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Kiev, Ukraine: 16 hospitalized children contract unidentified ARI

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  • Kiev, Ukraine: 16 hospitalized children contract unidentified ARI

    This appears to be some kind of institutional outbreak...,90278

    Issue Archive 20110915.133692
    Publication date 15-SEP-2011
    Subject PRO / RUS> outbreaks of unknown etiology (16 children) - Ukraine (Kiev)

    Outbreaks of unknown etiology (16 children) - Ukraine (Kiev)
    ************************************************** ******************
    Date: September 15, 2011
    From: ProMED-mail Val. Mod NR
    Source:, September 15, 2011 [Maud. NR]

    In Kiev, an outbreak of viral disease. 16 children at the same time began to cough, sneeze. All this is accompanied by intestinal
    disorder. The Health Ministry suggest that the children were poisoned. Of this we were told in SES Ukraine.
    In Kiev kozhvenbolnitse Street. Warriors (Obolon) registered a sharp outbreak of infectious disease.
    Affected 16 children, who are skin-mycological department treating fungal infections.
    Yesterday, due to infection of new patients to the department did not participate. The Health Ministry said, children are most likely poisoned.

    "The first case recorded on 12 September at 21.00. And as of 13th already had 16 victims. Fortunately, all
    not a severe form of the disease. On-site all day yesterday working professionals and district and city SES took samples
    of environmental samples of food, drinking water, swabs for bacteriological analysis. The investigation is
    continues. Preliminary diagnosis: rotavirus infection. Perhaps, the patients ate something low quality "-
    we were told by the press service of Ministry of Health.
    In Obolonska SES said that while not exactly set the type of infection. "Most likely, this adenovirus
    infection (a type of ARI). All the children had a cough, runny nose. In addition, adenovirus infection often occurs with
    intestinal disorders. They were transferred to the infectious disease clinic in a nearby hospital. Everyone feels good thing.
    Today, they have to write. Poisoning is unlikely, because in the hospital for a kitchen fed nearly 160 people, but with
    the rest all right, "- told us in Obolonska SES.