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Intensive admissions and death: flu is hard in Denmark

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  • Intensive admissions and death: flu is hard in Denmark

    Flu is sticking to its grip on the Danes.

    The last few months, the virus sent hundreds of thousands of Danes in the bed
    with a fever, cough, body aches, and new figures show that it is not even over yet.
    Far from it.

    Last week the Danes have flocked to the doctor with symptoms of influenza in a
    number of which are not seen since the disease was at its highest level around Christmas and
    New Year. The show reports from the medical profession to Statens Serum Institut

    Simultaneously, a relatively high number of so ill, that they will be admitted to hospital intensive departments.

    Denmark has experienced much more influenzaaktivitet and more sick this year than last year.
    It has been one of the tougher seasons.
    We can also see that
    we have now had over 100 people admitted to hospital
    intensive departments with influenza, where it was only seven in the last season,"
    consultant Thea K?lsen Fischer who is afsnitsleder at Statens Serum
    Institute virological department.

    The graphs show now clearly two notches above influenzasmittede Danes. There were many
    around Christmas and New Year, and we are in the middle of a new glut, where we see an increased incidence of
    influenza B. Earlier in the season it was mainly the type
    influenza A, which sent the Danes in the bed.
    Simultaneous is the flu so bad that the death rate
    for older has increased substantially during the periods when most have been sick.

    "It is quite characteristic of a hard flu season. When mortality and
    influenzaaktivitet tandem, so it is likely that there is a link
    Although of course there are other reasons for
    overd?deligheden. For example, that it has been a hard winter with several infectious diseases
    circulating in the population," says Thea K?lsen Fischer.

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