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Tamil Nadu - Chickens dying in Vellore District

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  • Tamil Nadu - Chickens dying in Vellore District

    Machine translated; My take - 20+ chickens die per day, being eaten by crows and dogs without ill effects. The owner claims that it is heat related not a disease. - Ro

    Dog eat dead chickens, crows died a mysterious flu outbreak
    Dam: Vellore District, the village of otukkattur next cerpati Natarajan (40). They are 4 poultry farms in the village. 2 days of chickens being attacked here is a mysterious fever. The more than 20 chickens a day dies. Died of a mysterious fever in 2 feet of chickens near his agricultural land by digging pit is poured Natarajan. Crow and dogs tinkinrana them. Dogs and crows eat them within a few hours, the villagers are not dead. So far, 10 dead birds eat more than 3 dogs and crows are succumbing. Humans and chickens in the village for fear of the disease, people would come. He said the farm owner Natarajan, chickens, unable to bear the Sun dies. No fever epidemic. I have started the rumor that a mysterious fever. However, people are in panic.
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