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  • Disease & Illness Seasonality & Waves

    ... to examine why seasonal waves go down with only 5%-20% of the
    populaton infected

    ... to examine why some strains dominate and others disappear

    ... to examine why flu is almost yearround in the tropes but dies in warmer
    weather in regions more distant from the equator

    ... to examine where/how the new strains emerge than then become dominant

    ... to examine how immunity builds up and thus selects on dominance of
    new strains
    I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
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    Re: seasonality,waves

    new particularly successful strains usually cause a first strong,early
    wave in USA,Europe and then becomes "normal" in the next years
    once immunity had built up

    below for the UK (couldn't easily find data from USA before 1997 ?)

    also demonstrating the mystery why flu declined so much in the UK
    since 2000 (but not in other countries)
    I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
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      Re: seasonality,waves
      Why Do Influenza Virus Subtypes Die Out? A Hypothesis
      I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
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        Re: seasonality,waves

        seasonal diseases , diseases that cause more deaths in winter than in summer in the USA
        ordered by the magnitude of winter/summer quotient, not by total deaths

        1.) almost all respiratory deaths
        2.) other viral (except HIV) and chlamydial infection
        3.) mening- anything
        4.) sudden death, cause unknown
        5.) most mental/nerval diseases, like Alzheimer,Parkinson,senility,dementia
        6.) malnutrition,nutritional conditions, especially marasmus
        7.) septicemia

        8.) almost all cardiovascular deaths , (ratio small (~1.05), but total number big)

        9.) cancer (the ratio is very small (~1.02 , maybe 1.03 in lung cancer))

        [to be updated and extended]
        I'm making tables for ICD7,ICD8,ICD9a,ICD9b,ICD10 deaths with their seasonality
        and influenza-dependence
        except rare one, 766,854,581,581,821 conditions , minus unnatural ones


        deaths 1-99 years only
        r,J98,187, 3606776,12804,11223,respiratory
        p,H70,245, 2658123,11478,10092,nerves,mental
        m,E88,208, 1728273,11119,10322,metabolic
        -,R99, 84,  578822,11074, 9754,other
        s,M94,161,  262098,10977,10327,skin,skelett
        i,B99,260,  933561,10997, 9711,infectious
        g,Q99, 96,  128112,10933,10422,congenital
        o,N49,168, 2066212,10875,10191,inner organs,male
        d,K66,147,  786420,10691,10244,digestive
        c,D48,419,11535000,10187, 9897,cancer
        f,P35,120,   26026,10130,11313,female
        I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
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          Re: Disease & Illness Seasonality & Waves

          there are small (but significant because of the large numbers) differences
          in the seasonality of the various cancer deaths.

          lung,breast,prostate cancer deaths occur 2-3% more often
          in winter than in summer, independent from the severety of the flu-season
          while pancreas,skin cancer deaths are balanced between summer and winter.

