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Italy, Influenza is reaching its peak - ECMO use increased threefold respect last year

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  • Italy, Influenza is reaching its peak - ECMO use increased threefold respect last year

    [Source: RaiNews24, the full text: <cite cite=""></cite> . Adapted.]

    Italy, Influenza is reaching its peak - ECMO use increased threefold respect last year

    Rome, 01/24/2011

    Influenza travels towards its seasonal peak, and increases to 18 the number of victims of the H1N1 virus in Italy.

    Two people died today, a 74 year old disable man in Bologna and a man aged 57 in Bari, both with previous illnesses. This brings' to six the number of people died of influenza A in Puglia.

    This virus, according to the Istituto Superiore di Sanita '(ISS) represents 60-70&#37; of influenza cases, a percentage less than the 2010 when the totality' of cases were attributable to influenza A.

    Grows while the number of serious cases reported by the national network of ECMO intensive care, which includes 14 centers throughout Italy.

    The news today has recorded two new victims.

    In Bologna and 'died a man of 74 years carrying a seriously debilitating neurological disease, while in the Policlinico of Bari and' died a man of 57 years, with serious blood problems.

    According to Gianni Rezza, director of Infectious Diseases, ISS, the largest number of deaths from influenza A which occurred in Apulia is "difficult to explain" but could attributed to a combination of factors ", such as the relatively low vaccination coverage of the bands at risk or perhaps a higher incidence of sick at the local level in certain areas. "
    Rezza added that "when 60-70% of cases of influenza is due to the H1N1 virus, the rest is of type B. In 2010, almost 100% of cases was rather due to influenza A virus.

    The H1N1 virus, in particular, ISS said the expert, there were small changes, "but these do not influence either the response to the vaccine nor treatment, nor had any effect on virulence of the virus."

    However, he noted, "increasing the overall number of cases in view of the peak due in February, also increase, unfortunately, the cases with fatal outcome, although they were still the minority"

    ECMO the national network of intensive care (14 centers throughout Italy) has meanwhile found a greater number of severe cases of influenza A compared to last year.

    "The network - said Marco Ranieri, director of the resuscitation of Molinette University of Turin and Piedmont head of the center between the four national reference within the same network - was opened on January 14."

    The technique that uses ECMO extracorporeal circulation, helps to support the function of the lungs and heart, keeping it at rest during the more 'acute illness. In this way you can deal with more-severe respiratory cases.

    "Since the network has been activated - added Ranieri - this year 16 cases were admitted in ECMO. If we think we are near the peak and comparing the data with those of last year, we see that we now have a presence of 1.6 from patients hospitalized network for each day, compared with 0.5 patients last year. "
    Then three times greater incidence.

    It is also the highest level of severity, said Ranieri.

    "As a citizen I feel happy that there is in Italy a network capable of intercepting the seriously ill with this efficient, but - said Ranieri - as doctors I am concerned that the vaccine coverage is too low."