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Italy ex Albania: Child dies, two others hospitalized with unidentified illness - possible meningococcal disease

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  • Italy ex Albania: Child dies, two others hospitalized with unidentified illness - possible meningococcal disease

    Hat-tip tetano and IOH who have been tracking this in Italian for several days. I thought I would be worth putting an English language version up as well.



    You alarm meningitis: the death of a child 3 years of Albanian.

    Together with his brother, 5 years, and her cousin, 13 years, the child had been taken to 'hospital Gift Swiss Formia last night, but from there was transferred to the Gemelli hospital in Rome with the ambulance. A few hours later, death.

    The baby, just three years, had all the symptoms of meningitis: high fever, vomiting, headache. Just before he expired, the test done at the Gemelli meningo had negative results. The local health department responsible for Latin America, Hyginus Mendico, however stated, "This is a rapid test that [does not] gives reliable results at 100 percent.''

    The death which occurred as a result of disseminated intravascular coagulation, a disease found usually in cases of meningitis and other infections: the lack of clarity on the matter, an autopsy has been ordered.

    The three children who lived in the village to penetrate, in Formia, were taken to the hospital, and while the smallest is dead, the brother of 5 years, transferred Cotugno hospital in Naples, there is high fever with no other hallmarks of meningitis, and thirteen cousin is hospitalized in intensive care at the Gemelli Hospital, although doctors have found signs of improvement.

    For the victim's family, and classmates of the largest, has been ordered prophylaxis, while you are unleashing an obvious public concern.

    Parents of children attending the same school of two relatives of the dead child have withdrawn their children. Will investigate the cause of death and the type of infection in the body of the victim: so far, it is unclear what the infectious agent, caused the death.

    The alarm was triggered meningitis, therefore, resulted in a rapid race to the vaccine by relatives of the children attending the institution of the two, still in hospital.