          last ICD,
          number of calculations,
          total number of US-summer-deaths,
          winter/summer ratio *10000,
          flu-ratio * 10000,
          D46,6, 138752,10574, 9610,Myelodysplastic syndromes
          C91,5, 114602,10371,10038,Lymphoid leukaemia
          C61,6, 631031,10356, 9872,Malignant neoplasm of prostate
          C50,6, 932732,10291, 9825,Malignant neoplasm of breast
          C34,7,2847268,10239, 9839,Malignant neoplasm of bronchus and lung
          C67,6, 266292,10210, 9902,Malignant neoplasm of bladder
          C71,6, 247416,10193, 9951,Malignant neoplasm of brain
          C20,6, 222103,10162,10076,Malignant neoplasm of rectum
          C64,5, 195485,10155, 9971,Malignant neoplasm of kidney, except renal pelvis
          D12,5, 739756,10143,10050,Benign neoplasm of colon, rectum, anus and anal canal
          C55,6, 102159,10128,10384,Malignant neoplasm of uterus, part unspecified
          C53,6, 139328,10092,10171,Malignant neoplasm of cervix uteri
          C92,5, 173418,10085, 9986,Myeloid leukaemia
          C15,6, 233486,10065, 9862,Malignant neoplasm of oesophagus
          C16,6, 379607,10050,10403,Malignant neoplasm of stomach
          C56,6, 304309,10052, 9848,Malignant neoplasm of ovary
          153,3, 347945,10052, 9465,Malignant neoplasm of large intestine, except rectum
          C25,6, 609990,10045, 9806,Malignant neoplasm of pancreas
          C43,6, 140242,10014, 9757,Malignant melanoma of skin
          C22,7, 240640,10007, 9861,Malignant neoplasm of liver and intrahepatic bile ducts
          C88,4,  84914,10652,10021,Malignant immunoproliferative diseases
          C32,6,  86371,10455, 9902,Malignant neoplasm of larynx
          D33,6,  18099,10384, 9968,Benign neoplasm of brain and other parts of central nervous system
          147,6,  15959,10375, 9927,Malignant neoplasm of nasopharynx
          238,4,  34829,10322,10091,Neoplasm of unspecified nature of eye, brain and other parts of nervous system
          C14,4,  24348,10303,10270,Malignant neoplasm of other and ill-defined sites in the lip, oral cavity and pharynx
          149,4,  12697,10280, 9439,Malignant neoplasm of pharynx, unspecified
          C02,7,  46559,10265, 9981,Malignant neoplasm of other and unspecified parts of tongue
          C44,6,  50613,10256, 9811,Other malignant neoplasms of skin
          C95,5,  92297,10254, 9979,Leukaemia of unspecified cell type
          C10,6,  22663,10243, 9831,Malignant neoplasm of oropharynx
          C13,6,  11398,10140, 9992,Malignant neoplasm of hypopharynx
          C94,5,  61788,10111, 9439,Other leukaemias of specified cell type
          C17,5,  22736,10100,10192,Malignant neoplasm of small intestine
          C81,6,  55156,10054, 9946,Hodgkin's disease
          C54,5,  57496,10044, 9684,Malignant neoplasm of corpus uteri
          200,6,  97720, 9983, 9650,Lymphosarcoma and reticulosarcoma
          C62,6,  13195, 9964, 9815,Malignant neoplasm of testis
          C23,5,  76267, 9926, 9988,Malignant neoplasm of gallbladder
          223,3,    209,10717,14179,Benign neoplasm of kidney and other urinary organs
          175,3,   2883,10692,10087,Malignant neoplasm of male breast
          C09,3,   4473,10471,10040,Malignant neoplasm of tonsil
          C93,5,   6308,10429,10236,Monocytic leukaemia
          C69,6,   7451,10332, 9959,Malignant neoplasm of eye and adnexa
          140,5,   2853,10093,11202,Malignant neoplasm of lip
          235,3,    180,10055, 5938,Neoplasm of unspecified nature of ovary
          D23,4,    396, 9898,10228,Other benign neoplasms of skin
          C24,2,   9004, 9882,10363,Malignant neoplasm of other and unspecified parts of biliary tract
          D27,6,   1251, 9799,11941,Benign neoplasm of ovary
          D25,:,   2614, 9628,11541,Leiomyoma of uterus
          216,4,    329, 9452, 9449,Benign neoplasm of skin
          214,3,    136, 8750,10797,Lipoma
          C85,:, 306980,10211,10144,Other and unspecified types of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
          239,Q, 278638,10183, 9910,Neoplasm of unspecified nature
          239,P, 254616,10172,10084,Neoplasm of unspecified nature
          D48,n, 388784,10158,10056,Neoplasm of uncertain or unknown behaviour of other and unspecified sites
          239,M, 121762,10110, 9254,Neoplasm of unspecified nature of other and unspecified organs
          239,S, 254657,10053, 9670,Neoplasm of unspecified nature of other and unspecified organs
          I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
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            Re: Disease & Illness Seasonality & Waves

            most of the various cardiovascular death, that sound so different
            to me in symptoms and causes, still have all a quite uniform ~11%
            winter-preference. The preference for severe flu-seasons is lower,
            at ~2% in average.
            These are the most common deaths, before cancer, and they dominate the

