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A patient with H1N1 flu in Bratislava

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  • A patient with H1N1 flu in Bratislava

    In one of Bratislava's hospitals is a patient with swine flu. the so-called Influenza virus A (H1N1) have for him has been confirmed by tests. ' This is a 58-year-old man hospitalised at the Hospital of St. Saints Cyril and Methodius. The patient is isolated, stabilized, his condition is improving slightly, ' said spokeswoman for the REUTERS University Hospital Bratislava Stano Maťašovská Petra.

    Close to the hospital she sent to the expertise of the samples from 27 patients who have severe flu conditions associated with breathing disorders. Positive is one. A patient with swine flu is being treated with antibiotics and antivirals, according to her words, širokospektrálnymi.

    The hospital has adopted a number of measures in this regard. For the increased incidence of influenza and acute respiratory ailments are at the Hospital of St. Saints Cyril and Methodius closed for visits to four sites. ' The UNB is the control the situation, guided by the guidelines prepared by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of health of the SLOVAK REPUBLIC. all employees are informed of the measures, as well as on the procedures for the provision of health care to patients, ' it sets Maťašovská has been added.

    V bratislavskej Univerzitnej nemocnici leží pacient s prasacou chrípkou. Jeho stav je stabilizovaný a zlepšuje sa.