is to find out what the disease is spread. The town of the same family in Mohalla Bgura Ramsri (65 years), Kiran (24 years), prayer (3 years), Hrithik, Sonali and Priyanka became ill with fever. All were brought to the district hospital.

          Two deaths from diarrhea, a dozen victims
          Sep 23, 08:48 pm

          Mirganj (Jaunpur): Brsti area Mushr Dinapur village settlement is vulnerable to diarrhea. Suffering of children and women killed and a dozen people are being treated at community health centers. Outbreak from contaminated drinking water, according to the doctor's.
          It will be recalled after a settlement was hit by a diarrhea. Victims Suggi (28) Hardcore little red a Saturday night and Karan (2) son Nanak died on Sunday morning, the emerald (27), Kalavati (30), Prameela (32), small red (33), Manju (28), the sun (2), Menhi (2), Pramod (25), Sachin Tendulkar (5) is very critical.
          According to Dr. Singh, people die from drinking the contaminated water. The people of the township clean - clean and drinking water are advised to boil.

          Death of girl with fever
          Sep 23, 06:30 pm

          Mainpuri: infectious diseases in the district round continues. On Sunday, he and the girl died of infectious diseases. In the district hospital fever, diarrhea, viral interesting day with three dozen patients Chaotic - Tafari resembled. Emergency shortage of Badon. Sudden rush of patients increased hospital healthcare personnel hand - bread were flowers.
          Lets show the months from July till 35 people, fever, diarrhea and viral death had feared. Devi Road City area resident parish ramratan Shashi's daughter came to a sudden fever. The family took her to the doctor where the private benefits denied moved the district hospital. The landing flown Pkeru his life.
          On Sunday, three dozen patients admitted to the district hospital bed shortages of here. Although the hospital's emergency system administration too tight - fit despite being forced to struggle health personnel to handle the situation. Hospital - a bed, three - three patients were forced to lie down.
          CMO Dr VK Gupta said that the hospital has separate wards for infectious patients. Occasionally the patient suddenly fall from the bed at the shift in the emergency ward patients are safe enough to go for bed.

          Diarrhea three real sisters, two dead
          Sep 23, 11:11 pm

          Unnao, city reporter: Tehsil bighapur Kushlpur The village has three real sisters diarrhea. The personal physician of an innocent child died here, while the other died in the district hospital. The third sister is being treated.
          Motilal resident of the village, three daughters Fragrance (4), funds (two years) and Mansi (half year) had diarrhea for three days. He continued to treat his personal physician. They close at 5 pm on Sunday evening Mansi died. The fragrance and funds father admitted to hospital late Sunday night around 10 pm District. Here night around 11 pm fragrance also died. Fund is being treated in hospital.

          And child deaths in Khothi
          Sep 23, 06:18 pm

          (Kushinagar): Local Development Block Gram Khothi unknown disease in a series of deaths of innocents is not taking it seems to end. On Saturday, a year after the death of mascara on Friday Happy Hour earthquake of unknown disease has been dissolved in cheek. Thus Khothi two innocents have died from the disease. Dozens of the children suffer.
          The Gram Sabha Hrdi Chhapra district, dozens of children affected by the disease are unknown. Saturday night here in Devipur hamlet Happy one year from the disease tot son died. Victims growth in 3 years, 7 years Shekhar, Himanshu 5 years, Mukesh 2 years, 8 years of endurance, Kiran etc.. No access to health authorities in rural indignation. The mother has to villagers spraying. Social service Vaidyanath Sahni together to console the families of the victims and to complete construction of the water tank and hand pumps India Mark administration is seeking to recover.

          Panchi village girl died of fever
          Sep 23, 11:49 pm

          Chandingr (Baghpat): Panchi village girl died due to a fever, while dozens of people are vulnerable to fever. The villagers have sought to grant a medical camp in the village of DM.
          Pachi's seven-year-old daughter Sajia resident Irfan was suffering from fever for a week. His family were undergoing treatment at a private doctor. Child died in the night due to high fever. Weeds covered the event in the village. Villagers reported that dozens of people are suffering from fever. Ayaan, Sajida, Asif, mercy, decrees, Savej etc. are vulnerable to fever. Alleged that doctors at health centers do not. So the villagers have private medical treatment. The villagers in the village by the medical officer of health camps is sought. CMO Dr. JP Sharma said that the treatment of the victims in the village will be sending a team of physicians.

          NCC camp viral fever, a dozen cadets sick
          Sep 23, 07:54 pm

          Urai, July Rep: Bohdpura running a dozen ten-day training camp at NCC cadets have come in the grip of fever. Not due to arrive in camp doctor Kadts had to district hospital for treatment.
          The ten-day training camp from September 20 NCC Bohdpura running. Also nearby district of District Six hundred cadet colleges are involved. Kanpur Battalion Captain came into camp on Saturday. Kadit three hours there to welcome them into the ground. Many cadets are done for the night. The Health Department is a doctor's appointment at the NCC camp but on Saturday there was not a doctor. The cadets did not get treatment early on. By morning, more than a dozen cadets health worsened when he had to district hospital for treatment. Gandhi in the cadets sick Rajaram college, Kalpi MSV's Mukesh Kumar Singh of SRP conch, GIC Sekpur elderly Vineet Kumar, Satyam Jiarvi Rath, Manish Yadav, Shailendra Yadav, Varun Kumar, SK Rajput, SRP conch and the lotus Kushwaha Mveedisi Rajababu comprised of conch. PK Sharma camp commander, Captain Devendra Prasad Yadav Kulshrestha and Kuldeep were brought to the sick cadets.

          Fever: Four and the Dam Broke
          Sep 23, 08:12 pm

          Kanpur Dehat, our representative dis fever within 24 hours, killing four people. In the past 23 days, 28 people have died from fever. Village - the village health team not arriving after disease outbreaks reported to the displeasure of the villagers.
          Maitha block Madarpur village last three days with a fever, Babloo (30) Ramdin son died during treatment on Sunday. Gurdhi Anpr Aunsar of Rajpur village elders said the three-day-fever sufferers Rjnesh wife Hemalatha (30) died during the treatment. Care of Rajpur village police Cunnu puffed Singh's son (35) had died of fever earthquake. The town occupies Shivli Pandeyhar village Snehi Ram's wife Munni (55), died on Sunday in Kanpur during treatment.
          In sanitation worker's withdrawal from place to place - a pile of dirt deposits and is the cause of illness Bjbjati drains. Akbarpur Block Ptari disease outbreak in the village of waterlogging and dirt. Jagdish, Pradeep, sonny, Sonu, Santram, Amit, Sumit, pinto, Santosh, Raju, including lamps and half a dozen people are in the grip of fever. Villagers alleged that village health team did not even notice. Puri said Dr. Shishir Ptari village Akbarpur in charge CHC disease was reported late Sunday, the health team patients being referred for treatment.

          Region hit by viral fever
          Sep 23, 08:56 pm

          Ileia (Chandauli) in various villages of the area who have been sick from viral fever. Doctors in public hospitals Park Nimahkimon no living people are forced to go to the shelter. Ktwan go out these days due to the weather changes, Bisunpurwan, Mnkpdha, Palpur, Brhua, Sadupur, Usri, suits, Rsian, saraya people in various villages are vulnerable to viral fever. Sorry to cut rural town and village doctors in primary health centers are not available. Government doctors lack of people trapped in the clutches of quack are losing money and health. Bisunpurwa village Gyan Prakash, Bangd Dwivedi, Draupadi Devi, Dilip Kumar, Prabhavati Devi, Arvind, said Meera Devi and health centers have no doctors and no medicine available. Therefore, they are forced to undergo forced treatment jholachap doctors. The people in the village drug perfusion and demanded the presence of doctors at health centers.

          In the absence of treatment, one killed
          Sep 23, 08:25 pm

          Stirred in the region. Sundays are quite disturbing for patient treatment. Area these days is bound with infectious diseases. In such a health center or doctor for treatment of patients' families living around wandered throughout the day.
          Lets show that Saturday evening suddenly SP MP dumplings Red Call your Lov - Duddhi with LeT had dashed at CHC. Dr. Pandey came to them during inspections leaders accused of exploiting people. Present at that gesture in favor of medical patient arrived at the hospital leaders was furious. See box furore erupted in the fitness center. Pediatrician briefed senior officials from the episode. He then took a week-long vacation on Sunday left for their village.
          What is their fault: lack of physicians in health center positioned facing a mere medical leave and vacation direct bearing on hospitalized patients had more than three dozen. Dudmunhen over a dozen of these are children. The pneumonia, diarrhea and fever complaints are being admitted to hospital treatment. Unknown fever has hit Jorukhad resident Premchand Yadav, daughter of eight months in the absence of treatment, died at the hospital gate. Goddess of the dawn of peace Dumhan recruitment at night when suddenly freaked him had to be admitted to a private hospital. Digul fainted under the grip of fever cops wife Sunita Laxman (30) for the treatment of family members seemed upset. Moreover, more than two hundred helpless and distressed treatment for most patients around were seen wandering. Saturday evening Rajkd resident Ramshayi (45) ate the toxic substance. Her family rushed to the health center. In the absence of a single doctor has been referred to the district hospital. Not be treated in the same way by the time she died. Also at the fitness center three days a week to recruit Manoj doctor had referred to the district hospital. Economic situation of not being well, he was undergoing treatment at the health center. She died on Sunday.

