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Swine flu marches to Belgium

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  • Swine flu marches to Belgium


    The H1N1 virus re-printed on to Belgium, there are patients identified with possible symptoms of swine flu. In Britain, the flu, which caused panic one year ago, killing all ten made

    The ten British victims were all younger than 65, most of them were pregnant women. When the victims were people outside the risk groups.

    'No panic'
    According to Commissioner Marc Van Ranst flu in our country, doctors and pharmacists' associations have already been notified, but the situation is alarming.

    There are emergency services in Belgium a few random cases of patients with possible symptoms of swine flu reported, but no patients with severe symptoms. 'No more reason to panic, "said Van Ranst.

    Pregnant women

    Pregnant women should be vaccinated according to the Commissioner. "But other risk groups such as older people, vigilance. It is crucial that gynecologists inform pregnant women about what is going on and encourage them to get vaccinated.