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Croatia: In 14 days 480 new patients with influenza

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  • Croatia: In 14 days 480 new patients with influenza

    Influenza is slowly but surely spreading in the population. According to the latest data available to the Department of Public Health County of Istria Istria are a total of 602 affected individuals. But how warns epidemiologist Dr. Branko Sep ?everdija, it's far more illness from influenza in the population than are reported, and complete information will be Friday, because most applications arrives Thursday. - The first case was recorded in Istria 11th January and has since affected more than 600 people.

    In fact last year in January, there were 16 patients, and this year 120, in February 2012. We have 1080 guests and now in just two weeks 480, which means that by the end of the month, in the next two weeks in February, the number of patients exceeded a thousand, says Dr. May ?everdija and clarifies that circulate in the population of the three types of influenza type B, which causes say the health problems, but it occurs in only 10 percent of patients, the virus type A and subtype H3N2, which occurs in 45 percent, which represented a third type of influenza A subtype dubbed H1N1 and pandemic flu, which is also present in Europe .