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German visitors dance in shutdown National Park

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  • German visitors dance in shutdown National Park
    <img src="*264/oct+4+dance.JPG" width="369" height="264" class="photo" alt="German visitors dance in shutdown National Park " title="German visitors dance in shutdown National Park " border="0" />

    German visitors dance in shutdown National Park
    by JENNIFER KING / Social Media Producer

    Posted on October 4, 2013 at 2:24 PM
    Updated Friday, Oct 4 at 2:37 PM

    A post to the NWCN Facebook page shares how the U.S. government shutdown is affecting a couple from Germany. Katie McClure posted video of the couple visiting Yellowstone National Park.

    According to you the YouTube description:

    "October 2, 2013. These guests from Germany had never been out of Western Europe. This trip to Yellowstone was a dream for them, and the man celebrated his 70th birthday here in the recently closed park. Tonight was their last night at Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel; they must exit the park immediately in the morning -- no more visitors can be in the park tomorrow. They danced to several songs tonight. They gave me permission to post this video. Only a couple people were hanging out in the Map Room and I think less than 10 rooms in the hotel were occupied. It was a sad but inspiring final night at work."
    The video has been removed now but I saw it before it was taken down. It was very moving to see this couple's dignity and love for each other transcend the ugly and unnecessary decisions made by the politicians of this country.

    Many park visitors at this time are seniors. The parks are quieter now that the schools are back in session, but little time remains before the snows will make many areas inaccessible. For some people a visit to a National Park is the dream vacation of a lifetime, for some locals it might be a day's drive or short hike that offers respite from months or years of loss and suffering.

    Too bad there isn't a medication that cures what ails the minds behind the callous decision to close our National Parks and sucker punch so many innocent people.

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