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            Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

            Gbana fever claimed another life
            Sep 25, 12:17 am

            Reporter, Gbana: fever malaria deaths in the town's name is not taking interruptive. Alam slight body to warm the children in the family is going to be shaken. Fever in Nagla Natha on Monday took the life of another girl. Dozens of people ill in the village. Health Department team is also cautious about it.
            Fever and malaria in the area noticed that many lives have been so far. It reached number five on Monday. Creditable Gbana Natha Nagla's self. The 14-year-old daughter Ms. Mukutlal Jatav. She was killed. According to the deceased's mother goddess Bggo three - four days of fever was coming. Charge on the death of Dr. Shashikant girls CHC patients catch up with the team came to the village and distributed them to test drugs. Getting in constant fear of the villagers have been deaths. Village people say that the health department and also need to be cautious. In order to eliminate the people panic.

            12 new patient suffering from fever
            Sep 24, 03:54 am

            News Office, Bahraich: An outbreak of fever in the district is increasing. The hospital is constantly increasing as the number of patients. Balrogi are specifically recruited in large numbers every day.
            The twelve new Balrogi has admitted on Sunday. Begumpur of the Shorty Jlalpur Ramawati of Dargah, Nindura resident Shiva, Hdwa shelve resident Dinesh, Biseshwarganj Rmnagra resident Durgesh, Hrdi station area resident Khudki, Sun, pinto, Inder, Shivam, Jibrail and Khusnur were admitted. These are reported in critical condition. Dr KK Verma said pediatric patients are being recruited. Therapy is adequate. He also exercise caution with Timardar treatment effect of the drug soon. Weather-borne illness outbreaks has increased, he said. The number of patients is increasing.
            - Vinod Tiwari

            Two killed, including children with high fever
            Sep 25, 01:00 am

            Hardoi, a representative dis outbreak of viral fever is increasing. Sunday evening for 2 people including a child died during treatment at the district hospital. A dozen patients were admitted to the district hospital.
            Residents of the city police station Mohalla East Ngeta bowl (60) wife Chandra arrive 3 days before the fever was admitted to the district hospital. Sunday evening died during treatment. In addition, the city police station Kajipur Village resident Honey (2) Sunday Morning Fever district Sanu son was admitted to the hospital, he died too late in the evening. Also ऋsikant (40) son Munnu Lal resident Sandi Village Rsulpur station, Munni Devi (55) wife Shivpal resident Mohalla New Civil Lines, Shankar Lal (59) Native Village Pohkrpurwa Kotwali countryside, Bholu (10) Native Village Siromn son Mahendra Singh Nagar Police Shahabad, Indrpal (60) Native Village Byorapur police Baghauli, RR (45) Native Village Sikanderpur Behta Gokul, Sumit (12) son Satish Rholia Behta Gokul Village resident, Trnnu (18) Khalid Ahmed, a resident of Mohalla Batganj daughter, Julie (16) Kailash resident Lonar daughter, Savitri (70) Native Village Dokiya Pihani Ramdyal wife, Geeta (45) wife Semra Kumar resident village square, Sursa and Kiran (22) wife Ramamurthy native village Birahimpur Sursa high fever admitted at the district hospital The.


            So far 169 people breathed Thamin
            Sep 24, 09:57 pm

            Kanpur, City Reporter: fever sufferers nine people died on Monday. While one person died from diarrhea. The number of deaths from infectious diseases has reached 169.
            Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital (Halt) associated with hospitalized pediatric resident Mokhtar's four-year-old daughter Tanya rail market was suffering from a high fever. Died Sunday night at eight thirty. The 12-year-old resident Mohammad Salim Sabah Amrudha Bhognipur daughter was suffering from fever for four days. At two died late Sunday night. Suresh Kumar's eight-month-old girl sweetie resident of Unnao breath due to the fever broke. Isha Kulibajar resident Mohammed hallucinate eight days of the two-month-old girl died after being faced with fever and cramps. Ram Singh Yadav's son, 10-year-old resident of Banda Ranipur Shorty died Monday morning. Nyapurwa, the eight-year-old daughter Moni Harishankar Bithur resident also died due to high fever. Residents save Naubsta Halt the high fever was admitted to the emergency ward of Medicine. He died during treatment. Krnlganj of Baja resident died late Sunday night fever. According to the 48 year-old resident representative Ptara Ghatampur Jialal fever sufferers were taking the city on Monday kin. She died on the way. 46-year-old resident of the village of Kakori camp Vinod Kumar vomiting - diarrhea on Sunday night at the complaint was admitted. Diarrhea was confirmed by doctors. Died late last night at 3:20.
            Confirmed dengue
            Anand Awasthi Shivrajpur resident seven year-old son on September 17 Citransh Halt fever associated with the pediatric ward of four was admitted to hospital. At the Medical College of dengue have been confirmed in the investigation. So far, 11 patients have been confirmed as dengue.

            Fun in Beht fever is spreading
            Sep 24, 10:02 pm

            Beht (Saharanpur): the scourge of fever is not slowing down. PHC or CHC sector or private physician, people flocked hot fever is everywhere. CHC Beht arrived only a month, the number of patients suffering from fever has touched 800.
            Significantly, these days every year Beht region implicated in outbreaks of fever appears. Department of Health to control the name of the disease comes out of the confines of the health centers. The victim CHC, PHC access, giving them the same medicine department takes its duty. Town or village level for its prevention are not any concrete measures. The conclusion that life often leaves victims. Health department or the Gram Panchayat or Nagar Panchayat to avoid any of these mosquitoes in the village does not provide immunizations or spraying. No system in educational institutions is not to prevent the disease. Take the example of Misbahul Uloom seminary in Mirzapur. On Monday, three Talib - e - ilm hallucinate (15) resident Ngli, SRK (10) Dndolikedha, generous (12) Mirgdh fever suddenly ascended. 108 reported receiving health deteriorated quickly arrived and three seminaries took the district hospital.
            The hallmark of fever spread in the CHC is Beht know by looking at the data. About 800 patients a month with a fever just arrived. Physician in charge, Dr. Sushil Kumar says that 70 percent of those who arrive CHC patients are found to be suffering from fever. On Monday, the situation was such that CHC slip and in patients given the drug hit the windows - was getting killed.

            Fever claimed the life of a
            Sep 24, 09:55 pm

            Gangoh (Saharanpur): in the outbreak of fever has not subsided. In the last twenty-four hours of fever and died.
            Majra village resident bat fever after five Muzzammil family took Saharanpur. Died in much worse condition. Monday also dealing with the rush of patients seen at community health center physicians go down. More than a half thousand patients had their treatment. 80 patients were recruited. Drug delivery and to create slide - same window several times due to the worsening of the system. Two days to harass the people of the area have started to embrace the disease. Sachin upset by this disease, Rahman, Murtaza, dragged, said Shafiq and aching throat suddenly begins to be created. It can reach a condition that seems to be having some difficulty in swallowing and voice comes in heaviness. Community Health Center Dr Anwar Ansari charge when he sought information so that it has the effect of changing weather. The heat during the day and cold at night is mild. For this reason, the disease is causing the throat. The disease is mild fever sore. It is no need to panic.

            Diarrhea and fever admitted 15 new patients
            Sep 24, 10:02 pm

            - Infectious diseases continue to havoc
            Unnao, city reporter: the scourge of infectious diseases is constantly growing. District hospital and the number of patients is increasing day by day. On Monday, 15 new cases of fever and diarrhea were admitted to the district hospital. District hospital is littered with cases of fever and diarrhea.
            District hospital in the past four days, the number of patients is increasing fever and diarrhea. Monday Shivkant (25) Jawahar Kheda diarrhea and Akhilesh (12) Behta Devara Gangagat, Rampal (80), Bihar, lineage (8) TI Khera, Virendra (10) Behta Bawani, Ramsumer (45) Chandikedha, Sheeba (15) Hdha , Anuradha (40) Hindukedha, D (7) Manki, Shruti (17) Behta achalganj, Pushpendra (10) Behta bighapur, Rahul (15) Krovn, Ramsri (65), Bihar, Jagdish (62), Abinagr and Chandrakanti (70 ) resident Bara Sgvr high fever were admitted to the district hospital. Witness to the increasing number of patients in the district hospital that infectious diseases have once again spreading.

            Diarrhea fever admitted to 20, two children dead
            Sep 25, 12:09 am

            Varanasi: regional hospital on Monday, killing two children suffering from septicemia. The Golu (five years) stops and Gayatri (half year) Mao's inhabitants. Gayatri disease severity was in a coma. In addition, eight patients in the hospital suffering from diarrhea, fever-ridden 20 and was admitted.
            In the crowd thronging the OPD
            With the change of seasons guarded with OPD patients again on Monday. Approximately 25 patients were seen at the regional hospital. It made 1450 new patients registered at the counter. Pathalaji samples were examined for the 77 patients. More than 350 of them had to be investigated. The x-ray carried 75 people.
            Deendayalji had the Civil Hospital. Pathalaji remained pending in the samples examined from overload.

            Unknown illness, a death in the Medical College
            Sep 24, 06:35 pm

            (Kushinagar): block Nebua Naurngia Rajmncpra parish of the Gram Sabha raised two real sisters died of an unknown illness while the other sister is struggling with life and death in medical colleges. Villagers are afraid of the unknown disease.
            The parish resident Rampyare have three daughters. Eight-year-old line, six-year-old Poonam Sunday morning suddenly fainted. Family Health Center took Kotwa condition often worsens. Be referred to the district hospital doctors after primary treatment. Doctors often do not improve there would be referred to the Medical College. Said family line died at about 10 at night. Poonam treated while in medical school is running.
            Villagers here say that cleaning personnel stationed in the village ever comes to the village by the Health Department nor has ever been sprayed or Faging. Rural Satish Kushwaha, pinto, Rakesh, Chhedi Chauhan, Sugriva, Dhuri, RAM basis, Ramakant Kushwaha, candy offerings, Shorty and said that we forced to drink water from small hand pumps. Only one in the whole hamlet is Indiamarka handpumps.
            Dr. AK Gupta said medical Nebua Naurngia charge about it after seeing the report can be told what disease deaths. The village is in the team for drug delivery.

