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Donetsk (?): Child deaths from flu?

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  • Donetsk (?): Child deaths from flu?

    Despite the mention of "Pakistan" in the translation below, I believe this is from Donetsk in the Ukraine, given the moderator's comments and the fact that the original source is Ukrainian.,86679

    Russian to English translation
    Archive number 20110116.125058
    Publication date 16-JAN-2011
    Subject PRO / RUS> child deaths from flu - Pakistan (Kramatorsk)

    The case of child deaths from flu - Pakistan (Kramatorsk)
    ************************************************** ******

    Date: January 16, 2011
    From: ProMED-mail Corr BM
    Source: IA «», January 12, 2011 [edited]

    Three babies have died in hospitals Kramatorsk
    -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
    In January, the medical institutions of the city have died already has three children aged from one year to three years.
    The last incident occurred on Monday. "ER" brought to the resuscitation of the houses are already raving three year old with high fever. While on duty brigade urgent to develop methods of treatment, the child died.
    Puzzled sad fact doctors do not want to talk to the press. Head gorzdrava Igor Mikhailov asked Donbass wait for the official version.
    - Unfortunately, a number of media journalists appeared hasty conclusions about the causes of death of three children - said "Donbass" deputy. Mayor, supervisor of the medical service of Marina Caravan. - The fact that, until we get the conclusion of the regional pathologist, who directed autopsy material of children, information is considered confidential.
    Marina Semyonovna added that previously doctors tend to blame the deaths of two children with lightning speed develop within two days of viral pneumonia. The third baby was born with severe pathology, which is incompatible with life.

    [Comment Corr. VM. In Kramatorsk Donetsk region in less than two
    weeks in 2011 died three small children from the rapidly
    developing pnemonii possibly viral (influenza) etiology.
    Despite the ongoing extraordinary measures of treatment the children died.
    It should be recalled that one of the best ways to protect children from the flu
    is vaccination. Perhaps fearing severe complications, the parents of these
    Children do not have them influenza vaccine and those in its decision
    put the kids under relentless attack of influenza infection. At the same time
    should wait for these studies to determine whether
    cause of death of children was the flu, to which species the virus is
    pathogen and whether antigens to him in the seasonal vaccine. This
    will make specific recommendations for health maintenance
    vaccinated and unvaccinated children from the flu. - Corr. VM]

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    Re: Donetsk: Child deaths from flu?

    Definitely in Donetsk, not Pakistan.


    In the new year in the Donetsk region have already died from pneumonia three children on Jan. 15, 1911, 13:08 136Uvelichit text - the first 9 days of the year in the emergency room of Children's Medical Territorial Association Kramatorsk from severe pneumonia died three kids. This is as much as ever (!) Large-scale epidemic of swine flu last year.

    In the Donetsk region in 9 days in 2011 from pneumonia died three baby. Photo:

    Doctors can not say that for the terrible virus has killed children. A children's parents are confident that the doctors did not do anything to save the children.

    Heart 3-year Ksyusha SHaraban, the eldest of the affected children, had stopped beating just a day.

    When the morning at Ksyusha up the heat and became sick tummy, my parents immediately dial "103". Ambulance arrived an hour later and took the child in surgery of the Central City Hospital. The doctors did fluorography and without saying anything, they sent the girl to the resuscitation of children medobedineniya. These were her last moments.

    Before New Year Ksyusha hurt ARI. Before the holiday it was released with a runny nose, after the weekend she went to kindergarten. A few days later the girl climbed a low temperature. Mom of Light in the evening gave her a fever. And the next morning was tragic.

    Why in the surgery after fluorography all physicians were silent? Only a young doctor whispered to World: "The state is critical, but you do not say anything."

    According to the cross Mama Elena Shchegoleva, Ksyushenka enough strength to just get dressed and walk to the coach "soon." And then suddenly her tongue was a cotton, began to speak, as if drunk. Doctors cried my mother to do CPR mouth to mouth. No oxygen pillow, no staff to run the heart of the coach was not there. Relatives of the girls claimed that she died in a car. Only two hours later, parents reported a diagnosis - pneumonia.

    "If the surgery the doctors have seen a picture pulmonary edema, how could send a child to another hospital? Did they have not had the intensive care unit? And now neither one shot, or an extract from a children's clinic, no card, we can not find. In the children's clinic told us that they were taken, - with tears in his voice continues to Elena Shchegoleva.

    "The girl died in the emergency room, call back and find out. I refuse to comment - said the chief doctor ambulance station Kramatorsk Vladimir Smischenko.

    In the children's intensive care unit DTMO reported that Ksyusha they brought in a state of clinical death. Bring it back to life failed. The question: "Do not blame all the flu?" Doctors can not answer.

    "I can not confirm nor deny. To do this, send in a special laboratory tests, which we have in Kramatorsk not "- said the doctor on duty child resuscitation Alexander Tomozan.

    Ksyusha death - the third in 9 days in pediatric intensive care unit. Doctors say that in all cases of pneumonia developed rapidly - without coughing, it is not impossible to find when listening to the chest.