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Spain: Seasonal Flu 2013-2014 (other areas than Aragon)

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  • Spain: Seasonal Flu 2013-2014 (other areas than Aragon)

    A 56-year-old woman was admitted to State grave Tuesday in the unit of care intensive (ICU) of the Hospital Mateu Orfila in Menorca with pneumonia by influenza A (H1N1), in what is the first severe case detected in the island from 2010.PALMA DE MALLORCA, 07 (EUROPA PRESS) as reported by the newspaper in its Saturday Editionthe head of the UCI Ramon Fernandez Cid, said that the patient had a previous cardiovascular pathology.Because of this, explained the specialist, own the flu symptoms have worsened.

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    Re: Woman with severe influenza A(H1N1) in the Hospital Mateu Orfila (Menorca)

    Women diagnosed with the flu TO in Menorca remains in the ICU isolated from the rest of patients

    The 56 year old woman diagnosed with Influenza A in Menorca remains entered in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Hospital Mateu Orfila of Mao and is isolated from the rest of patients, in steady state within the gravity, according to Europe have confirmed Press sources of the health center.

    It should be remembered that the patient, who had a previous cardiopathy, went last Wednesday to the hospital and, after asking them the relevant evidence, she was diagnosed Influenza A.


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      Spain: several regions report growing influenza activity

      Several regions in Spain report growing influenza activity: Navarra, Pais Vasco (Euskadi)


      Influenza activity in Navarra exceeds the epidemic threshold

      Coincides with a major movement of respiratory syncytial virus in children and an increase of pneumonia in adults

      02.01.2014 Influenza activity in Navarra has surpassed, in the week of 23 to 29 December, the epidemic threshold. Its intensity is medium and the growing trend. This coincides with a significant movement of respiratory syncytial virus in children with increased pneumonia in adults, as reflected in the latest report by the network monitoring this disease. Enlarge Photo Specifically, as reported by the Government of Navarra in a statement, there have been 82.4 cases per 100,000 influenza. Epidemic is considered when exceeding 50. It is expected that this incidence is increasing in the next four or five weeks. In 2013, influenza wave was likewise delayed and began at the end of January.

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      Flu cases increase in Euskadi, which already exceeds the epidemic threshold

      02.01.2014 Flu cases have experienced a "dramatic" increase with the onset of winter, so the influenza activity last reached a rate of 101.48 per 100,000 inhabitants week.

      This level exceeds the epidemic threshold, which this year stands at 76.5 cases per 100,000 population, as reported by the Basque Health Department. Enlarge Photo The highest rates correspond to the age of children up to 4 years with 274.3 cases in front of the group 5 to 14 years with 153 cases per 100,000 population.

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        Four people are admitted to hospital for flu H1N1 in Extremadura

        Three people are admitted to hospitals in the province of Cáceres affected by the influenza A virus H1N1, as confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Social Policy.

        In addition, he points out that the incidence of influenza in the autonomous community is the normal for these dates and cannot be considered the situation, as well as epidemic.
        A person is admitted to the Hospital Infanta Cristina of Badajoz by influenza A.


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          Cases of flu in Spain: Madrid and Zaragoza affected by the epidemic of influenza A H1N1

          New flu cases registered in Spain. If yesterday is altered in a epidemic in Zaragoza in which there were several cases of influenza A H1N1, today it is reported that in Madrid there are also people affected.

          Well, today they have five confirmed cases in the capital, of persons who are hospitalized for the disease. The information would have been confirmed by Javier Fernández Lasquetty, Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid in an interview with Servimedia.

          Of the new cases registered in Madrid none registers extreme gravity and are not in the ICU. For the prevention of disease refers to the mass vaccination campaigns and specialist teams that have been prepared for the occasion.


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            Re: Four people are admitted to hospital for flu H1N1 in Extremadura

            A 58-year-old man and an infant of one month, admitted in Caceres for influenza A

            A 58-year-old man and a baby one month and twenty days are admitted in the Hospital San Pedro de Alcántara de Cáceres for the flu by the H1N1 virus, also known as influenza a virus google_ad_section_end(name noticia_entradilla) google_ad_section_start(name noticia_cuerpo, weight low) in addition, two other possible cases have been detectedone in Cáceres and Badajoz, that you are a student and are still pending confirmation, as reported by the Servicio Extremeño de Salud. In particular, are a man aged 58, who is admitted to the ICU, with pneumonia and in status grave, as well as a baby in one month and 20 days of life, which is infected with the virus, but that does not meet the condition of serious. Both are in the Hospital San Pedro de Alcántara in Cáceres.



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              Confirmed two cases of influenza A H1N1 in Ciudad Real and suspected in five others

              Two patients are admitted to the unit of intensive care (ICU) of the Hospital General Universitario Ciudad Real affected by influenza A H1N1 virus, while tests are conducted five others suspected of suffering from the same disease.Sources of the health service of Castilla - La Mancha (Sescam) has confirmed that two affected patients have an elderly and suffered from previous illnesses, so he has chosen to serve you in the ICU.These sources have indicated that in all cases found that patients were not vaccinated previously, by what have stressed is 'recommended' to do so. In this sense, have been reminded that there are still stocks of the vaccine, in the health centres in the province of Ciudad Real, have pointed out, who still can go to receive it.



