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Bihar: Chinese report of avian influenza outbreak in Purnea

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  • Bihar: Chinese report of avian influenza outbreak in Purnea

    via Healthmap - a machine translated report from I haven't seen anything yet in the local Indian Press about a new outbreak. This may refer to the March outbreak in Purnea (Purnia) covered here; - Ro

    Northeast India, Bihar (Bihar) chicken farm outbreak of avian flu
    Food Industry (2013 4 28 16:48)
    According to the Asian agricultural Offers website news, recently a chicken farm in northeast India, Bihar (Bihar) outbreak of avian flu, the Indian government had already slaughtered hundreds of chickens and destroyed part of the egg.

    It is understood that the avian flu outbreak in 比哈尔邦尼亚 area (Purnea) a few days ago, 300 chickens died. After the outbreak, the local government on the affected areas to take quarantine measures, blocked all channels leading to the infected areas.

    比哈尔邦尼亚 District is an important supply base of eggs, egg supply of the state, but also exported to West Bengal.

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