            I64,5,1554000,11261,10145,Stroke, not specified as haemorrhage or infarction
            I25,5,7901425,11185,10052,Chronic ischaemic heart disease
            I21,5,5037079,11115,10222,Acute myocardial infarction
            I61,6, 923723,11140,10499,Intracerebral haemorrhage
            I51,5, 805133,11280,10157,Complications and ill-defined descriptions of heart disease
            I67,B, 755742,11275,10322,Other cerebrovascular diseases
            I50,4, 672740,11396,10487,Heart failure
            I11,7, 602248,11200,10874,Hypertensive heart disease
            I70,6, 568350,11346,10370,Atherosclerosis
            433,4, 538732,11022,10229,Cerebral thrombosis
            I99,H, 433434,11116,10159,Other and unspecified disorders of circulatory system
            421,3,  21519,11450,12462,Chronic endocarditis not specified as rheumatic
            I13,5,  69298,11422,10752,Hypertensive heart and renal disease
            437,4, 126380,11402,10395,Other and ill-defined cerebrovascular disease
            431,3,   5099,11348,12397,Acute myocarditis not specified as rheumatic
            422,2, 211593,11277,11092,Other myocardial degeneration
            427,3, 393860,11263,10606,Cardiac dysrhythmias
            I10,7, 135582,11247,10705,Essential (primary) hypertension
            I71,6, 336669,11236, 9941,Aortic aneurysm and dissection
            I24,5,  75957,11214,10311,Other acute ischaemic heart diseases
            401,4,  21827,11191,12214,Essential benign hypertension
            I12,7, 207489,11183,11174,Hypertensive renal disease
            I09,6,  70119,11160,11790,Other rheumatic heart diseases
            I35,7, 107058,11144, 9970,Nonrheumatic aortic valve disorders
            458,B, 215719,11081, 9660,Other diseases of circulatory system
            I27,7, 147875,11080,10124,Other pulmonary heart diseases
            394,7,  96194,11061,10706,Diseases of mitral valve
            I37,5,   1625,11057, 9989,Pulmonary valve disorders
            467,:, 124735,11038, 9510,Other diseases of circulatory system
            423,4,   3141,11005, 9603,Chronic disease of pericardium, non-rheumatic
            459,D, 341303,10980,10311,Other disorders of circulatory system
            I26,4, 125022,10979, 9683,Pulmonary embolism
            I08,3,  32396,10926,10124,Multiple valve diseases
            I80,7,  53374,10873,10200,Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis
            459,C, 154513,10851,10310,Other disorders of circulatory system
            I22,4,   9126,10845,10077,Subsequent myocardial infarction
            I89,6,    996,10792,10899,Other non-infective disorders of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes
            396,4,  15663,10771,10274,Diseases of mitral and aortic valves
            I60,6, 179247,10756, 9804,Subarachnoid haemorrhage
            I28,4,    811,10739, 9005,Other diseases of pulmonary vessels
            I82,6,  22292,10727, 9774,Other venous embolism and thrombosis
            I01,6,   4005,10646,13415,Rheumatic fever with heart involvement
            I72,6,  20621,10609, 9644,Other aneurysm
            390,5,    520,10518,18713,Rheumatic fever without mention of heart involvement
            I74,6,  53260,10414, 9984,Arterial embolism and thrombosis
            445,3,  16387,10276, 9480,Gangrene
            I81,5,   1339,10111, 9238,Portal vein thrombosis
            I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
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              Re: Disease & Illness Seasonality & Waves

              deaths from infectious diseases became rare these days.
              Except pneumonia, which will be handled in the respiratory group later.
              Most are Septicaemia - those a bit more seasonal than cardiovascular
              Very seasonal - comparable with pneumonia - are deaths from
              viral meningitis and other viral infections, but it's not so significant,
              it could be (bad) luck, the numbers are small.