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                15 people admitted in the ICU in Castilla and León

                A total of four patients Leon are admitted in the Hospital of Leon as a consequence of a recovery in cases of influenza A, as reported Monday the Junta de Castilla y Leon through the Department of health. Two other people, according to official data, are entered in the plant. Data revenue by flu in the province of León are only surpassed by Valladolid, province with seven patients in the ICU and two on the ground. Salamanca (2 cases), Palencia (1), Zamora (1) and Soria (1) maintain a lower incidence, which is zero in Avila, Segovia and Burgos



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                  Two serious cases of influenza A / H1N1 in Santander

                  SANTANDER, 13 (EUROPA PRESS) two people, a 57-year-old man and a woman of 38, remain entered in the Hospital Marquis of Valdecilla of Santander because of the complications associated with influenza A subtype H1N1 virus, as reported by the Government of Cantabria in the press release. Male entered the intensive care unit on 7 January with a respiratory failure. The woman was admitted the day 9 in the same unit with respiratory failure, although it is expected that this Monday is transferred to plant.



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                    A person hospitalized for flu in Zamora

                    LOZZamora recorded a case of hospitalization for influenza, as reported today by the Junta de Castilla y León. The regional Government despite reports that influenza activity in the community shows an estimated incidence of 113 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which exceeded the epidemic threshold, but that it remained at a level of intensity low. Health plans that the incidence reached its highest level at the end of January or early February.



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                      First admitted by influenza A in the Community of Madrid

                      Six people stay in the hospital in the Community of Madrid since the end of last month of December with the influenza virus. The strain that this year is proving majority in our country is the A/H1N1, an heiress of the virus in 2009 that caused the dreaded pandemic. None of the Madrid admitted this in the Intensive Care Unit as confirmed yesterday the counselor, Javier Fernadez-Lasquetty, who assured that the patients had the first symptoms in December. Lasquetty also recalled that the number affected by the disease in these dates is similar to last year, and that in 2013 there were 24 hospitalizations for influenza A in the Community.



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                        The hospital Virgen de la Concha has a patient admitted suffering from flu A

                        CARLOS GILUn patient of Zamora is hospitalized suffering flu, although it is on the ground, and not in the ICU as with other sufferers of various provinces in the region. According to the Ministry of health, in the community there are 19 confirmed cases and two suspects, with 14 patients admitted to the ICU and seven on hospital floors. The most affected province is Valladolid, which has nine sick flu, seven in the ICU, two on floor. There are six, four of them in the ICU, one on the ground in Leon. Two patients in the ICU, service where also a troubled patient of the medical condition of Palencia province where there are pending to confirm otherwise are in Salamanca. The same happens in Soria, with a patient case and another suspect. Avila, Burgos and Segovia are, for the moment, the provinces that get rid of influenza a.



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                          Murcia: Health confirms a death by flu and six serious cases

                          In total, and according to health care data, six people remain admitted in different hospitals in the Region due to complications arising from influenza, and four of them are in ICU. Most had considered previous illnesses of risk, such as heart disease and morbid obesity. In particular, there are three patients, one of them in the ICU at La Arrixaca. It is a pregnant woman who remains in critical condition. Doctors managed to save the fetus through an emergency intervention. Health has posted another severe patient in the Rafael Méndez (Lorca) and two in the Reina Sofía, as well as the deceased.The official number of hospitalized cases increase expected in the next few hours, because public health is awaiting that analyses confirm if flu is behind other four income La Arrixaca, Santa Lucia (Cartagena), Lorca and Los Arcos (Mar Menor). If the result is positive, the seriously ill would already amount to ten.



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                            Re: Four people are admitted to hospital for flu H1N1 in Extremadura

                            The SES confirms a third case of Influenza A in Extremadura and emphasizes the 'suspicion' of a fourth

                            The managing director of the Servicio Extremeño de Salud (SES), Joaquin Garcia, has stated that 'are' three confirmed cases of Influenza A H1N1 in Extremadura and has ensured that there is another 'suspicion' of a new case on the Infanta Cristina Hospital of Badajoz. It should be remembered that it was already known the case of two persons affected by Influenza A in Cáceres, a man of 58 and a one-month-old baby and twenty days, admitted to the Hospital San Pedro de Alcantara Abertura of the capital. The managing director of SES has emphasized, in statements to Europe Press TV, that incidence rates are 'normal' in this time and has assured that 'predictable' is that 'there is a rebound of the incident in coming weeks.



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                              Re: First admitted by influenza A in the Community of Madrid

                              Health reports 17 cases of influenza by income in the Community of Madrid

                              The Minister of Health, Javier Fernández Lasquetty, said Tuesday that the Community of Madrid detected five cases of people with flu symptoms during the month of December, 'an index very similar to the registered last year during this month', according to the counselor. The five people are in hospital, but none of them in the ICU. Today, however, the number of income could rise to 17 (including the hospitalized patients in December), as has been reported at 20minutes Antonio Alemany, general director of Primary Care in the Community of Madrid. These 17 cases are still unconfirmed, 'although we can guess that many of them will be patients with influenza A, due to the aggressiveness of the virus," explained Alemany.