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Italy - LP H5N2 Avian Flu in Turkeys in Emilia Romagna - dec 2015

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  • Italy - LP H5N2 Avian Flu in Turkeys in Emilia Romagna - dec 2015

    tuesday, 1 december , 2015

    Serotype H5N2

    LP AI in turkeys, exceptional monitoring Emilia Romagna

    Outbreak of low pathogenic avian influenza in the province of Forlì-Cesena. By the Ministry of Health updates on the measures and checks. Serotype H5N2 in samples taken in self-control of turkeys at a farm located in the Municipality of Meldola (Forlì-Cesena), Region Emilia Romagna.

    The confirmation came on November 30 by the National Reference Centre at the IZS delle Venezie, after RT-PCR and gene sequencing. The animals showed a mild respiratory symptoms.

    In accordance with the requirements of current legislation (Legislative Decree no. 9/2010 implementing Directive 2005/94 / EC) the competent local veterinary services have been responsible for kidnapping with livestock movement restrictions in and out from ' farm, slaughter of (about 21,850 animals) to be followed by cleaning and disinfection. It 'was also set up a restricted area of ​​1 km radius from the farm.

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