            Three killed in Tanda fever
            Sep 24, 11:36 pm

            Cpruli, (Baghpat). Due to changing weather outbreak of fever is growing too. Including four-year-old girl suffering from fever in Tanda village, killing three people. However, many people are in the grip of fever. The Department of Health has denied knowledge of the case.
            60-year-old son Murtaza Tanda village resident Abdul was suffering from fever for several days, was walking with the aid of the village doctor. In addition, 45-year-old son Qasim sky Dhanendra and four-year-old died of fever. The same day the three deaths in the village of chaos.
            However, many people in the village are suffering from fever. Village head man Irfan says that health authorities have been told many times, but still did not camp in the village being. Cpruli CHC superintendent Praveen Kumar is not aware of the case. If so, treatment will be given to patients by the camp.

            Two died from fever, half a dozen critical
            Sep 24, 09:16 pm

            - Rurua Fungal two dozen sick in the village, not even after the information reached the head doctor
            Auraiya, communicate formula: Monday Rurua Fungal Bhagyanagar block area in the village, killing two people come in the grip of fever. The village has about two dozen people in its grip. Many serious.
            According to village residents Raghuvar Dayal (30) son Budha red and Sobrn (45) son was capricious red fever for several days. Condition deteriorated on Monday morning for the treatment of both families were taking Etawah, but both died on the way. The village Pushpa Devi (35) wife Jaynendra Kumar, Gomti Devi (28) wife skills teens, Vimlesh, Tullibaj, illumination, Raj Kumari (35) wife Shyam Babu, affection, Anshu, Siabeti (30) wife Sarvesh Kumar, Water Goddess ( 40) wife Kunar Red, Sun, Rakhi, Sonu son Rajesh Kumar, Rajeshwari Devi, Vimala Devi, Lokendra Kumar, Renu Bala, Arzoo Devi, Ujiare red, Bina Devi, Kusuma Devi are vulnerable to infectious diseases. Villagers said that the first high fever stomach pain starts again. Village people in the hospital for treatment due to come Kkor is seven kilometers. Village head said AB Porwal fever occurred in the village of deaths from the Department of Health was given day, then the evening did not have health team Additional CMO Praveen Rayjada is reported to have said that the case was sent to the village health team.

            Fever: The death of innocent, district hospital built by 1400 Registration
            Sep 24, 09:09 pm

            Kanpur Dehat, our representative: Do not take the name of the fever subsided havoc on Monday, with the death of an innocent 24-day death toll in the district is 29. District Hospital OPD because of the crowd lined the outside and over the counter medications, while patients registered for treatment in 1400. These half-dozen critical patients have been admitted.
            According to the police Stty Ttarpur village of Rajpur Anpr fever sufferers Sonny Singh (3) treatment with PHC family arrived, before he died. Sita mother said her son had fever for two days. Meanwhile, on Monday at the district hospital patients Chaotic crowds - was an atmosphere of panic. Nearly 1,400 patients enrolled in OPD. These half dozen critical patients admitted doctors began treatment. OPD patients because of the crowd outside the cell and over the counter medications Timardaron patients and has had to line up for hours. Blood to the patient in the hospital by 4 pm on. CMS Dr. Rajendra Singh said the daily arrival of large numbers of patients, an arrangement was made.
            The village Akbarpur Block Ptari disease was reported by a team led by Dr. Shishirpuri Jagdish suffer fever, Pradeep, sonny, Sonu, Santram, Amit, Sumit, pinto, Santosh, Raju and two dozen lamps and Patients distributed the drug. The blood of patients with placards prepared. Dr. Puri said waterlogging and dirt in the village has been an outbreak of the disease, in this regard have been exposed to BDO.
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              Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

              7 more die of mystery fever
              TNN | Sep 25, 2012, 04.55AM IST

              KANPUR: Mystery fever claimed seven more lives in the city on Monday, taking the death toll attributable to the ailment to 150.

              However, even as the health authorities struggle to find the origins of the fever, they appear to have forgotten the cases of diarrhoea which are being reported in high numbers everyday from areas like Ompurwa, Bhananapurwa, Barra, and Mangala Vihar.

              Six children fell prey to diarrhoea in Ompurwa on Monday. Pokharpur locality has also witnessed five deaths due to diarrhoea in the past two weeks. Also, as many as 30 new cases of diarrhoea were reported from Bidhnoo and Sachendi blocks. This includes the villages of Itara, Devnipur, and Maswanpur, where health teams have paid visits but failed to provide a lasting solution.
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                Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                Virpura minnows of deaths
                Sep 25, 11:40 pm

                Gbana: Virpura local village people are constantly getting Thrraa deaths. In this village, who have ten days to seven deaths. On Tuesday, killing one woman.
                Kalyan Singh's wife Vidya Devi Virpura many days were ailing, he died on Tuesday. Halla has it that Vidya Devi (90) has died from dengue. But it is not confirmed. CMO is to be believed, then Vidya Devi Paralaysis death. Kunwar mordhwaj village head woman dead from the disease is denied. In addition, people who died last week Munni Devi (60), oysters Devi (45), Ram Singh (70), Virma Devi (65) and Dulari Devi (68) are included. The delivery took place after the death of the goddess musk. While Munni Devi's death due to respiratory disease. Whether these deaths, disease and fear among the people of the village, the villagers are not so besieged. Dr. Shashikant said about CHC charge by sending a check people in the village have got the team, even if no resolutions will be examined of people visiting the village on Wednesday.

                Outbreaks of diarrhea continued, many beset
                Sep 25, 08:22 pm

                Mjuwan (Ballia) Belhri Kuthi Gram Panchayat area in the last two days of diarrhea outbreak has spread. Ajit Upadhyay beset by diarrhea (15) resident Kthi, Kalindi Upadhyay (18), red Mooney (45) are holding Kripalpur cot. They have drawn the attention of the Department of Health.

                Fever two play again
                Sep 25, 11:37 pm

                Phasu / Arnian, (Bulandshahr): Kunni fever and Phasu Arnian on Monday took the life of a teenager and a woman. More than two dozen people in both villages are in the grip of fever. Not receive timely treatment is made on the lives of patients.
                Pottery town so far 35 people have been victims of fever. The health department has limited resources whine. On Monday evening, the 16-year-old son Veer Singh Phasu resident of the village Bnal king died of fever. He was suffering from fever from last four days. Kin said that his treatment was going to a private doctor. About a dozen people in the village of fever fever is a serious condition.
                The Arnian representative resident in the territory of the village Narayanpur Zarina Hamid's wife was ill last 8 days. To treat her condition deteriorated moved to Delhi where he died on Monday. Villagers mourn the death's shadow. Dozens of fever patients are in serious condition. Aligarh half a dozen patients hospitalized for fever.

                Teen died from fever
                Sep 25, 11:37 pm

                Aurangabad, (Bulandshahr) Rhimpur resident of the village of Pan Singh Jatav son Manoj Kumar (15) from the last two weeks was suffering from fever. On September 21 he was admitted to a hospital in Delhi. Monday night that he died there. Aurangabad in four deaths have been far from fever. The CHC Lkhavti charge Sunil Giri denied the death of the teenager.

                The whole family suffering from diarrhea Sirisia
                Sep 25, 09:57 pm

                BSc (Devaria): Sirisia village of Rampur factory police midnight Monday was a family suffering from diarrhea. Tuesday morning, neighbors in Ganbiravstha is admitted to the district hospital. Despite illness reported to the health department team arrived in the village, there is fear in the people.
                Please tell the last days of diarrhea another family in the village was hit, the boy died in the absence of proper treatment. Other family members are still in hospital district. Late Monday night, village resident. Nircn Vishwakarma been suffering from diarrhea of ​​the family. His wife Sumitra Devi (40), son Ravi (17) and Rajesh (5) the neighbors admitted to the district hospital today. All three are said to be in critical condition.
                Mlwabr felt camp
                Area Mlwabr Mushr havoc relieve diarrhea in township health camp was organized by the Department on Tuesday. Four doctors in the camp of the settlement check Bantin drugs.
                Please tell the outbreak of diarrhea in Mlwabr Piclen days, but the department did not take it seriously. Tuesday Re: A person's condition worsened after which Facial - treating people were hurriedly organized camp. The task of the social worker Sangeeta Kushwaha special contribution.

                For the city - after the death of two children to vaccine
                Sep 25, 10:10 pm

                Vaccine seal, FIR
                News Office, Gonda: Vaccine vaccine after two children died. Stirred in receiving information, the health authorities. Chief Medical Officer in charge of the vaccine has been lodged sealed.
                Special vaccination campaign is being run in the district. Hldharmu Asrana certain village primary health center field Himanshi Pawan Kumar, daughter of the 22-day on Monday, were vaccinated with BCG. Vaccine after he fell asleep. ten at night, when her mother saw her and found that she is dead. The second event goriyan Dibri Lcshmnpur Nawabganj village community health center field. The Jञancndra Manoj Kumar Yadav, son of four months DPT vaccine were three o'clock on Monday afternoon. Her fever was at night. Priwarijnon see her health deteriorating admitted to a private hospital in Faizabad, where he died Tuesday morning at seven. On receiving the news of two deaths from vaccine, health officials have hands and feet swell. Chief Medical Officer Dr Om Prakash said the charge that the vaccine has been sent to Lucknow to probe seal. Inquiry committee has been constituted lodged.