              A41,7, 375856,11443,10283,Other septicaemia
              A81,<,  11716,15035,11840,Atypical virus infections of central nervous system
              A87,:,   6477,14725,11089,Viral meningitis
              A09,3,   9541,11308, 8005,Diarrhoea and gastro-enteritis of presumed infectious origin
              A52,?,   6934,11138,14498,Late syphilis
              138,I,  21585,10996,10702,Late effects of acute poliomyelitis
              A16,6,   6708,10950,11296,Respiratory tuberculosis, not confirmed bacteriologically or histologically
              B91,N,  46425,10751,10130,Sequelae of poliomyelitis
              011,5,  60346,10750,12850,Pulmonary tuberculosis
              138,I,  14456,10748,11614,Late effects of acute poliomyelitis
              B99,9,  21188,10668,13345,Other and unspecified infectious diseases
              B19,9,  62528,10648, 9759,Unspecified viral hepatitis
              135,H,  12313,10530, 9453,Sarcoidosis
              B90,S,  16879,10463,10636,Sequelae of tuberculosis
              B37,4,   7591,10458,11263,Candidiasis
              A86,7,   4610,10359,12508,Unspecified viral encephalitis
              B24,<, 231956,10348, 6607,Unspecified human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] disease
              133,J,  12353,10188,14329,Coccidioidomycosis
              032,3,    186,19085,21120,Diphtheria
              134,2,   1310,11519,11531,Other fungus infections
              048,4,    413,11258,11824,Other enterovirus diseases of central nervous system
              006,4,    657, 9878,13939,Amoebiasis
              055,5,   1533, 8962,11828,Measles
              I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
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                Re: Disease &amp; Illness Seasonality &amp; Waves

                as expected, deaths from respiratory causes are most seasonal.
                They are dominated by Pneumonia,Bronchopneumonia (unspecified)
                with caused 39&#37; more deaths in winter than in summer and
                ~16% more deaths in severe flu-winters as compared to mild flu-winters.
                The last numer(16%) is surprisingly low, when you consider that deaths
                attributed to flu were 500% higher in those seasons.
                Maybe it's because flu-B kills well by pneumonia but not by cardiovascular
                causes and so seasons dominated by flu-B are considered mild.
                The other common respiratory death condition is chronic obstructive
                pulmonary disease, which is half as seasonal as pneumonia
                but ~double as seasonal as cardiovascular deaths.

                Some of the respiratory conditions are "highly" seasonal,
                ~50% more winter deaths than summer deaths,
                while others are only lightly elevated.
                Maybe some medical expert can explain why ...

                J44,4,1126927,11966,10784,Other chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
                J18,?, 938899,13880,11434,Pneumonia, organism unspecified
                485,5, 264447,13897,12089,Bronchopneumonia, organism unspecified
                J43,5, 320672,11813,11176,Emphysema
                J69,4, 157020,11752,10812,Pneumonitis due to solids and liquids
                J98,C, 146301,11420,10294,Other respiratory disorders
                J11,=,  13341,50034,61105,Influenza, virus not identified
                J12,5,   7304,25319,17452,Viral pneumonia, not elsewhere classified
                J06,6,   2071,22350,14411,Acute upper respiratory infections of multiple and unspecified sites
                J22,5,    572,19492,15683,Unspecified acute lower respiratory infection
                J21,7,   9752,18004,13423,Acute bronchiolitis
                J04,6,   1539,16094,11453,Acute laryngitis and tracheitis
                J40,6,  11376,15530,11790,Bronchitis, not specified as acute or chronic
                J13,4,  14668,15504,12252,Pneumonia due to Streptococcus pneumoniae
                481,4,  42341,15477,11735,Pneumococcal pneumonia
                490,3,  29438,15346,13390,Lobar pneumonia
                J32,7,   1582,13431,12387,Chronic sinusitis
                463,3,    280,12606,13644,Acute tonsillitis
                J41,7,  63096,12516,10438,Simple and mucopurulent chronic bronchitis
                J02,6,    712,12078,11523,Acute pharyngitis
                519,?,  46383,11832,10672,Other diseases of respiratory system
                J47,6,  26330,11658,12335,Bronchiectasis
                527,8,  82376,11640, 7771,Other diseases of lung and pleural cavity
                519,8,  99663,11614, 9180,Other diseases of respiratory system
                J46,7,  93014,11516,11422,Status asthmaticus
                523,7,  16044,11489,10879,Pneumoconiosis due to silica and silicates (occupational)
                515,4,  48401,11360,11194,Postinflammatory pulmonary fibrosis
                519,?,  46557,11229,11244,Other diseases of respiratory system
                J93,7,   8525,11194,10527,Pneumothorax
                510,5,   6665,11061,10477,Empyema
                I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
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                  Re: Disease &amp; Illness Seasonality &amp; Waves

                  deaths from psychic,mental,brain,nerve conditions show surprisingly
                  high seasonality.
                  They are dominated by Alzheimer,Parkinson,senility,dementia

