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Pula: Sudden death of four-yr-old girl being investigated

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  • Pula: Sudden death of four-yr-old girl being investigated

    Cause of death doesn't seem settled yet, at least according to this machine translation, but may be bacterial meningitis.

    Google translation:
    She died young: The cause of death was meningitis
    Posted on: 20.02.2013 | 14:33 Last update: 20.02.2013 | 16:33 24 comments

    The news of the sudden death of four girls echoed through Pula and prompted wide speculation about the possible cause of death. Information that the girl died yesterday confirmed a spokesman for the Pula General Hospital Goran Paic. He said that the activities of Pediatrics OB Pula 19th of February in the morning received a minor patient in serious condition.

    - Despite the emergency measures taken resuscitation and treatment, the patient died. The clinical course is familiar PHI Istria profilacijskih about possible measures. If subsequently collected data are of importance to the public, the same will be issued a special statement, said Paic. Although the hospital did not confirm the cause of death for girls in public appeared suspected that she died from meningitis.

    However, no head of epidemiological services of the county Department of Public Health Dr. Vlasta Skopljak it could not be confirmed. We do not reveal any age girls, saying only that it is a child of kindergarten age. She stressed that all the children who are with the little girl was in contact, as well as its closest received chemoprophylaxis, and it is a protective therapy to eliminate the bacteria. This means that all children from kindergarten group that attended got a mention preventive therapy.

    According to unofficial information, meanwhile, has excluded the possibility that the girl died of meningitis, and the cause of death of girls are still investigating. (D. BASIC-PALKOVIĆ)
    Location on Google Maps.

    I think one girl aged four died, rather than four girls.
    Google translation:
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