                The death of a child and woman with fever

                Sep 25, 09:41 pm

                Nigasn (Lakhimpur) in the flood waters have knocked out by diseases in the villages. Area isolated fever in two villages a woman and a child were killed. Priwarijnon funeral of the two bodies is made.
                Residents of the village area Rkehti cherished (40) wife was Pakrma fever several days, which was built in CHC treatment. When the condition improves Priwarijn brought her back home. Cherished died on Tuesday. Priwarijnon the body was cremated. Daughter of the village Purana resident Munnalal Tejana (9) also had fever for many days. Munna Lal filling due to flood waters in the village center, along with his family through Raniganj - were living. Economy began to recover from the tot red Tejana treat her daughter was firing a jholachap doctor. Tejana also died Tuesday morning. Priwarijnon the body was cremated. CHC charge Raghavendra Verma said the flood water has had little villages. The team will be made by sending doctors to deliver medication.

                Symptoms of polio in children
                Sep 25, 10:32 pm

                Shuklaganj, reporter: Mohalla Brhmnagr city resident Shailesh Kumar Mishra Saurabh Mishra's 7-year-old son is having fever since last 3 days. When it brings no profit to remain untreated primary health physician Dr. Ashutosh Washarney on Tuesday showed. Dr. Washarney the trial after the first two legs of odor Pain and fever are to be the symptoms of polio. His blood is being made and tested on the basis of the report of odor identification of disease to be treated.

                Increased patient, physicians scored a camp in the village
                Sep 25, 06:57 pm

                Auraiya, communicate formula: Bhagyanagar block area in the village Rurua Fungal infectious patients is increasing. On Tuesday, the district hospital and health center Dibiapur team of doctors arrived. Home team - patients, health testing medicines distributed door.
                Fever on Monday and Sobrn know Raghuvar Dayal Singh died. More than two dozen people in the village suffered vulnerable to infectious disease. News had published the news prominently. Swung into action after the Department of Health has reported Facial - village health team arrived promptly. Dr. VP Gupta arrived in the village, Samir, Mahesh Chandra, every Govind Singh, MU Khan, Dhirendra Arya, DK Dubey etc. house to house patients visiting health checks and provided medicines to the people. 76 slides made of the health team. Gomti Devi, wife of skills teens on Tuesday, Jldevi wife Sobrn, Anshoo, Anurag, Sonu, Kunar red, Rajesh Kumar, Ramesh Kumar's condition worsened. The team arrived in the village to provide these drugs to patients immediately. Rural Sarvesh Kumar, Shyam Babu, Satya Narayan, strong Pratap, said Rajesh Kumar and dirt due to infectious disease spread in the village. He wiped the village from the district administration - sanitation and DDT spraying has sought to fix. Dr. VP Gupta said that the situation is now under control. The victims are being treated.
                Twitter: @RonanKelly13
                The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


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                  Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                  Jttari fever claimed two more lives
                  Sep 26, 11:48 pm

                  Jttari: Jttari town and took the lives of two of the deadly fever. The people of the village to visit the Department of Health is demanding.
                  Line 30-year-old prince's wife died. On the other hand, a half gram Jlalpur year-old child died of the fever. Getting into town from the health department is unaware of these Muto. Earlier fever Jttari first four - five deaths have been. Nonetheless Nhni any steps have been taken by the Department. It took the people of the town, is outrageous. Dear DM Ksbawasion town are spreading the fever has sought to take effective steps to prevent.

                  Child deaths from diarrhea, many beset
                  Sep 26, 08:43 pm

                  Hldirampur (Ballia): Siyr Block Chandadih outbreak of diarrhea in the village has increased. One child died in its grip while many are beset. Nearby is being treated in hospital. Dalit village in the township spread over a fortnight suffering from diarrhea Dolls (3) on Monday Budavl PHC died during treatment. Sugriva the baby's father, Ram (30) and mother Basmati Devi (28) are admitted to the PHC Siyr illness. Siyr PHC medical team to be mindful of cleaning up traversal of the village as well as essential drugs are being distributed.

                  Fever cheek occupy four times
                  Sep 26, 10:22 pm

                  Bulandshahr: fever has subsided a string of lives. Jajr Buroli of Khurja and Secunderabad on Wednesday - a two died and Aurangabad.
                  Wednesday Buroli Khurja village resident Lokesh (17), son of Naresh died due to fever. He was suffering from fever for a week and was in Delhi on his treatment. Not many people here in the village are in the grip of fever. Fever in the village three people have died in a week. Health Department, the village did not have a single camp.
                  Jajr Kkod area resident Jagdish Koli village in Hyderabad (30) had fever for three days. Bulandshahr moved her condition deteriorated, which was referred to the Delhi Teg Bahadur Hospital. Jagdish died Wednesday morning during the treatment. Growing fever outbreak villagers panic. Many people suffer from fever in the village.
                  The block area of ​​Aurangabad Jahangirabad Ratanpur village resident Rupchand (33) had fever last week. He was being treated in a hospital in Delhi. Died Tuesday night. On the other hand, the block area Deepchand Sharma, a resident of Surajpur village Tikri month son died due to fever. Lets show in Aurangabad 6 deaths have been far from fever. The CHC Jahangirabad charge Jagdish Singh died of fever, young and children are denied the information.
                  Villages are being sent teams of people who are taking the sample. Prevention of fever continues.
                  Dr. Deepak Ohri, CMO.

                  Mudha Naujrpur death of two women
                  Sep 26, 10:19 pm

                  Sikandrarau: Mudha Naujrpur village police station area of ​​a woman's shock and the other died of fever. The death of the family bikes coming five were injured in the accident. His treatment is going on in nursing homes.
                  Hemant was killed on Tuesday by electric current. The shock of his death, his Tai Anandi Devi (65) wife self. Daulat Ram could not afford, and died a few hours later. After the news of the death of Hemant Tai Anandi radheshyam relative advantage, his wife Shashi Devi, resident Gdihya Dharmpur District Bulandshahr, Aligarh district Mahesh Chandra Gangiri resident Hidrami police bikes were coming from his house. Biknpur they approached the village, then hit by oncoming tempo, so that all people seriously injured.
                  Mohar Singh of the same village Omwati wife died of fever Tuesday evening. His death notice them coming to see her relatives resident Ram Singh, son Dnpt Cndula Sujanpur and Omwati Aligarh district (65) wife Hari Singh bikes were coming from. As soon as they arrived at the turn of the village when his bike Biknpur go unchecked Tkrayi the bridge, the two men were seriously injured. All five of the injured were admitted to nursing homes.

                  Diarrhea in Sirisia havoc, the team was not
                  Sep 26, 09:25 pm

                  BSc (Devaria): Rampur factory police Sirisia the growing scourge of diarrhea in the village, but the health department team has not peep. On Wednesday two new patient was admitted to the district hospital. Panic disorder two dozen people in that village handpumps contaminated water gush, but someone did not take care of.
                  Tell that last Tuesday morning Sumitra Devi (40), his son Ravi (17) and Rajesh (5) suffering from diarrhea admitted to the district hospital in the neighborhood. After the outbreak of the Department of Health team arrived in the village. The village has two new patients were admitted to the district hospital.

                  Fever and died three
                  Sep 26, 10:14 pm

                  Gangoh: fever on Wednesday and took the lives of three. Fever death toll so far is 85.
                  The three went into the last 24 hours. 40-year-old resident of Mohalla Sayydan Azad was running a fever a week. Health deteriorated relative to the higher center, where he died Wednesday afternoon. Village Dubr - Kishanpura also 40, was killed by a fever of Gauri Madan and 14 years old. The death toll from fever gradually rose to 85.

                  Dengue victims in the hospital, the doctor suspected values
                  Sep 27, 01:02 am

                  - In the absence of test kits could not be confirmed, treat fever
                  Varanasi: Shiv secret divisional hospital Wednesday suffering from dengue Fund Comments (19 years) were admitted. Regional hospital kit could not be examined. Currently, doctors are treating him as a fever sufferers. Fever have been recorded under the observation on the treatment record.
                  What happened in the Mau Chaukagat resident funds these days are training in a nursing center. Here the order was a few days of fever. He consulted Maqbool Alam Road in a private hospital on Tuesday also made inquiries. The platelet 20 thousand were found. He was sent to hospital for treatment Cabinet. The kit was not examined in the absence of fever are being treated. Generally platelet should be half to four million.
                  Over several months, the kit
                  Dengue test kit is several months in the hospital. The investigation has not been placed between the patient's normal patients, it may also be at risk. Dengue mosquito nets to ward affected by the same rules should be kept separate.
                  Diarrhea fever also increased patient
                  Viral fever and diarrhea,
                  with the change of seasons has also increased the number of patients. Eight regional hospital Wednesday suffering fever and diarrhea, six patients who were admitted.

