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Russia - Doctors concerned about the high incidence of pneumonia in children - Mednogorsk Orenburg region

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  • Russia - Doctors concerned about the high incidence of pneumonia in children - Mednogorsk Orenburg region

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    "Mednogorsky worker" RIA "Orenburg" Public life
    March 19, 2014, 15:05
    Doctors are concerned about the high incidence of pneumonia in children

    Children's Hospital Mednogorsk Orenburg region crammed to overflowing. Now in office, designed for 30 beds, 44 young patients, 15 of which - pneumonia.

    According to Rospotrebnadzor, usually in the past month epidsezona record of 600-700 cases of SARS. But in February of this year, patients with this diagnosis was 900, most of them - the children. Now the incidence remains high. According to experts, there are several reasons.
    In October and November last year [before the epidemic season] on the territory of the municipality, as usual, had a vaccination campaign. For children in the city got a good free vaccine, but many parents put her children to her banned. As it turned out, it was not vaccinated children suffered from winter colds and flu. Last sometimes proceeded with complications. Situation is often exacerbated by the carelessness of moms and dads who drove unwell daughters and sons in kindergartens and schools. There they actively challenged their peers. Plus in some kindergartens and schools are not always carried out counter-measures. In the gardens, for example, not enough [to this day is not enough] bactericidal irradiators. Because of this space in time is not "freed" from microbes reduces the time for procedures. The result - a children's hospital is still crowded. A considerable number of hospital patients suffering from pneumonia.
    Chief pediatrician city Lyudmila Kozlova said that there has been a negative trend for a long time. During December 2012 and January-February 2013 in the hospital treated 36 children with pneumonia that is significantly above the norm. However, it later turned out - this is not the limit. During December 2013 and January-February 2014, local doctors have cured 52 children with the same diagnosis. Now under the care of doctors are 15 children with pneumonia.
    - Similar situation - added Ludmila - watch now and in other regions of Russia. Most likely, it's in poor immunity guys. Certainly affect and poor ecology.
    To date, due to the increased incidence of pneumonia and SARS closed in one group in the kindergarten number 8. Prior to that quarantine was number 16 kindergarten groups in kindergartens number 1, 6, two classes at school number 2.