                  F03,:, 768753,12157, 9653,Unspecified dementia
                  G93,:, 205257,11730,10486,Other disorders of brain
                  G20,7, 198041,11621,10342,Parkinson's disease
                  G03,9,  20715,13517,10459,Meningitis due to other and unspecified causes
                  392,=,   2055,12812,12408,Otitis media with mastoiditis
                  298,E,  97316,12004,11160,Other psychoses
                  G80,4,  13776,11917,10424,Infantile cerebral palsy
                  G83,6,  12661,11764,11041,Other paralytic syndromes
                  R54,5,  53350,11501,10925,Senility
                  G72,7,  16784,11347,10271,Other myopathies
                  357,I,  31858,11219,11295,Inflammatory and toxic neuropathy
                  H54,`, 111315,11194, 9991,other
                  G35,6,  49984,11060,10358,Multiple sclerosis
                  335,3,  33881,10825, 9906,Anterior horn cell disease
                  357,I,  26249,10788,10665,Inflammatory and toxic neuropathy
                  374,F,  18878,10783,10481,other
                  F10,6, 119079,10775, 9980,Mental and behavioural disorders due to use of alcohol
                  348,3,  16438,10668, 9308,Motor neurone disease
                  385,?,   7807,10550,10238,other
                  G41,7,  41538,10311,10247,Status epilepticus
                  G04,7,   7972,10258,11063,Encephalitis, myelitis and encephalomyelitis
                  291,6,  10633,10235,10138,Alcoholic psychoses
                  I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
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                    Re: Disease &amp; Illness Seasonality &amp; Waves

                    nutritional death conditions are diabetes mellitus in 90% of cases,
                    whose seasonality is similar to cardiovascular

                    E14,8,1166115,11094,10261,Unspecified diabetes mellitus
                    E41,4,   5726,12136,10267,Nutritional marasmus
                    E53,7,   7075,11991,11872,Deficiency of other B group vitamins
                    E15,4,   1298,11363, 8120,Nondiabetic hypoglycaemic coma
                    244,3,   3318,11367,10015,Myxoedema
                    E04,<,   6153,11231,12057,Other non-toxic goitre
                    E27,6,   7069,11103,10460,Other disorders of adrenal gland
                    D82,<,  14280,11069,10302,Immunodeficiency associated with other major defects
                    E23,7,   5015,11032,10249,Hypofunction and other disorders of pituitary gland
                    294,2,   1976,10981, 8555,Polycythaemia
                    D53,5,   4023,10961,10214,Other nutritional anaemias
                    289,I,  92507,10950,10329,Other diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
                    E66,6,  49721,10911,10235,Obesity
                    258,3,   2041,10724, 9452,Polyglandular dysfunction and other diseases of endocrine glands
                    D50,6,   2767,10657,11002,Iron deficiency anaemia
                    274,5,   2751,10617, 9611,Gout
                    E88,], 151769,11321,10013,Other metabolic disorders
                    289,C,  35088,10773, 9794,Other diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
                    289,G,  66636,10735,11288,Other diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
                    299,@,  25222,10591, 9173,Other diseases of blood and blood-forming organs
                    280,2,     90,14444,30000,Beriberi
                    E51,4,    249,10882, 8984,Thiamine deficiency
                    I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
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                      Re: Disease &amp; Illness Seasonality &amp; Waves

                      the seasonality of digestive death conditions
                      is not very remarkable:

                      K26,6,  66677,11032,10969,Duodenal ulcer
                      K28,6,   5727,11012,10745,Gastrojejunal ulcer
                      K66,6,  46671,10946, 9506,Other disorders of peritoneum
                      K25,5,  65577,10930,10480,Gastric ulcer
                      K63,G,  48151,10911, 9983,Other diseases of intestine
                      K27,5,  32505,10900,10276,Peptic ulcer, site unspecified
                      K22,8,  36349,10831,10296,Other diseases of oesophagus
                      566,@,  19408,10793,10278,Abscess of anal and rectal regions
                      560,3,  44147,10653,10388,Intestinal obstruction without mention of hernia
                      K55,4, 114500,10648,10179,Vascular disorders of intestine
                      K57,5,  65674,10539,10393,Diverticular disease of intestine
                      570,>, 110676,10477, 9937,Intestinal obstruction without mention of hernia
                      569,3,  18362,10413,11053,Other disorders of intestine
                      572,6,  31514,10398, 9396,Chronic enteritis and ulcerative colitis
                      K65,6,  30985,10360,10389,Peritonitis
                      566,<,  13937,10108,10316,other
                      575,<,  13666, 9766,10611,other
                      K11,6,   1574,12121,11602,Diseases of salivary glands
                      566,@,  19371,11062,10219,other
                      568,3,    949,10568,11853,Peritoneal adhesions
                      I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
                      my current links: [url][/url] ILI-charts: [url][/url]


