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Scotland: Seasonal flu 2017 - 2018: 26 fatalities

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  • Scotland: Seasonal flu 2017 - 2018: 26 fatalities

    Flu would appear to have landed in Scotland with a few hospitals announcing outbreaks, inc Ninewells and Aberdeen Royal. Types A and B on the go.
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    From BBC Scotland:

    "The NHS 24 hotline in Scotland has experienced its busiest festive period since it began 15 years ago.
    Figures showed the service received more than 45,000 calls in the four days over Christmas.
    The total is almost double the number of calls in the same period last year, with thousands more calls being taken over the new year period.
    Bosses said the service was facing "exceptional" demand due largely to cold and flu queries.
    The Sunday Post newspaper reported that NHS 24 centres in Aberdeen, Cardonald, Clydebank and South Queensferry had been inundated with calls from patients suffering from cold and flu, as well as stomach bugs.
    'Symptoms circulating'

    The bases were expecting to take at least another 29,000 calls over the Hogmanay and new year period.
    Confirming the figures, an NHS 24 spokeswoman said: "Already this weekend our call demand on Saturday was over 13,000 calls and by 10.30am on Sunday we had almost 3,500 calls.
    "There are lots of cold and flu symptoms circulating and the demand this year has been exceptional."


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      Australian flu and Japanese flu spark fears of epidemic as 149 people die

      Australian and Japanese strains of the virus may be partly to blame for what has the makings of the worst outbreak in seven years, mostly affecting the elderly.

      Up to 8.3million people are said to have been hit by symptoms this week with 4,500 in hospital last week alone.

      In England there were 120 deaths recorded in England while in Scotland another 21 have died and eight in Northern Ireland. Public Health England (PHE) also said there was an 11 per cent increase in the flu hospitalisation rate, along with a 42 per cent increase in the GP consultation rate with flu-like illness compared to the previous week.

      Fears are growing that the UK is on the verge of a flu epidemic that could last until March as the death toll hits 149. Australian and Japanese strains of...
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        The article at the link below indicates that there have been 25 flu-related deaths in Scotland this season.
        Source: ( Flu
        "I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much." - Mother Teresa of Calcutta


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          And still, you pass people coughing and sneezing without putting up their hand...