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Bosnia: Graduates Karčić Muhammad died because of pus in the lungs

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  • Bosnia: Graduates Karčić Muhammad died because of pus in the lungs

    At Sarajevo cemetery Vlakovo yesterday performed Salat Mohammed Karčić (19), graduates of Central machine-technical schools (SMT?), which, it was confirmed from KCUS's, died of viral meningitis (inflammation of the brain).

    Infectious Diseases

    The young man died on Wednesday at the Intensive Care KCUS's. Epidemiologist Cantonal Institute for Public Health Dr. Snjezana Balta says he Karčić death can not be linked with diseases that Department reported as infectious because of the symptoms of meningitis are observed in January.

    - He was cared for at the clinic, then was transferred to intensive care. At first it seemed like an infectious disease (virus encefalomeningitisa), but it is milder than the bacterial form and is easily treated. Otherwise, the viral meningitis incubation period lasts seven to ten days. This means that it is the young man is gone, but what is still happening with him, I know not, nor is it in our domain - Balta said.

    Inflammation of the brain

    Biljana Jandric, a spokesman CCUS stressed that the young man had no other disease in this case only it was a burst of brain, and death has occurred due to complications in the lungs.

    - The patient was admitted to the Intensive Care 19th February. From the beginning he was in a coma, and problems with his health began five days before arrival in hospital. At home, has taken antibiotics in the hospital was rushed unconscious in septic shock, and immediately connected to a breathing apparatus. Despite all efforts, died on 17 March at 19:45 hours, after the appearance of festering abscess on the lungs. There is no antibiotic that can destroy all the bacteria, so it is a cause of death - said Jandrić.

    A negative analysis of the H1N1

    How we Jandrić confirmed, was made at Karčića and analysis for the presence of H1N1 virus, but was negative. Jandrić added to the CCUS-in, since the disease was registered with the unfortunate graduates, none of Mechanical Engineering students did not pay doctors.

    The school say that from the relevant services said that there is no danger of infection.