                  Two deaths from fever
                  Sep 26, 11:36 pm

                  Daha: changing weather continues to cause havoc fever. Crafted gypsy village on Wednesday, killing two people, including a child suffering from fever occurred while dozens of people are suffering from fever. The Department of Health has denied information.
                  Gypsy fever outbreak in the village of Garhi released last month. Anno 48-year-old wife and 8-year-old Azim Rhtu Nazim son was suffering from fever. Both were being treated in a private hospital Budhana. Condition has not improved after treatment and died on Wednesday Anno and Azim. Also many people have contracted the illness. Department of Health due to the negligence of the brunt of the disease is increasing. The villagers have sought health department camps.
                  These people are sick
                  Samia crafted in gypsy, Afsana, Mehboob, Minna, Nzzo, beautiful, Insada, Israel, Shaukat, peace, gentle, happy, light, Meenakshi, Manish, Rakib, Osman, Furkan and Salim etc. People are suffering from fever.
                  They also listen ..
                  In the village there is no spread of the disease. The team will be sending the medicines distributed in the village. If necessary will camp in the village.
                  Dr Gurcharan Singh
                  CHC Binauli superintendent.

                  Superior numbers of patients in hospitals increased
                  Sep 26, 06:44 pm

                  - Jholachap doctors also silver
                  - Mindless not take the name of the Infectious Diseases
                  Lalganj, Pratapgarh: Seasonal diseases lapped the entire field had taken her. From children to the greatest, fever, vomiting - diarrhea and suffer from jaundice. CHC patients are reaching hundreds every day. Influx of patients to private hospitals. Most are cut silver quack.
                  Local community health center, the number of patients is increasing day by day. Lives of patients suffering from fever started long long queues. Litakr on the floor of the hospital beds in the absence of glucose and patients are being treated. Singh said that in Agi Shivbhadur weeks fever medicine but do not quit. The village Kisan Lal Lal said that my son is suffering from fever. Raipur Tiai Hanumt Singh's wife and the children are suffering from fever. Ramlakhan Nyapurwa same way that the CHC on Wednesday brought the baby's name is not taking fever subsided. MS Velocity hospital doctor said two children had diarrhea, stomach cramps as well as being offered too soon will relieve glucose.
                  More than 300 patients a day are coming
                  CHC Superintendent Dr. Satya Harishchandra said time is running viral fever. The majority of patients are women and children. Hundreds of OPD patients are tested daily. Do not treat the patient jholachap superintendent that come directly to the hospital, all the drugs are available here.

                  Fever kills three
                  Sep 26, 09:51 pm

                  Kanpur Dehat, our representative: fever in 24 hours in the district, killing three people. The dirt and waterlogging of the village - the village is Pasarti foot disease. Health teams are not reaching people angry.
                  Residents of the village police Dilvl Mnglpur Aman (1) son Nizam, Jawahar Nagar Mohalla resident of the town semaphore Vinod (40) and Maitha resident Haroon (40), son of Sharif earthquake died of fever. Reached about 1,200 patients in the district hospital on Wednesday. They recruited a dozen patients in critical condition, doctors started treatment. According to Rohit Anpr Kashipur village Rura fever, fascinated, knowledgeable, Chand Mohammad, Rajendra Cunna of Kpurpur, Rakesh, Rajendra Balkishan, including dozens of people are suffering immense. Rajpur village Anpr Khojaful dirt and waterlogging due to the outbreak of the disease. The imagination, Kiran, Jyoti, Sadiq including about a dozen people are vulnerable to disease. Raju Vipin Mishra, Kalpana Sharma place to place - are engaged in a pile of dirt. Following reports of illness from the health care team to avoid resentment. Anpr Shivli from the dirt and waterlogging Nunari Bahadurpur, Singhpora, औnhan, Bholanivada, Mvaya, Bewan, Keshari Nivada, Kdriri, Devipur, Briannivada, a hamlet saraya Jyoti, Bajaj including fever outbreak in a dozen villages, many patient beds are lying on.
                  Outbreaks of infectious disease is not anywhere in the district. Most villages because of the mess and waterlogging, people are vulnerable to fever. On receiving information, the disease affected village health teams have been sent.
                  - Dr. Spring reader, Simo
                  Twitter: @RonanKelly13
                  The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


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                    Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                    Fever deaths consistently high
                    TNN | Sep 27, 2012, 06.52AM IST

                    KANPUR: Seven more persons died of mystery fever in the industrial city on Wednesday. The deceased included five children admitted at Bal Rog Hospital, and all the deaths were reported from hospitals affiliated to Ganesh Shanker Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College.

                    Anamika, Vaishnavi, Shivang, Tanya, and Anurag, all below the age of ten years, showed similar symptoms of high fever and cramps before they died on Wednesday.
                    Twitter: @RonanKelly13
                    The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


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                      Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                      Death, suffering from fever 2
                      Sep 28, 01:04 am

                      Hardoi, a representative dis outbreak of viral fever does not seems to end. During treatment at the district hospital, killing 2 people. In addition, more than half a dozen patients were admitted with a fever.
                      Jasmine Village resident Rujhai Tdiawan station area (60) wife bhudhar offerings fever were admitted to the district hospital on Tuesday. During the treatment, died late Wednesday evening. Also Ssedha Bilgram village area resident Madhuri Devi (14) daughter of Dayal Bteshwar died late Wednesday evening. Ahmadi fever (30) Native Village Sohasa wife Ghafoor, spring (45), son Sirdar Native Village Dehepurwa fiction (20) Ramakant daughter colony resident parish housing development, Raghuvir (45) son Mahendra Native Village Nsyoli asphalt, Anil Kumar (45) Relveganj son Mohalla resident elephant, Rajkamal (60) resident Jodnpurwa, Vimala (40) wife Kamlesh resident gram hammer and Natha (47) son Suresh native village Fttepur high fever and was admitted to the district hospital.

                      Three eaten poisonous substances
                      Sep 28, 01:03 am

                      Hardoi, a representative: isolated events due to family conflict, including 2 women, 3 men ate poisonous substance. Teenager died during treatment.
                      Gopamu locality under town police station area Lalpir Tdiawan resident Ruby (15), daughter of Jacob ate poisonous substance Wednesday afternoon. Relatives admitted to the district hospital, where he died later in the evening.
                      Deceased's father Jacob said that Ruby had fever for several days. Gopamu were made in his treatment. Ruby said Wednesday afternoon he had an empty stomach medicine. Therefore, his condition worsened. Evening died in the district hospital. In the event the family chaos. Police arrived at the scene the body was sent for autopsy.
                      Mdihya countryside village police station area resident Sachin (15) son ramkishore Wednesday evening and Kiran (30) Native Village Grthana station Lonar wife Krishna Kumar Thursday morning attempted suicide by consuming poisonous substance. Was admitted to the district hospital for treatment.

                      Outbreaks of infectious diseases in the village Mniyran
                      Sep 27, 07:47 pm

                      Kerakt (Jaunpur): field Mniyra outbreak of communicable diseases in the village. Despite the health information department team has not reached the village.
                      Be aware that the village diarrhea, jaundice, malaria, people are suffering from many diseases, including viral fever. Tears last September 16 (7) and Tabrez Alam (5) have died. Village head Becn Yadav said the health department has no provision for the treatment and spraying.

                      SDM victims of the food Pwaijning
                      Sep 27, 11:16 pm

                      Lmbhua (Sultanpur) through Thursday from Lucknow Sultanpur going Sonbhadra Pwaijning Upjiladikari Vijay Bahadur Singh, succumbed to food. He was admitted to the local community health center. Goravl (Sonebhadra) posted Upjiladikari Singh was returning from Lucknow. The SDM SDM and tehsildar personnel in Namujudgi were told about the deteriorated condition, where the staff reported to the local CHC. From there, Dr. Mahendra Maurya Cikitsadhikshk Tehsil personnel arrived on campus. The SDM began vomiting. He often admitted in critical condition in CHC. According to his staff, just half an hour before the SDM Singh had breakfast at a restaurant near Lohramu Lmbhua reach them started vomiting. Cikitsadhikshk Dr. Maurya reported their condition.

                      Raise havoc fever, and two deaths
                      Sep 27, 05:36 pm

                      Unnao, city reporter: fever spread in the district is not life threatening havoc seems to end. The number of patients with a strange fever death toll is also increasing. District hospital these days is struck by fever and diarrhea patients. Fourteen of diarrhea and fever within the last twenty-four hours of patient recruitment conducted a teenager with a fever and a quaint old woman died.
                      Pasara foot in the district, the first day of diarrhea deaths from diarrhea. In many villages, which collectively reeling spread diarrhea - a home - many of the several members. Collectively, the district headquarters of diarrhea reported from reaching the village health teams were able to overcome the disease. Diarrhoea can overcome any health governance challenge now is to control fever. 9 in the past twenty-four hours in the district hospital admission were fever and 5 cases of diarrhea. Sumitra (72) Raghuvar Dayal resident Panptha Sfipur wife had fever for several days. His condition deteriorated on Thursday morning at about 8 pm and was admitted to the district hospital where he died at about 10. Jawahar Nagar locality of the city in order to Bill's son Rohit (14) was already sick. Wednesday night, Thursday morning her fever was admitted to the district hospital where her father died shortly after.