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                        Re: Disease &amp; Illness Seasonality &amp; Waves

                        among the deaths from inner organ-problems we have the highest seasonality
                        in kidney-related deaths. Prostate deaths show a high correlation with severe
                        flu seasons, but small significance (flu won't go into prostate or kidney ?!)
                        Most deaths in this category are from cirrhosis of liver, which has low seasonality,
                        still more than cancer.

                        K74,5, 606937,10756, 9800,Fibrosis and cirrhosis of liver
                        N17,4,  68515,11717,10528,Acute renal failure
                        N19,4, 193296,11374,10429,Unspecified renal failure
                        599,4,  97768,11278,10406,Other disorders of urethra and urinary tract
                        590,7,  10740,11261,10802,Acute nephritis
                        N39,3,  89290,11248,10232,Other disorders of urinary system
                        N04,5,   4320,11182,10919,Nephrotic syndrome
                        578,3,  53909,11129,10365,Gastro-intestinal haemorrhage
                        592,7,  89176,11071,11121,Chronic nephritis
                        N35,6,   1907,11053,10491,Urethral stricture
                        N18,4, 146144,10982,10089,Chronic renal failure
                        N28,6,  63540,10965,10386,Other disorders of kidney and ureter, not elsewhere classified
                        N12,8,  27127,10800,10056,Tubulo-interstitial nephritis, not specified as acute or chronic
                        590,5,  85834,10638,10127,Infections of kidney
                        N20,5,   8400,10633,11100,Calculus of kidney and ureter
                        N40,6,  33609,10575,11948,Hyperplasia of prostate
                        N42,6,   4084,10506,11297,Other disorders of prostate
                        591,5,   2813,10479,11324,Hydronephrosis
                        587,5,   1799,10477, 9957,Renal sclerosis, unspecified
                        601,3,   1692,10401,12927,Prostatitis
                        K86,7,  78338,10380,10242,Other diseases of pancreas
                        K80,6,  42724,10065,10541,Cholelithiasis
                        604,3,   5468,10036,11758,Calculi of other parts of urinary system
                        575,3,  16535, 9771, 9895,Cholecystitis and cholangitis, without mention of calculi
                        N49,E, 200157,10711, 9923,other
                        608,<,  42890,10790,10412,Other
                        608,=,  40859,10599,10689,Other
                        607,:,  30590,10265, 9884,Other
                        617,9,  15854,10143, 9176,Other
                        597,3,    123,11950,12556,Urethritis, not sexually transmitted, and urethral syndrome
                        N26,2,    274,10912, 9711,Unspecified contracted kidney
                        N25,5,    883,10848,11200,Disorders resulting from impaired renal tubular function
                        N41,4,    617,10842, 9653,Inflammatory diseases of prostate
                        I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
                        my current links: [url][/url] ILI-charts: [url][/url]


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                          Re: Disease &amp; Illness Seasonality &amp; Waves

                          other viruses , since week 40/2012

                          we already know that seasonality of deaths is _worse_ in the Southern states,
                          Europe and USA, although that's improving in the last decades.

                          Without flu, in mild flu-seasons we have an almost linear decline from Jan to Aug
                          (7 months) and then a linear increase Aug-Jan (5 months --> steeper)

                          what is it ? Hard to imagine why spring,fall are worse than August wrt. deathss.
                          Is it all just because of (unknown ?) respiratory viruses that spread better in cold
                          weather ? Differences in immunity ? Nutrition ?
                          We mostly live in heated rooms in winter
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                          I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
                          my current links: [url][/url] ILI-charts: [url][/url]