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Portugal, influenza 2017: deaths still higher than expected

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  • Portugal, influenza 2017: deaths still higher than expected

    So far, 82 people have been hospitalized for intensive care. Report indicates that 11 died The flu activity remained stable in the last week of 2016, but more cases of patients admitted to intensive care units were reported. According to the report of the National Institute Ricardo Jorge (INSA), between December 26 and January 1, of the 29 patients hospitalized in a serious condition, 70% were older than 64.At the moment, 82 people were hospitalized in intensive care, Of which only 21 were vaccinated against the flu. The report states that 11 of the patients hospitalized in these units died - three of them in the last week - and that the strategic reserve of zanamivir was activated for two patients. All-cause mortality returned for the second consecutive week above Would be expected if it were an era without extreme phenomena.