                      Had a fever and died, dozens ill in the village Akodihya
                      Sep 27, 07:45 pm

                      Kanpur Dehat, our representatives: the name of the district is not taking fever outbreak subsided. Shivli on Thursday after the death of a person suffering from fever in the district so far the death toll is 33. The village - are spreading Ganp Akodihya village, dozens of people are sick with a fever.
                      Shivli town Saket Nagar Mohalla resident fever sufferers Ramadas (55) in a private hospital on Thursday died during treatment. Approximately 1100 patients in the district hospital for treatment arrived. In the Prshantvir Gdewa Tkurn, Akbarpur, Satish and Vimala Devi, Srany of Musanagr Rita honor of Jagdishpur, including Ankita Lewamu a dozen patients were recruited. Jinjk Anpr Lgrtha village Majra block the dirt and waterlogging in Akaudia Malikpur are for spreading the disease. Rahul village, Savitri, aspiration, Rajendra, Anita, Ramjanki, Guddn, Gayatri, Anjali, Lakshmi, Anil, Shivam, Ram Babu and Ramsri and two dozen people are in the grip of fever. Therefore, the disease is spreading. Vimal village teacher Mniram the disease was reported in CHC village health team has not come yet. Infectious Diseases Dr. Vasant Pathak said charge-charge Jinjk CHC village health team has been instructed to send.

                      Infectious disease deaths of innocent
                      Sep 27, 11:07 pm

                      Amroha. Infectious diseases killed innocent earthquake. 11 children in the village are vulnerable to infectious diseases. Has created panic in the village. The villagers accused of negligence on the Department of Health.
                      The case is Pantty village area. Ram Prakash Singh's family lives here. Five days before his three-year-old son came Nanhua fever. Then vomiting - diarrhea took. Ram light which showed her personal physicians, but no improvement. After treatment of Nanhua town was taken to a government hospital. But worse was innocent. Nanhua died today. Innocent's death in his family chaos. Nanhua's death has created panic in the village. Infectious diseases have been quiet in the village. 11 children are still vulnerable to infectious diseases. The piles, primate, Ayaan, Salim, lover, Sameer, Pradeep, Najma, Mohammad Omar, Mohammed Awadhesh waist and covers. All children fever and vomiting - are vulnerable to diarrhea. The people of the village are in panic. Village resident Jitendra Singh in his village of infectious disease outbreaks were given in the hospital, but still has not sent the team into the village. He is not well in the village sanitation. With which infectious diseases are spread in the village.
                      There is no information
                      Zoya medical charge about Dr. Surendra Singh Pantty village of innocent deaths and infectious disease outbreaks reported by them. Hospital staff are not aware of it. The team will be sent to the village checkup and medicines will be distributed.

                      Chucaila Kalan vomiting - diarrhea girl's death
                      Sep 27, 11:04 pm

                      Amroha. Chucla Kalan police in the town's 18-year-old woman died of diarrhea and vomiting. Ahsan Ansari, a resident of the town said Shaista's daughter was not feeling lighter than two days. Thursday morning was the fast vomiting diarrhea. But the rest of the family were taken to local physicians. A young woman was killed late evening. Were told to do many
                      more in the realm of infectious diseases. It Dsht the atmosphere.
                      Twitter: @RonanKelly13
                      The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


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                        Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                        At least 161 people have died from this unidentified fever in Kanpur this year. There has also been at least a dozen fatalities from diarrhoea. Articles in this thread suggest that the state does not have an adequate surveillance system. The healthcare system in general seems to be overburdened and unable to meet with the needs of the population. Statewide, there have been hundreds if not thousands of undiagnosed fever deaths. This is in addition to the 373 encephalitis deaths so far in the State this year. - Ro

                        Fever deaths continue, but numbers abating
                        TNN | Sep 29, 2012, 04.20AM IST

                        KANPUR: Four more children died of mystery fever at Lala Lajpat Rai hospital here on Friday. Meanwhile, four more cases of dengue have been reported from GSVM Medical College during the past two days, taking the total number of dengue cases in the past three weeks to 21.

                        Vashok, Sania, Kashish, and Abhishek, all infants below the age of three years died at the paediatric ward of LLR on Friday.
                        Twitter: @RonanKelly13
                        The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.


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                          Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                          Including two of neonatal death from viral hit
                          Sep 29, 10:13 pm

                          Mondavli (Bijnor). Area of ​​the village, including a newborn suffering from viral Jtpura Bundha two people were killed, while dozens of the country in its grip. It struck in the rural village of Jolachhapon are treated.
                          Residents of the village on Saturday to contract viral Mahtab Sumaila died twenty days before the girl was born. Also Sukke Singh died aged. Said that three days before the family had a mild fever. The village was a doctor gave him medicine. Also village Anshu (06), Anju (10), Wasim (06), Shah Alam (04), Sony Devi (50), Azam (05), Arshad (13), Rajan (02) Shakir (04) are vulnerable to viral, including dozens rural. Treat people suffering from viral rural village doctors are offering. Was told that the doctor treating the families of the victims in lieu of the big money was recovered. Viral fever outbreak in the village is not far to the Department of Health.

                          Kin did not get swine flu
                          Sep 29, 11:25 pm

                          Badaun: swine flu in the district after the department was alerted. The CMO team kakrala see sick woman. His family members were found to be devoid of virus after examining samples in Lucknow. It took a breather after a report by officers.
                          Resident of the ward number ten may know kakrala Afsrul Nisha (51) recently went to Lucknow with his relatives. Comeback of the century, the fever took hold of the body. King George Medical College in Lucknow on Friday swine flu positive reports from the department stirred.
                          Then they were asked to provide the district hospital treatment provided in the home of Dr. Khalid said. The isolates were in a room of the house. The flu and the swine flu Tammy Fluvir preventive medicine is being given.
                          The Department, through Bareilly district hospital ill woman's son, Dr. Khalid, his wife and two daughters were sent to examine the mucosa. CMO Dr. RP Singh said that their report has been negative. However, drug resistance Fluvir the drug is being given to these people.
                          Deputy CMO Dr. RK Sharma and Dr. Shakeel Ahmad, Dr. Khalid door kakrala team also met his mother and family. These medications as well as the defense suggested. Family members are not getting any moment. Sick woman's condition is better than before, even though they are being denied to anyone. Eat, drink and drug out the things that are being provided in the same room.
                          Department of Cardiology Ward made
                          Photo: 29 Beedian 11
                          Badaun: After a patient of swine flu in the district health department has completed arrangements on its behalf. District Hospital, Department of Cardiology, the swine flu and closed over the years has created isolation ward. It has eight beds. Eddie being promoted to the team in charge Dr. YK Sharma. , Dr Harpal Singh, Dr. VK Dsmana, Dr. Ru Siddiqui and Dr. AK Gupta, a member of the team. The team includes a pharmacist and Ward Boy. Special masks are provided for all.
                          Death itself was kakrala
                          Kakrala in town two years ago, a person has died from swine flu. When he came back from Delhi resident Jatin Prakash Gupta was with the virus. To improve conditions at the local level are not admitted to the PGI, Lucknow. Died there. Kakrala making the disclosure is now out in the new case.

                          How many deaths is just wait?
                          Sep 29, 10:08 pm

                          Khurja (Bulandshahr): pottery town is going to pounce on people as fever death. Arnian and Ctari on Friday after two deaths from fever death toll has reached 37. The absence of adequate treatment, patients are trapped in the clutches of quacks. Treatment of health claims are continually foiled.
                          Arnian Kyoli Khurd village resident Mohan Singh's son Sunil (17) was a student of class 11. She had been sick for the past five days. Aligarh, died in hospital on Friday, while the son of Rameshwar Ctari resident of the village Jayrampur Bvnesh (22) had been ill for a week. His treatment was made in Aligarh. Meerut referred to her condition deteriorated on Friday. While taking treatment he died on the way. Health Department team arrived on Saturday and dozens of villages to deliver medication to patients. Two days earlier, on the outskirts of the village Boroli a teenager was killed. So far three people in the village have been a victim of fever.
                          At these times, as a broken fever
                          Wait (two years) Rniavli, Priya (4) Bhogpur, furry red (45) Ruknpur, Dada Bhagwan Singh (45) Dkpura, raamaveer (45) Rohinda, Golu (two years) Rohinda, Brihmjit (45) Rohinda, Amit 11) Rohinda, Shahid (8 months) Surjawali, Rahul (17), lawyers (18) Jhangirpur, Mukesh (17) Jhangirpur, Rampal Jhangirpur (14, Mntsa (10) Pathan Tola, Anjali (11) Pathan Tola, Juhi Ansari (12) Cpenti, Rabia (9) colony, Shivani (12) Bhutnagr new settlement, Shivani (12) Bhutnagr new settlement, Miss Star (9) Kazi Kenl, Anas (4) Qazi games Imrti (45) Salabad, four days of Birpal The new resident Smspur, chivalry (5) Hazrtpur, Shorty (2) Brtuli, Nishant (4) Salabad, Aarti Jamalpur (10), Lalita Rniavli (1), Preethi Buroli (17), King Narayanpur (16), Rahul Brtuli ( 8), Munesh Phasu (12), Lokesh (11) Boroli.
                          JD fever in the village
                          Dabur village Rohinda, Ruknpur, Narayanpur, Surjavli, Rniavli, Dabur, Mancd, come out, Ibrahimpur, Dasuli, Gangagdh, Bagu, Bnal, Carora, scowlingly, Inami, Srbnna, Salabad, Smspur, Bdrkha, Sultanpur Biloni, Bhudansi, Dharpa, Moiuddinpur , Klsia, Kanigdhi, Gopalgarh, Mehndipur, Alavlpur etc. village house to house ill patients. Jewelry, Ctari, Jhangirpur toll is also suffering from fever.
                          Their say
                          "The department is continually deliver medication by camp. After getting the information to the treatment teams have been sent immediately.
                          Ahori lamp, CMO.

