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West Bengal: Unidentified Disease (possibly FMD) kills a dozen cattle in Jamshedpur

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  • West Bengal: Unidentified Disease (possibly FMD) kills a dozen cattle in Jamshedpur

    Nameless, fast & fatal cow disease


    At least a dozen cows this winter have died within hours after showing identical symptoms in and around Jamshedpur, but as the fatal disease has not yet been ascertained, it is cause for alarm for the city with around 50,000 cattle population.

    Areas where cows have been reported dead include Ranikudar, Bhatia Bustee, Sonari and Ramnagar, as well as Adityapur in adjoining Seraikela-Kharsawan.

    Observers said the disease struck adult cows, especially strays in the street and in marketplaces. Death is fast and symptoms distinct. The cow canít stand throughout the day, sinks and foams in the mouth and dies by the evening.

    District animal husbandry officer Jitendra Kumar, who set up a probe team on Tuesday, however has come up with a blank.

    One of Kumarís subordinates who headed the three-member team, Ashutosh Majhi said they surveyed Kadma, Sonari and Ranikudar on Tuesday but came across only one cow death.

    ďA cow has died recently at Ranikudar area. The cause was foot-and-mouth disease or Aphthae epizooticae, an infectious and sometimes fatal viral ailment. We did not get any other case of cow death,Ē Majhi told The Telegraph.
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