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Chikungunya outbreak in Bodi

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  • Chikungunya outbreak in Bodi


    Chikungunya outbreak in Bodi

    Express News Service
    First Published : 20 Oct 2009 04:45:00 AM IST
    Last Updated : 20 Oct 2009 08:05:31 AM IST

    BODI: Hundreds of people in Bodi area are suffering from an outbreak of chikungunya and are bedridden.

    Many villagers in Meenakshipuram, Durairajapuram, Anaikaraipatti, Visuvasa*puram, Ammapatti, Sillamarathupatti and Silamalai in Bodi block of Theni district were found to be suffering from high fever.

    Diagnosis showed that many of them were suffering from chikungunya.

    More than 1,200 patients came to the Bodi Government Hospital in Theni from Meenakshipuram, Durairajapuram and Anaikaraipatti villages.

    Over 400 of them were found to be suffering from chikungunya. Since the hospital has only limited bed strength, most of them were treated as outpatients and asked to go home.

    Many of them from Meenakshipuram are so ill that they are unable to get back to their village and are waiting for admission. Only a limited number of patients have been admitted to the hospital.

    Patients from the villages come to the government hospital for want of proper facilities in the primary health centres in their areas. Bodi hospital itself is handicapped without adequate staff and proper stocks of medicines.

    Thirumurugan, block medical officer of Dombucherry, said that they found an outbreak of chikungunya in Ammapatti village but they had brought it under check. Now this ailment had spread in some villages, including Meenakshipuram. Doctors have collected blood samples and had sent them for analysis.

    The Department of Health had taken various measures to check the spread of this disease, including spraying of chemicals, fogging and clearing waste materials. Special camps are also being organised in villages to detect cases of chikungunya, the block medical officer said.