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Crow and Boar deaths in Nagpur

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  • Crow and Boar deaths in Nagpur

    Nagpur is about 50 miles from Gondia where an H5N1 outbreak in crows has already been confirmed. - Ro

    After crows, boar deaths raise concern
    TNN | Feb 14, 2012, 01.14AM IST

    CHANDRAPUR: While the issue of sudden death of crows in Maulana Azad garden here is still hot, reports of high number of deaths of domestic boars in town has alarmed the civic administration. District veterinary polyclinic has however ruled out the possibility of spreading of any disease among the humans following the deaths.

    Recent deaths of crows in Azad garden here has put the civic administration in a fix. Deaths of 59 crows were reported within a week in Azad garden. Alarmed civic administration has closed the garden for visitors till February 25 and the veterinary officer has forwarded the samples of dead crows to the laboratory in Bhopal. Though no fresh deaths of crows have been reported since Saturday, high number of deaths of domestic boars has alarmed the administration.

    "Deaths of 3-4 boars are reported everyday. So far around 50 boars have died in 15 days. Cause of deaths is still not certain. We have been instructed to intimate district veterinary policlinic about fresh deaths of boars," said sanitary officer, Chandrapur Municipal Corporation, J Joseph. He maintained that sanitary staff is taking due care during the disposal and every boar carcass is being buried at distant place from town.

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    Re: Crow and Boar deaths in Nagpur

    Crow deaths mystery continues
    TNN | Feb 26, 2012, 02.00AM IST

    CHANDRAPUR: Mystery continues to shroud the series of deaths of crows in Maulana Azad garden. So far no report has been received against the samples of crows forwarded to High Security Animal Disease Laboratory (HSADL), Bhopal. Perplexed Chandrapur Municipal Corporation (CMC) has extended the closure of the garden by 10 more days following suggestion of animal husbandry department.

    Continuous deaths of crows in Azad garden had alarmed the CMC authorities earlier this month. Flock of crows infected by the mysterious diseases were regularly being found dead in the garden. After the authorities of district veterinary polyclinic were summoned for inspection, they had suggested for closure of Azad garden for two weeks. Accordingly the garden was closed for the public till February 25. Intense fogging was carried out in the garden and entire premise was dusted with lime powder as a preventive measure to curb spread of any virus outside.

    While speculation was rife about the spread of some deadly avian disease among crows, vets from polyclinic had collected samples of crows and forwarded it to HSADL, Bhopal. Even as period of closure came to an end on Saturday, no report was received from the Bhopal-based lab. Meanwhile, the deaths of crows in garden premises have continued and over 85 deaths have been reported so far. But intensity of deaths of crow has reportedly diminished since last few days.


    Boar deaths on the rise

    While the mystery over crow deaths remains unresolved, authorities are also in dark over series of deaths of domestic boars in the town. More than 80 boars have died this month. After the issue was brought into the notice of veterinary authorities, they carried out post mortem on the carcasses and had forwarded the samples to veterinary college in Nagpur. Reports of these samples too have not been received so far. Assistant commissioner, district veterinary polyclinic, AN Somnathe said that the report over swine deaths is expected by Tuesday. Earlier he had maintained that deaths of crows and swine in town have no connection with each other and these swine deaths pose no threat to humans.
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    The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization.