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Guinea-Bissau confirms 4 cases of Zika virus - African lineage

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  • Guinea-Bissau confirms 4 cases of Zika virus - African lineage


    Guinea-Bissau confirms three cases of Zika virus, government says
    By Agency Reports

    Guinea-Bissau has confirmed its first three cases of the Zika virus in a group of islands off the mainland and has set up an emergency committee to stop further transmission of the disease, the government said on Friday.

    Experts have feared the tiny nation could become a gateway for Zika’s spread to mainland West Africa, after an outbreak of the mosquito-borne virus was first recorded in the African island chain of Cape Verde late last year...

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    Zika situation report

    1 September 2016
    In Guinea-Bissau, the gene sequencing results of the four confirmed Zika cases sent in July have preliminarily confirmed that the cases are of the African lineage, i.e., not the predominant global outbreak Asian lineage. The investigation of five reported cases of microcephaly is ongoing.

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