                          Vomiting - diarrhea woman dead, several ill
                          Sep 30, 02:53 am

                          Snwadsutr, Golagokarnnath: Block Bakeganj vomiting diarrhea in the village Vjirnagr seized many people. A woman went into premature period of illness cheek.
                          Village of Vjirnagr plans to expand the week started vomiting diarrhea. The village Sharda (34) wife died hunter. Village from the disease many women, men and children are suffering. Poonam Nivsi village, Sohan, Shorty, Prema, Monu, Sunder, Bipin, Kallu, Azad, Sharda, Pradeep, dumb, Karan, Chadni, Rajendra, sage, little, love, Sunit, Rajesh, Rinku, Kuldeep, Kashi Ram, Vikram , Rahul, Shorty, Aarti, range, reindeer, Reshma, Somwati, nuts, etc. Many of the man is being treated. This week in the village of pandemic spread despite a Saturday morning, no doctor and health department team arrived in the village.

                          Two dozen people in the grip of diarrhea
                          Sep 30, 01:00 am

                          Puragat (MAU): Kopaganj Block Ckbdsa an outbreak of diarrhea in a week. More than two dozen people are suffering. After complaining to the village at the health center medical team still has not reached the spot. The villagers are angry.
                          The village Farzana (30), Hasim (12), Abbas (45), Sabiha (20), Nabi Hassan (5), Sujit Giri (14), Ajit Giri (25), Ijaz (15), Salman (12) , Liaquat (8), Sakir (5), Feroz (6), Ibrahim (80), Sbina (12), Mary (30), Azijurrhman (6), Hnifurrhman (5), Najma (22), Karim (5) , D (16), Sakia (20) Zarina (23) are vulnerable to diarrhea. Private practitioners are treated with their kin. Settlements Jitendra Giri said after giving notice to take care of the health department said.

                          Woman's death from dengue
                          Sep 29, 10:18 pm

                          Village of Tehsil area Sohsaptty Gusi suffering from dengue in the parish Chengvna Saturday, killing one woman. It is an atmosphere of terror in the village.
                          Vyas's wife Geeta Pandey (30 years) had a high fever fortnight ago after local treatment has been referred to Gorakhpur Lucknow from where Ganbiravstha sent. Where he died during treatment.

                          Outbreak of diarrhea in Soura, a death
                          Sep 21, 07:05 pm

                          More than half a century, ill 0
                          Mahoba, Office representative: Panwari block the Soura village is vulnerable to diarrhea these days. Consequently Kuldip died on Friday. More than fifty people are facing this village. Case of death from diarrhea is to deny it.
                          Mahobkant region vulnerable to diarrhea in Soura village coming 5 year old son Kallu Kuldip died on Friday. Are told that he was ill several days. Many times after treatment could not be right. The 22-year-old village Matadin, Brjendra, Harishchandra (11), Rtiram (50), 7-year-old lamp, Munna Raja, Dhuram Sriwas, Mahendra, 22-year-old Indian, bubbly (14), India, Manoj, including more than half a century People in the grip of diarrhea. It has embarrassed the country. When the team of doctors that treated people arrive at the scene. Chief Medical Officer Dr. DK Mahur two days of receipt of that information is being sent to the village from the medical team. Is to deny the fact of death from diarrhea. Points out that poor hand pumps in the village. Filling water from village wells, whose water is contaminated and people are getting sick. They claim that doctors have been found to control the situation.

                          Rtul in the grip of fever, the child's death

                          Sep 29, 11:35 pm

                          Chandingr (Baghpat): Rtul fever outbreak in the village, killing a child, while the number of people who are vulnerable to fever. Health camp in the village of villagers installing DM is demanded.
                          The 10-year-old daughter Ruksar Rtul resident Padma had fever a week. Kin Tegh Bahadur him admitted to hospital in Delhi, where he died during treatment. Family reported that he had meningitis.
                          Rtul afforded by the fever has become outrageous. Hundreds of people are suffering from fever since last month. A month earlier due to fever Rtul two people died in the village, but the administration is sitting in silence.
                          Villagers said the people from the tyranny of mosquitoes in the village are suffering. Upon examining the victory dengue village due to low platelets were admitted to Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi. Sumbul village itself, Ikra, Jishan, Farhan, Mahi, Rahul, development, Ikra, Lokesh, akhtar, lawyer and fever. The villagers in the village of DM Faging installing and providing health camp is demanded.
                          CMO Dr JP Sharma said that information is received, the village will be sent a special team, which will investigate drug delivery.

                          Three boys ate poison
                          Sep 29, 06:48 pm

                          Pratapgarh: Three Ten-year-old ate a poisonous substance. Ten-year-old son of Sanjay Thanakshetr resident of Raniganj Deogarh Commasin Saturn ate poisonous substances of unknown causes. Poor condition when it was brought to the district hospital. In that order, the brother Prakash Tiwari antu resident ate poisonous substance on Saturday. According to representatives of the police station in the village hamlet of swivel Baba Dudnath of family disruption on Saturday morning the wife ate poisonous substance. CHC swivel family took him in an unconscious state. Poor condition when it was referred to Allahabad.

                          After the attacks of malaria, dengue, death of child
                          Sep 29, 08:12 pm

                          Fatehpur / Bhua: infectious disease has not subsided. Vomiting, diarrhea, malaria, dengue and now he is knocked. When the condition is severe, killing a child during treatment. Korraknk a child suffering from malaria in the village died.
                          Dirt, to prevent waterlogging growing army of mosquitoes is the Department of Health failed. The concrete steps are being taken to prevent diseases. That is why more patients are getting increasingly merge. Asothr resident journalist Dileep Singh's 11-year-old son had a fever of Hftebr Diwyansh Singh. Child suffering from dengue were reported in the investigation. Kanpur is critical to treat the family took Diwyansh. Children admitted to ICU died on Saturday. Similarly Asothr block Nishad's four year old son Vikram Jagrup Korraknk village had been suffering from malaria. Bhua were bringing deteriorated condition but died on the way. He was being treated at a health center Bhua father, came out malaria in check. District hospital physician, Dr. Nlnish Pandey said that dengue is Aedes mosquito bites. So avoid mosquitoes and treating physician should be skilled to be sick.
                          Dengue is a dangerous
                          Prevention at home collecting vessels containing water, water tank, etc. continually clean the cooler. Stayed Aedes mosquitoes breed in clean water. Mobil Oil burn pits put the larvae in the water will be lost.
                          Symptoms of dengue fever, the patient's body, joints, pain in the back of the head and eyes, severe conditions of the mouth, nose, stool, urine, epistaxis, rash on the skin to be red.

                          Rupapur found seven cases of malaria
                          Sep 29, 07:49 pm
                          Madugdh - Orai, Apr: Rupapur infectious disease in four people in a week
                          * Front-page news of the death of the community health center medical team then sent, but arrived late in the evening the team returned promptly avoiding trouble.
                          Rupapur several days before news of the outbreak of the disease was at community health centers, but not reckless medical administration. Even after death was not introduce any responsibility. Charge Medical Officer Dr. Ashok Kumar said 45 people were tested at night. 27 The slide was created. 7 out malaria positive. Those who had died before her throat was swollen and painful. Despite a two-day treatment discomfort grew when the patients' families took him to Gwalior, where he died. The Rupapur on Saturday when the 'awakening' team reached the house - the house was littered patients cots. Sitaram (55 years), Tara Devi (50 years), Ramswaroop (48 years), Ram Lal (52 years), Nectars (7 years), Sohini (5 years) and 50 patients of the counting team. Were not satisfied with the attitude of the rural medical team. Patients must be brought to the hospital. News published in the newspaper after the ambulance had come to the village doctor, but he only FILLIN is the name of treatment.

                          Kasturba school's 24 students ill
                          Sep 29, 07:16 pm

                          Azamgarh: Ajmtgdh block two dozen students of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya fell ill on Saturday night. Have been admitted to the district hospital. Where their families have blamed contaminated food and order. The CMO said that he is suffering from viral fever. DM Pranjal Yadav visited the hospital, ordered a probe into the entire episode.
                          Sgdi Tehsil adjacent junior high school campus residential Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya students studying in Class 6 and 7 are 74 in total. Live in the hostel. 18 and 19 September last school was closed. September 21 to begin teaching students with other residents of the area Alampur village Skichand Munita daughter admitted to school in the family's sickness. Treatment of affected girls' families were making at the local level but there was no benefit to her health. Two days later, a resident of the village Molnapur Godhari Manitha Bharati Jagdish daughter also was in the grip of fever. Then the girls began to be sick. A - There was one sick children in the school administration remained insensitive. Ten children in school today are suffering from a fever. On Saturday, two dozen girls overall condition suddenly worsened. Sudden outbreak of infectious disease receiving sick babies were admitted to a district hospital immediately.
                          All is fair treatment.
                          DM also reached the district hospital
                          District Collector seeking treatment at the hospital also Mathton girls arrived with news of the discovery and physicians providing medical treatment immediately instructed all. DM that time would heal the sick babies, so this situation does not occur. In this case, the test will be found guilty, action will be taken against him.
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                            Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                            Child deaths from bee attack
                            Oct 01, 12:59 am

                            Jttari: Hetlpur town near the village on Sunday, the day of the five-year-old Ram conscious son was playing on the roof of his house. Suddenly came a surge of bees. Hundreds honey bees child sticks out so badly injured and died shortly after. Mourning the death of the child in the home environment remains.

