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Poland: H5N1 in swans in Świecie

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  • Poland: H5N1 in swans in Świecie

    Avian influenza detected in the commune of Świecie. More swans are dying portal 27/12/2021 16:18
    Dorota Habel

    Last week we wrote about the fact that four dead swans were found in the Świecie commune: one in Duży Blankusz and three at the dam on Wda in Kozłów. Due to the fact that there were several deaths of birds in a short time, the matter was dealt with by the County Veterinary Inspection in Świecie.

    Samples collected from dead birds were sent for testing to the Research Institute in Puławy.

    The results arrived today and unfortunately confirm the worst assumptions - the swans from Kozłów were infected with bird flu. The bird from Big Blankusz was not a virus carrier - most likely it was harmed by the fact that it was fed with bread.

    This is not the end of bad news - on Christmas Eve and during the holidays, more swans suspected of being infected with bird flu were found. The first one was found in Wda in Grzybek. - Upon arrival at the scene, a dead swan was found in the Wda river, about 5 meters from the shore - firefighters are reporting. - There was also an employee of the Osie Commune Office. The actions of the guard consisted in securing the scene of the incident, pulling the dead bird to the shore with a grappling hook and handing it over to the arriving employee of the office - he adds.

    On the morning of the first holiday, firefighters intervened in Kozłów on the Wda River. - A frozen, young, weakened swan was found on the Wda river, about 6 meters from the shore - firefighters inform. - Using an ice sled, wearing clothes to work in the water, they approached the swan, was taken from the reservoir and evacuated to the shore. The bird was taken to the shelter - they add.

    On the second holiday, firefighters were asked to intervene in the case of another weakened swan in Kozłów. - A frozen swan was found on the Wda River, about 6 meters from the shore. When trying to reach the swan (rota equipped with a catamaran and clothes for working in the water), the animal reacted to the noise of rescuers and freed itself from the frozen ice. Then the animal moved to another place, they report.

    Samples from birds found in Kozłów and Grzybek in recent days were also sent for testing. We will know the results in the coming days.

    The highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza virus was detected in Kozłów. - It is very dangerous for poultry and wild birds - informs Katarzyna Wolska, district veterinarian in Świecie. - It can also be dangerous to people. Previous studies show that humans are not susceptible to infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza virus, however, it may occur in the case of direct contact with infected birds and in the event of failure to comply with appropriate hygienic conditions. The main reservoir of this type of virus is wild waterfowl (ducks, geese, swans), he adds.

    Katarzyna Wolska calls for limiting the presence of wild birds, especially in the vicinity of water reservoirs, and if a dead bird is found, not to touch the corpse and immediately report this fact to the district veterinarian in Świecie at tel. 52 33 11 424.

    The main symptoms of avian influenza in poultry are: a significant number of sudden deaths, a sharp decrease in egg production, soft eggshells, nervous symptoms, bruising and swelling of the comb and bells, severe lacrimation, swelling of the infra-angular sinuses, sneezing, shortness of breath, diarrhea.

    In accordance with the decree of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, farmers who breed poultry should: feed and drink poultry indoors, keep poultry indoors or in a fenced area, protect poultry feed against wild birds and their faeces, limit walks in the vicinity of a water dam in Kozłów, after each contact with poultry and wild birds, wash hands with soap and water, and separate clothes that will be used only during contact with poultry.

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