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Big cats diet changed due to bird flu outbreak

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  • Big cats diet changed due to bird flu outbreak

    Change in menu affects zoo inmates
    Guwahati: For the last two days, Caesar, a leopard at the Assam state zoo here, has not had a morsel of food, and its keepers are at their wits' end.
    From raw mutton to cooked minced lamb legs, zookeepers tried in vain to make Caesar eat. But they have failed.
    Ever since a ban on poultry and poultry products was enforced due to an outbreak of bird flu in Assam, authorities were forced to change the menu for the zoo inmates -- from chicken to mutton.
    "The cats at the zoo were earlier given chicken, but all of a sudden when we started serving them mutton they are refusing to eat," zoo warden Narayan Mahanta said.
    There are about 30 cats in the zoo, from leopards to clouded leopards and jungle cats.
    "We even tried serving them boiled minced mutton but still their acceptance level is less than 30 percent. This is a matter of concern for us," the warden said.
    Most zoo cats are now getting restless. "They are pacing around the cages and most of the time roaring angrily. They are hungry," a keeper said.
    Even the bears seem to be annoyed.
    "The bears love to eat eggs, but with the ban on poultry products we are unable to give them eggs. At times the bears are also getting angry," said Mahanta.
    Zoo officials are now thinking of alternatives.
    "We are hoping for the best and presume the cats would develop a liking for mutton soon," one official said.
    Assam is in the grip of a bird flu epidemic with at least eight of the 17 districts hit by the deadly avian influenza.
    An estimated 300,000 poultry, including chicken and ducks, have been culled since the outbreak was reported two weeks ago. More than 200,000 poultry were ordered to be killed.
    The Assam government banned the sale and consumption of poultry and poultry products in most parts of the state fearing bird flu might spread to humans.
    "We are carrying out daily health checks on the animals in view of the bird flu," Mahanta said. (IANS)
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    Re: Big cats diet changed due to bird flu outbreak

    Guwahati. Rrafaile several districts of Assam in the meat of poultry because of bird flu in the state of closure Chidizayaagar placed in the Chiton food is left. Instead of chicken meat goat meat they served was not A's.

    Noted that in several districts of the state Outbreak of bird flu after officials worried Chiton from the menu of chicken meat is removed.

    Narayan Mahanta, director of Chidizayaagar said that we are very worried because in 15 of 14 Chidizayaagar Chiton Chiton two days and two Clauded them from the goat meat has been eaten is not.

    He said that after the ban on chicken meat from Chidizayaagar in the daily supply of 23 kg of chicken meat has been stopped. Mahanta said that the raw meat, we Chiton before and after dinner it gave them cooked meat. He also is not eating.

    He said that the last two days Chiton from his normal diet of 10 to 30 per cent also have not eaten. It is a matter of concern for us.