                            Malnutrition: 91 thousand children die within a year of getting
                            Sep 30, 11:23 pm

                            Maternal mortality remains 437 in a million. Maternal - infant mortality rate in the state in terms of the number Badaun fourth. This question is taking on projects being implemented by the government.
                            Annual health report has revealed the fact that in the case of infant and maternal mortality Shravasti, Faizabad, Badaun fourth number after Balrampur where malnutrition has led to the deaths of more babies and mothers. According to survey a thousand tender age of 91 due to malnutrition in children are God's beloved. Similarly, during childbirth or after death because of malnutrition of mothers is 437 in a million.
                            Maternal - infant mortality being undertaken to prevent pregnant and lactating women look at plans for a 150 micro grams per day per beneficiary Nutriynt provision of fortified food was. 600 calories and 24 grams of protein is derived. The cost is five bucks a day diet. Pregnant women are given free hospital iron and calcium tablets.
                            Operate similar schemes are being beneficial for children. Anganwadi centers through nutrition for children six months to three years has been made. Hatkukd for children aged three to six to food provision. Also cooked - 50 grams of cooked food in addition to providing morning snacks are also available. Pustachar and nutrition providers increasingly run the plans on paper, but do not see on the ground. That's why the infant and maternal mortality in the district is not coming. Implementation of government schemes sincerely mothers and infants who die prematurely each year happen to be saved.

                            In Purvanchal dengue patient
                            Sep 30, 11:57 pm

                            Gorakhpur: Encephalitis deaths among the continuing Purvanchal are now beginning to dengue patient. Continues to reach patients in hospitals.
                            Currently, four hospitals and three Aryan Guru Gorakhnath hospitalized patient. Guru Gorakhnath assistant chief medical superintendent of the hospital, according to Dr. Madhusudan Singh came to the hospital treatment of dengue have been confirmed in seven patients. Gorakhpur city, while only four of them - a Deoria, Gorakhpur and Kushinagar are from. All patients high fever, abdominal pain, body arrived at the hospital with complaints of itching.
                            Aryan Hospital physician Dr. DP Singh, the last ten days have arrived for treatment in seven patients, three are still admitted in the ICU. If the Board of Gorakhpur and Basti. Half of them are from Delhi and Mumbai. Meanwhile, another patient treated fifteen years Shantanu son Ajay Singh is running in another hospital.
                            Such is the dengue
                            Dengue mosquito Aedes monger that grows in water. According to Dr. DP Singh pots in the house mosquito, cooler, empty pots, clay eggs are broken characters. These mosquitoes bite disease.
                            Symptoms and Treatment
                            Early symptoms of dengue fever, aches, body Ckkte are involved. Symptoms should be immediately investigated and treated.
                            How to Rescue
                            Daytime mosquito bites. The legs and body should be covered to avoid dengue. Housed in household utensils, containers and cooler water should be changed.
                            Dengue patients met the CMO
                            Gorakhpur. On receipt of dengue patients admitted CMO Dr. MP Singh Guru Gorakhnath visited the hospital.
                            According to sources, CMO patients by their name - address and have complete information about the disease. However, information about the first three patients could not be admitted, on being told that her illness was here.

                            And child deaths from diarrhea
                            Oct 01, 01:00 am

                            Hardoi, a representative: an outbreak of diarrhea in the district is taking seems to end. Sunday afternoon, a child died during treatment, while half a dozen victims were admitted to the district hospital.
                            Police Pihani resident eve of the Civil Parish (5) Vinod daughter was suffering from diarrhea on Saturday. Private family doctor treated him, but if it does not improve the condition of children admitted to the district hospital on Sunday, where he died during treatment in the afternoon. In the event Kin vociferance sparked.
                            In addition to the police station Countryside Village resident Mendua Deepashi (6) daughter Hira Lal, police Pihani area resident village Jndalpurwa Guddi (35) Wife Salim, Ram Sagar (59) Native Village Mri Hriawan police, Shyam (55) wife Ram Dass resident village Kusehra Harpalpur, Aloo (7) daughter Jogendra new village Mubarakpur village resident and Dream (14) daughter Vimlesh Kumar resident Subhash Nagar locality having diarrhea were admitted to the district hospital.

                            Child deaths from diarrhea, two serious
                            Sep 30, 11:24 pm

                            Sultanpur: Kurebar Thanantrgt Smrthpur outbreak of diarrhea in the village. An innocent child died of diarrhea on Sunday. While two other children are serious.
                            According to Dnptganj Snwadsutr, Smrthpur an outbreak of diarrhea in the village throughout the week. Sunday's six-year-old son Vishal Ramcrn died during the treatment. Two other son Abhishek Ramcrn (8) and sky (4) are also battling diarrhea. Dnptganj five-member team of the community health center in the village were sprayed and distributed medicines reaching the drug. Meanwhile, according to Jaysinhpur Snwadsutr Ambedkar Nagar district, village resident Madhavpur Phitipur Dlsingar (60 years) Semribajar Sunday evening came to a private clinic to get medicine. On the way he fell down and died. Semribajar police occupied the autopsy on the body is Bejwaya.

                            Vridga fever death, half a dozen recruitment
                            Sep 30, 05:53 pm

                            Unnao, city reporter: running in the district declining growing scourge of infectious diseases. District hospital is constantly increasing number of patients with fever. Fever of 11 patients were enrolled within 24 hours of an old woman died.
                            Police bighapur Behta village resident Bhavani Prasad's wife Maharana Natha Devi (60) had fever for several days, families were undergoing treatment from private doctors. His condition deteriorated on Saturday evening when the family rushed him to the district hospital on Sunday morning, Maharana died. Fever within 24 hours of the 11 victims have been admitted to the district hospital Raghuraj them (50) Nanduli achalganj, held (6) and Sudha (17) Hdha achalganj, Ramsrn Singh (45) Ajit Khera Bihar Fund (9 months) Parent Concern achalganj condition all suffer from high fever. The doctor says that he is out of danger, but it will take time to recover.

                            Death of child with fever
                            Sep 30, 11:39 pm

                            Hsayn: Village Sinchavli Prbhudyal the death of three-year-old child has fever.
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                              Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                              Comic take on epidemic to save kids
                              Ishita Mishra, TNN | Oct 1, 2012, 04.44AM IST

                              KANPUR: The name may sound like a list of patients, but 'Pinky, Raju and Malaria' is the name of a comic, launched with the mission to spread awareness among children about causes and prevention of vector-borne diseases.

                              This comic book is seen in the hands of every kid who visits the Lala Lajpat Rai hospital.

                              Launched by a private medicine firm, the comic is being appreciated widely by government doctors. According to experts of LLR hospital, there could be no better way to the spread the important message among children than in the form of a comic book.

                              "Hundreds of children in the city are being diagnosed with and suffering from vector-borne diseases like malaria, diarrhoea or fever everyday. So many of them have even lost their lives. It's very important that kids and even their parents know the reason and causes of disease. Cartoon films or documentaries are a good way but comics are the best. On one hand, it inculcates the fast vanishing reading habit among children and on the other hand, tells them the dos and don'ts to avoid disease," said Dr RP Singh, HoD Paediatrics, LLR.
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                                Re: Uttar Pradesh 2012: Disease outbreaks

                                Eak and death from fever in Gbana
                                Oct 02, 12:11 am

                                Reporter, Gbana: fever in a series of deaths is not taking seems to end. On Monday, a child died of fever in Raipur village.
                                Massive outbreak of fever and malaria in the last month is being witnessed. So far, more than three dozen people died from fever had feared. Monday Raipur village Vishnudutt Aditya Sharma alias Kalu's only nine-year-old son died of meningitis. She had fever for two days. The house and the village badly chaos. Dozens of people have been reported sick in the village. CHC team in charge of Dr. Shashikant said the village will be sending healing sick people.

                                Death from fever
                                Jttari: town in the grip of a fever at the age of 40 died from Rotash Valmiki. The town and the region's 7 and 8 deaths. The health of the people in town resentment against authorities.


                                Contaminated drinking water are courting death
                                Oct 01, 07:54 pm

                                Jaunpur: Most people in the district are forced to drink contaminated water. This is the kidney, heart and other stomach related diseases and death are inviting. Due to the water supply from the municipality numerous dirt is forced to drink. All the sand with a hand pump the water to gush. Reduction of power people have trouble with drinking water crisis. People have to bring water from far away. The government administration is not a concrete drill.
                                Significantly, 25 percent of the total wells in the municipality. Thus, only 70 per cent of the people in the city nearly 1.82 million people drinking water is being supplied. Drinking water supply pipeline laid in the municipality is 40 years old. It has Paipe rusting. Due to the iron oxide with water is reaching into people's homes. The people in the water, lead, arsenic, aluminum and many toxic elements from getting kidney, heart and stomach suffers from diseases. The people pulling at the mouth of death. Nonetheless, on behalf of the municipality is under no system to make it right. The same hand pumps too bad. Contractor, in order to save money, it is less deep are boring. A few days later the hand pump is also removed from the water with the sand. Around the problem of drinking water due to poor sand is forced to drink the water. The remaining wells in the village clean - cleaning is not lying on the dirty. Hand pump system is forced to drink dirty water being of people.
                                MI Ansari Jlnigm Executive Officer of the respect that the sand is coming Ribor to hand pumps. Public problems are taken care of.
                                There are numerous waterborne disease
                                Senior physician Dr. Vinod Singh said about it by waterborne typhoid, hepatitis A, cholera, meningitis, are people suffering from diarrhea. The people should drink pure water. The same senior cardiologist Harendra Dev Singh says that more than 30 percent of the district's Jnjnit diseases. The kidney, such as heart disease and jaundice occurs.
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