The new super-virus, influenza A virus subtype H3N2 is spreading in Finland in recent years talvella.Suomessa Jutland, or swine influenza H1N1 is expected to soon be already decelerating, since a large proportion of the population is either already suffered from the disease or had received the vaccine against it. Jyll?? H3N2 is currently in the Southern Hemisphere, and it is waiting for Finland in the autumn. The actual outbreak is believed to break out in a Christmas j?lkeen.My?s swine influenza A H1N1 virus subtype. H3N2, however, is considerably more serious than the swine flu. The virus is particularly dangerous because it has not caused major epidemics in Europe for years. Thus, the majority of the population has no immunity against it.

Influences, competing with each other .- When the swine flu was in 2009, a large part of the world's influenssoista was it. Viruses compete with each other and will always be someone the power to prevail virus. Now, many are already immune protection against swine flu, which is why H3N2 begins to conquer space, and the National Institute for Health Research Professor Ilkka Julkunen selvent??.Viime winter, the vast majority of flu cases in Finland was a swine flu and the influenza B virus. They are less serious diseases such as H3N2 spreads this year .- It causes yl?hengitystieoireita, cough, sore throat, fever, muscle aches, vilunv?ristyst? and muscle aches, and possibly abdominal pain, bowel symptoms and headaches. If you have bad luck, may need to be in hospital or even intensive care.